Lifelong Outdoorsman Optimistic About the Future of California Ski Resorts

The ongoing drought in California provokes legitimate worry about environmental and business impacts, but Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, predicts a solid future for California’s ski industry.

In a July 30 2015 interview with Madeleine Brand on KCRW’s midday show Press Play, Wirth confidently proclaimed he expected his company to continue to be successful for “infinite” years to come.

This positive outlook seems counterintuitive in light of a 20% decline in business from previous years due to the record dry 2014-2015 winter. Wirth, however, was quick to point out that 4,000 of the resort’s 6,000 acres were up and running that winter and the company still managed to make a comfortable profit. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Ski resorts in general, and California ski resorts in particular, have had to build solid capital structures and to incorporate the weather’s increasing volatility into their business models in order to maintain profitability.

Under Andy Wirth’s leadership, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which operates Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Resorts, has met the challenge of weather volatility by both managing the snow in a very proactive manner and by seeking to understand the science of climate change.

Innovations in technology have allowed the larger resorts to make artificial snow in vast quantities.

There is also a greater emphasis on strategically managing the snow pack with Snowcats and other heavy equipment. Well versed on the subject of climate change, Wirth sites Stanford University’s research linking California’s drought with climate change and the “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure that prevents low pressure storm systems from entering the mountains.

Wirth’s understanding of science is no surprise as he has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado. His career in the resort industry also seems unsurprising as he has fostered a relationship with nature and the outdoors his entire life.

Wirth spent time as a back country ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park and was one of an elite team of Hotshot Wildland Firefighters in New Mexico.

He has been in the mountain resort and hotel industry for 25 years, but still finds time for community service. Wirth has organized Iron Man teams to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation and is a volunteer firefighter.

Wirth’s love of nature also leads him to view his role as CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings as one of stewardship. His resource management approach seeks to not just profit from the land, but to reduce or eliminate the business practices that are contributing to climate change.

The legacy Andy Wirth would like to leave is a ski industry that relies on renewable energy and one that has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Beneful has more than just Dog Food?

If you have heard of Beneful you probably always think about Dog Food. If you have not done any Wikipedia research, you would not know that Beneful has different types of Dog Food. Not only that, but they have more than just Dog Food! They have dry dog food, wet dog food, and they also have dog treats!

They have a bag of dog treats called ‘Mini Dog Dental Treats’ — Dog treats that not only dogs will love but it will help with their teeth! These treats can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Their dog treats are made with real meat, which means your dogs will really like the treats!

They have dog food that is made to help get your dog healthier, dog food for little dogs, or just normal dog food that would be good for anyone. They have dog food for puppies which is called ‘Healthy Puppy’.

Beneful has a nice range of wet dog food if you’re not looking for dry dog food. One selection they have is called ‘Incredibites’. This wet dog food has real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice blended equally together. They have another brand of ‘Incredibites’ that is a different kind. Instead of having real beef, it has real salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice blended together.

No matter what you get from Beneful for your dog, they are guaranteed to love it! You have a big selection to pick from with Beneful. So if you are looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, or different kinds of dog treats you are looking in the right place with Beneful. As every ingredient that they use is guaranteed to be real!

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Dr. Walden Comes Right Back To Her Hometown

Home is home. Home is also many things including family, love and the chance to be part of a community. This is what Dr. Jennifer Walden found out. After leaving Austin to get medical training so she could hone her craft and expand her ability to provide excellent care for her patients, she’s happily come right back home. As she tells readers in an interview for Austin MD Magazine, she wants to be where she knows she can be of service to her many devoted patients. That place is here in Austin where she is part of a large and loving family. She has come back so she start a highly successful medical practice and be there for her twin boys at the same time.

A Firm Medical Grounding

Growing up, she always knew that medicine was just right for her. Medicine was a part of her life from an early age. Her family members have many members of the medical profession, providing her with plenty of role models to emulate and admire. As she started to think about the kind of education that would be right for her, she quickly realized that being a doctor would be her chosen area of expertise. To that end, she graduated with a major in biology and then entered medical school. At medical school she realized that her personal passion was in plastics. This field is one in which doctors can really help their patients.

Right Back Home

While completing her education in the north, she yearned to come home. This is why she has returned. Her roots here and so is her heart. Dr. Walden has chosen to start a medical practice in the Austin area. Many of her patients are delighted to have such a highly skilled medical professional right in their own city. She loves being part of this vibrant city and hopes to continue to serve the needs of patients in the entire Austin region.

Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Jennifer Walden, Plastic Surgeon

Fabletics; The True Woman Shines

“Athleisure” is becoming a more common mode of dress for the woman on the go who is embracing a healthier lifestyle. The woman on the go who is embracing a lifestyle that includes work, work outs, social events and childrearing, or any combination of the two, should be entitled to a new form of dress, the official company Instagram page. More and more women are leaving behind the “suit for work” and “elastic for workouts: narrative, and are embracing a lifestyle that is in between the two.

More recently in Fabletics, racerback styles, elastic, and neoprene, and the cropped legging are making it’s way into the everywoman’s wardrobe, and not the other way around. Suiting elements like padded shoulders, button up details and 3 inch heels are not finding their way into the active woman’s workout wardrobe.

Restrictive clothing is becoming a thing of the past. With the advent of the “throw down your corset” initiated by Coco Chanel, sporty clothing is working it’s way into every woman’s wardrobe slowly but surely. Women are taking on more roles in society at, and in within those roles are taking on even more. Stay at home mom, career woman, athletic and healthy woman, are all becoming a seamless singular with societal roles keeping up the pace of the hectic lifestyle of the new millennium.

In a recent interview with Fabletics, Kate Hudson explains how date night is even being revolutionized with this advent of sporty dressing. The little black dress, all sleek, form fitting, and black in it’s silhouette from Fabletics, can be mimicked and pulled off easily by founding principles of athleisure. A more elastic approach to the LBD is curve hugging in all the right places, it is movable allowing the date goer to enjoy her evening without being restricted in movement, and in this comfort the woman wearing the dress allows her personality to shine, being flattered all at once in her silhouette and personality she is immediately able to be herself, which is the most important aspect of all.

Read the full interview at Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

Marc Sparks; the Great Business Man

History records Marc Sparks as one of the most successful businesspeople. Marc is armed with incredible entrepreneurial capabilities that have granted him a top position in the business world. According to him, success is not a matter of luck. One has to work hard and deal with various challenges, then later enjoy the fruits of success.

Marc is a very humble gentleman. Despite him being successful, he respects other people and never in his life has he ever seen himself above others. In fact, Sparks goes on to tell his success story and share knowledge with others so as they can succeed too. Being a storyteller, he has published a book by the name “They can’t eat you”.

The book offers huge inspiration to investors as outlines Marc’s path to success. It has attracted many to the business world. His book gives large tips son various measures to undertake so as to succeed in business. Sparks feels that anyone can be successful if only they put the best foot forward. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

According to most people, success in life is linked to excellent academic qualifications. Marc, however, proves this notion wrong. In his book Marc clearly states that success does not necessarily come with outstanding performance in high school or college. Marc Sparks managed a grade C in college. That, however, did not kill his ambitions to venture into the entrepreneurial world.

Marc started with nothing but fought his way to the top. His courage and self-belief led him to the success world, and he struggled to maintain his stay there.

Marc Sparks started with several businesses, unlike many investors who start with a single business. His main area of interest is the telecommunication industry. However, he is also involved in other firms as well. Sparks is an investment capitalist. He offers capital to upcoming businesses which are likely to thrive. Being speculative, he has succeeded in this kind of business.

Marc is a self-motivated individual. His selfless nature has branded him a big philanthropist. He has donated to an education program in his hometown Dallas, Texas. The program ensures that the youth acquires a high school diploma.

Not only does Marc Sparks give finances but also his time and resources as well. He is dedicated to community programs. For instance, he works with the Habitat for Humanity, which involves building houses for the needy. He also volunteers at local homeless people’s shelters especially The Samaritan Inn.

Entrepreneur Marc believes that it is not always about money, but monetizing the idea. He believes that no idea can overwhelm him, no matter how complex it appears to be. He analyzes and acts quickly on emerging ideas. According to him, one should not worry much about the starting capital as it is always available.

Entrepreneur Marc advice business people that they should maintain honesty with their staff. Your team minimizes the weight on your shoulder, he says – read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads and Marc Sparks – AngelList. According to him, one should assemble his or her employees wisely and with a sense of maturity. With the growth of his companies, he s more than thrilled to witness his team achieves maximum experience.

Marc never quits. He believes that one of the top ingredients towards being successful is adhesiveness. He sticks to his goals and objectives. After all, even when the going gets tough, you still got a life to live.

Securus Technology On The Cutting Edge Of Civil And Criminal Tech Solutions

Securus Technology is a company that specializes in creating software that enables corrections facilities to safely and accurately monitor the communications of their inmates and allows these institutions to do so efficiently and without sacrificing the privacy of the inmates. They also provide law enforcement agencies with investigative and analytical equipment. Their products are essential to ensuring these institutions maintain public safety and so Securus prides itself on providing the best, most effective, and most reliable civil and criminal justice technology solutions on the market.
They’ve managed to achieve their goal of excellence by developing a new version of their software. THREADS 3.1 is an upgrade to Securus’s operating system that streamlines features and according to PR Newswire upgrades performance to allow users to navigate the program more easily and without needing to be retrained to do so.

Stay up to date with Securus on

THREADS 3.1 is an innovative and impressive system that has improvements that make it the best and most effective tool of its kind on the market. Securus is dedicated to creating such products, not only to facilitate the operations of civil and criminal justice institutions but also to make the experience of interacting with incarcerated loved ones as pleasant and easy as possible for those who want to keep in touch with the inmate. The Video Visitation System is one of the ways Securus Tech is revolutionizing the industry while making maintaining meaningful connections during a difficult time possible. With video visitation, people can visit with their incarcerated loved ones remotely. Participating institutions set up the equipment on their end and the visitors download an app to their camera ready device – phone, tablet, or computer. From here visitors can connect with their loved ones from the convenience, safety, and comfort of their own home. The experience is made much simpler and safer for all involved all because of the innovative approach of Securus Technologies. Inmates, institutional staff, and visitors all benefit from the development of this program which is the best and most advanced of its kind available to date.

Securus America remains committed to developing and improving its systems and to continuing to provide the excellent service and innovative new possibilities its clientele have come to expect and rely on.

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Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Markets Influence the World of Investing

Sanjay Shah is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of Solo Capital Markets, a London based investment firm. Mr. Shah started out studying medicine, but soon decided such a field was not for him. He switched to the field of accounting and worked for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse before starting his own firm, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah was inspired to start his own firm when the financial world went into a tail spin and he was on the verge of being unemployed as new employment opportunities were not as plentiful as they once were. He decided a leap of faith was necessary to remain steadfast in his chosen field and using all his experience and knowledge and his unorthodox thinking, he started his own company.

The company was incorporated in 2011 and has grown into a recognized boutique investment firm. Mr. Shah has assembled a team of highly professional, experienced and accomplished investment professionals and together they focus on consulting, proprietary trading and sports investments.

The consulting segment includes investment and performance; proprietary trading includes FX trading, commodities and derivatives and the sports investment arena includes talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation and asset and performance management.

Sanjay has guided the company from humble beginnings to a world class investment firm and it is known for honesty, integrity and personalized service to clients. His team has the ability to create the right product vehicle to help clients reach their goal and maintain integrity and financial structure.

Solo Capital handles assets with a value of £67,451,122.00 ($96,123,848.26). The company, using the principles set forth by its founder has maintained their portfolio of customers and value with attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Even though Sanjay considers himself retired, he still has a hand in the company operation and his influence is always with the company and within the investment industry.


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The Fall of Laidlaw & Company


Laidlaw & Company is an authorized company in UK that provides banking and investment services to people and numerous institutions. Laidlaw & Company is currently facing a big controversy as Relmada Therapeutics files complaints against them. Relmada on the other hand is large pharmaceutical company that is known to be the expert in providing novel version of drugs used for several treatments.
As written on the news, Laidlaw & Company failed to keep confidential information and found to be non-compliant in following the law of security for all banking institution. Remalda showed big disappointment as the Laidlaw violates the said security law.. Laidlaw and its principals, Matthew Eitner together with James Ahern were found reliable in providing false and misleading information. They both work as a broker or financial advisor in Liadlaw & Company.
Although there are several records shows that Laidlaw has already a long history of non-compliance, after the news was spread out, there still many of additional negative feedback and reviews from different people including its employee had also come out. Some employee’s feedbacks states how bad they are being paid well after doing their hard work for the company. Non-employees who do business with them also stated different bad experiences they had with Laidlaw.
 In order to grow a business and to become successful to it, one must work hard in gaining the trust of the people and make sure to keep it well. The people of the company are closely described as a blood that flows on the nerves and gives life to it so learn to appreciate and take good care of them in return.
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Talk Fusion Steps Up To The Plate Again With Even Better Tech

Since the launch of Talk Fusion not too long ago, the company has been steamrolling momentum it seems. Their original video emailing system has just gotten better. How, you may ask? They have just added WebRTC functionality to their communications service. The new system allows for (browser-based real-time communication) for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The developers of the new technology have been hard at work perfecting this great offering from the company.

This new step will make for much smoother communication, due to instant recording, faster playback and much improved synchronization. It’s not that it was bad before or anything. It’s just better now. Jeff Younger, one of the developers of Talk Fusion stated “We use these advanced, cutting edge technologies to build rich, high-quality, real-time communications applications for our members.” Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion furthered the statement by saying “Talk Fusion is one of the first companies to really incorporate WebRTC technology into our products.”

The result here is super high definition clarity with real-time functionality. The simple interface is already in use on the specified browsers. All you have to do differently is click the webcam recording option via the dashboard. To top off all of this great news, the company is also offering a risk free 30 day free trial to boot. It’s no skimpy trimmed down trial either.

This is surely not the last innovation that we’ll be hearing of from this fast growing new company. The innovation of video emailing was already fantastic. This new tech is just icing on the cake for their members. For the whole article from PR Newswire, just click the link here.

Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur that Inspires

Eric Pulier is one example of someone that uses his talents to take him far in his career. He has started a few companies that have done a lot of good for the community. Among the companies that he has started is People Doing Things (PDT). This company addressed issues such as health care, and education. The tool used to address this was technology. He has founded this company during his stay in Los Angeles in 1991. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution, which is an interactive agency. In 1998, US Interactive LLC and Digital Evolution have merged together.

Eric Pulier has built a platform for ill children to chat and connect with each other. The platform is called Starbright World. Eric Pulier has shown that he is a creative and responsible philanthropist. While he does start a lot of businesses, his purpose behind them is to bring about positive changes in the community and the lives of individuals, especially those that were born at a disadvantage.

To go along with his many successful ventures, Eric Pulier also makes donations to non-profit organizations. He works at the X-Prize Foundation which runs competitions for solutions to some of the greatest issues of humanity. Eric has shown that there is more to him than finances. He really is looking to help solve problems in humanity. He is also one of the authors of Understanding Enterprise SOA which deals with service-oriented businesses. Pulier has shown that he is a service-oriented individual. He is always looking for ways to improve the lives of others.

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