Efforts That Jim Toner Has Put To Improve The Real Estate Investment Industry

Real Estate Investments is one of the most amazing opportunities that entrepreneurs have if they can make sound plans and make the right decisions. The real estate industry has a vast number of challenges that may cause an investor incur massive losses and act as a block his or her survival in the market. One of these challenges is lack of sufficient information and knowledge about what goes on in the real estate industry. Besides, there some investors who have been successful in the industry and have the passion for assisting other investors and entrepreneurs to succeed in their investments like they did.

One of these remarkable investors is entrepreneur Jim Toner who was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. He is an expert in Real Estate Investment Industry and has gained vast experience over the years. He has worked in various big companies such as Napoleon Hill Foundation and Bill Barman. Jim Toner shows great interest in giving guidelines and advice to investors and entrepreneurs to help enjoy the fruits in real estate investments. He has appeared on various TV programs and radio Stations to share his knowledge and expertise in the industry of real estate investments. He has also appeared in multiple newspapers and magazines such as FOX and ABC.

Jim Toner is also the founder of the Wealth Builders Company. He founded the company with the primary aim of teaching his expertise and experience in the real estate industry and entrepreneurship to other entrepreneurs whether existing ions or the prospective ones. With the help of the training offices one of them being in Indiana, he has been able to organize various workshops for entrepreneurship where entrepreneurs from all over the country travel to go and attend the investment programs at affordable charges.

Besides, as mentioned on his Facebook account, Jim Toner has also gone further to write a book by the name The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate that reveals the truth about the real estate industry to fight the myths and all the lies that exist about the industry. According to Jim, the books also talk about the guidelines that investors should follow to ensure their survival in the market and make sure that they do not just throw away their money.

Jed McCaleb Is Working With Stellar To Make Banking Transaction Fees A Thing Of The Past

Jed McCaleb knows that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are a window into the future where a decentralized currency system exists. He is a pioneer of these technologies and works as a programmer and visionary who helped to co-found the company known as Stellar. This company serves as a financial platform that helps to reduce extraneous fees that are incurred during transfers and transactions on an international level. As the Chief Technology Officer of Stellar, he has worked hard to ensure that his company is staying true to its ideals of helping people who do not have access to bank accounts this modern necessity.

In the beginning, Stellar, under the careful guidance of Jed McCaleb, worked to create what are known as Lumens; the currency offering of Stellar. To this day, 18 billion Lumens have been distributed, and people are trading them or holding onto them as a future investment. The interesting thing about Lumens is that they are acquired for free, which goes along with the company’s philosophy of philanthropy. Jed McCaleb wanted it this way, because he knows that world’s financial system is broken, and he is hoping to be able to change this through the blockchain technology. His main focus is ensuring that every person in the world, including the world’s most poor, have access to a bank account. He also understands that what is keeping this from happening is the high cost of fees related to transactions and transfers, and this is exactly where Stellar is beginning to change the world.

Jed McCaleb is aware that the rising use of Lumens for monetary transactions will get more people on-board with Stellar. Within a decade all of the Lumens that are free will have been handed out, and this means that even more people will be involved. Lumens can be converted into any monetary currency, and there are no fees involved for those who are looking to make multiple exchanges. This means that everyone will benefit from Stellar, but it is the people who are living in poverty who will benefit the most as their fees will be reduced to zero.

Read McCaleb’s predictions on how the banking system will be changed by the blockchain: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html

Be The Woman You Want To Be With Lime Crime

In fashion magazines and in real life, there always seems to be those women who are so put together. They exude style from their fashion-forward clothing to their perfectly applied makeup, and always in the hottest colors. These women know what’s trending for every season, and they are great at making it work for them. Then there are the rest of us.

Lime Crime has the solution for makeup products that are always right for the season. This popular brand of makeup is on trend with the colors and styles of the 2018 Spring season. When you need a little help putting that look together for yourself, Lime Crime has the right product, and some helpful tips. They feature choices from their Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL line. The tips help to teach how to apply the makeup to achieve the trendy and updated look and glamour that will always be at the height of fashion. They guide you through the application process to achieve the desired looks for highlighting that will enhance the look of the face, and applying lip color and eye shadow that will enhance the eyes. Different colors will help achieve different looks, ones that women can easily master, and create for themselves. It helps their customers stay on trend for every season. The owner of the company has an extensive background in fashion and makeup.

The company is the creation of Doe Deere. Doe grew up in New York City, where she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She founded her cosmetic company in 2008. They offer a full makeup line including lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, and more. Prior to 2008, Doe owned her own fashion company, where she not only created the fashions, she modeled them as well. Every product offered by the company is 100% natural, cruelty free, and vegan. Lime Crime operates out of Los Angeles, California.

Michael Burwell Joins Willies Tower Watson

Willies Tower Watson is known for its broking, global advisory and the solutions it offers to its customers around the world. It helps the clients to be able to turn their risk into a growth path for success. The company has its roots dating from 1828. it is a large company all over the world because it operates in 140 countries and has been able to employ over 40,0000 workers that serve in the countries.

The role of the company is to design and deliver required solutions that help in managing the risks and be able to optimize the profits. In addition, the company also cultivates peoples talents and help to expand capital power so that it can protect and offer strength to individuals and institutions. The company has a unique perspective that enables them to see the critical intersections between ideas, assets, and talents which is the dynamic formula driving performance of the business. In conjunction with people, it helps to unlock potential.

Roger Millay, former Willies Towers Watson specialist decided to retire on 2nd October 2017 and he was replaced by Michael Burwell. Michael became the companies chief finance officer. He took the position to replace the Roger Millay after his retirement.

Michael Burwell is an experienced man having worked for the last 31 years offering financial and professional services at PWC. He also held some senior leadership position roles. He was once the Global transformation head of PWC, the chief financial officer of the US and also the chief operating officer. In his career, he had also played the role of the head of Transaction Services of United States.

In his experience and expertise, he worked with audit and gained 11 years experience and also Transaction services Advisory and garnered 12 years experience. He also worked on pre-merger due valuation and diligence.

John Haley who is Willies Towers Watson chief executive officer talked about how excited he was when Michael Burwell joined their leadership team. It was an important point when it comes to their companies’ evolution. He was happy because Michael Burwell understands management, he can lead and drive better results having a strong focus on the clients. John had confidence in his finance, transformation and transaction expertise that will help to guide Willies Tower Watson long-term growth and their remaining in integration efforts. The company will now be able to gain its full potential success.

When Roger left the company to be replaced by Michael Burwell, Michael talked of Roger as being a happy man with the contribution and tremendous leadership to Willies Towers Watson. He left the company stronger after his service and helped to position for its future success. Find Related Information Here.

Michael Burwell talked about him being happy to get the chance to join the company. He was happy because of the company’s client commitments, leadership strength, and collaboration with the culture. Michael will look forward to contributing to the company’s success.



HCR Wealth Advisors Encourage Parents to Teach Kids about Finances and Budgeting

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that has clients from many different backgrounds. The firm seeks to ensure that their clients are able to get the best service possible. HCR Wealth Advisors provides great tips to their clients not just for their personal wealth but also for the financial well-being of their children. In today’s fast paced world, it is essential for children to be prepared for their future. The first and the most important thing that they should know is how to manage their money. It is essential that the parents use explanations and examples that they will be able to understand at their age.

The professionals with HCR Wealth Advisors feel that children today need to understand what money is even before they start earning it for their livelihood. The best way to help them know it is by giving them allowances for doing chores around the house. It will encourage them to learn how difficult it is to earn money and also teach them about delayed gratification. It means that they will have to work hard for the things they want. You should also help them plan their budget using math skills. They should learn about saving money, and the best way to do it is by allowing them to open a bank account in their name and help them manage it. It has been proven that when people are taught about money management from an early age, they get better with money once they are older. It is also a good idea to make them part of your family budgeting when you plan a holiday.

The professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors also advise their clients that people today need knowledge of investment opportunities no matter how old they are. Thus, they can help their children grow up to be disciplined individuals by instilling these skills from the very start. These practical tips will help you prepare for the real world as an adult, and they will learn much more with practical application than what they will in school.

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IC Systems and their quest for excellence, has effects that ECHO throughout the community.

For three generations, IC Systems has operated with an emphasis on not only honest conduct; they have also been built with the drive to be innovative. The St. Paul based collections company, however, has a more powerful guiding principle that complements the other two. That principle is a belief in contributing to their local and national community.

Examples of their innovative spirit start with being the first collections company to use computers. The goal to be cutting edge remains today through keeping the company complying with the latest regulations, while using the most current collection technology. Because of the desire to remain on the cutting edge in the accounts receivable business, IC Systems boasts the honor of having one of the most secure systems in their industry.

IC Systems has five core values that govern every decision and interaction while doing business with customers, and also in the main office; People, Integrity, Performance, Pride, and Innovation. By themselves, these are just pretty words, but when connected to a culture of taking care of customers, their fellow employees and the community, they are given a deeper meaning. We reward the exemplification of these values in our employees by allowing them to nominate each other for Core Value Awards.

IC Systems also desires to make a large difference in their community, through their in-house charity known as ECHO, or the Employee Charitable Help Organization. Since 1981, ECHO has allowed employees dedicated to helping the community to aid in the allocation and distribution of charitable donations. ECHO plans monthly charity drives, while also paying close attention to any employees who may be facing debilitating personal situations and need assistance (http://reporterexpert.com/ic-system-aids-community/).

IC Systems is licensed and/or bonded in all 50 states and territories with such requirements. This allows IC Systems to collect payments from consumers who may have debt that they accumulated in one area but now live hundreds of miles away. A lot of debt agencies aren’t licensed in every state, so some states are off-limits to them. This is not a problem for IC Systems.


How Has OSI Group Taken Over The Foodservice Industry

Either you hate it, or you love it, but the foodservice industry is definitely one of the more proficient industries in society today. The sheer amount of foods that travel through this never-ending maze of networks is substantial to say the least and there are many food service companies that are fighting for the top spot. On the other hand, OSI Group has earned a reputation for its huge success. This company is a consistent member of the prestigious Forbes list as it brings-in billions of dollars each and every year. OSI Group is the quintessential foodservice supplier, and it has a solid background for fact-checking.

BAHO Foods is another major player in global food services as it produces an enormous amount of snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. The private-Dutch company has a tight grip on the European-foodservice market thanks to its processing plants and subsidiaries. BAHO Food is now under control of OSI Group. The goal is to expand OSI’s reach into areas that it normally wouldn’t have any jurisdiction. OSI has planned to keep John Balvers, BAHO Food’s managing director, as well as keep other high-level executives. BAHO Food’s products perfectly compliments our strengths here at OSI,” said David McDonald, president of OSI Group. Thanks to this combination of the two, the customers will surely benefit from the extensive list of goods. This is why OSI Group is so special. The company doesn’t mind taking risks when the risks aren’t really necessarily needed. In other words, you’ll have to spend some money to make more money in the end.

The company has 10 state-of-the-art facilities in China, it has a new processing plant in Madanapalle, India, and it has doubled its ability to process chicken via its $17-million-dollar investment in Toledo, Spain. Can you actually name another foodservice provider that possesses this much capability? Can you name another foodservice provider that has such a vast reach?

OSI Group info: www.creativefoodseurope.eu/osi-group

The Political Climate As Seen By Professor Sujit Choudhry

Society has grown by leaps and bounds in the last thirty or forty years, but there are obviously still a lot of areas that need improvement. One thing that has become fairly commonly accepted across the globe is that democracy is the superior societal system since it provides an equal voice to every citizen, and constitutional democracies are the primary form of such a government. Professor Sujit Choudhry of Berkeley has studied both general politics and constitutional democracy extensively, and he has an opinion that should raise some eyebrows, especially amongst those who enjoy democracy and the freedoms it brings (blogs.law.nyu.edu).

According to a freshly published piece of content from Choudhry, constitutional democracies are in danger of crumbling under a new threat, and that threat is compliance with the democratic system. For instance, in Poland just a few years ago, the legislature was taken over by a party of right-wing nationalists seemingly out of nowhere. In almost no time, the party had started the process of dismantling the existing constitutional infrastructure in favor of one that more closely matched their radical conservative beliefs.

Choudhry shows how a similar situation could easily arise in America. He uses the Russia investigation as an example. There have been rumors for weeks that Trump might fire Robert Mueller, which is a move many have criticized as everything from unconstitutional to treasonous. The interesting thing is that many people are more worried about the public ramifications of such a move and not the legal ones. How could a government headed by a man like Trump stand up to him after he made a point to fire or otherwise remove every single threat to his position?

The point that Choudhry is trying to make is that constitutional democracy must be protected at all costs and at all levels of society. The rule of law exists for a reason, and if the president is allowed to skirt those laws simply because he says he can, then the entire system falls apart as there is no longer any accountability. The presidency would become an autocratic position akin to a dictatorship.

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Ara Chackerian views on forestry value, its management, and preservation.

Chackerian is a specialist in health diagnostics which has enabled him to work in various companies offering health services such as the Research and Development of Health Diagnostics limited company where he worked as the executive vice president in the company.


Ara Chackerian is also a specialist who deals with forestry and wildlife management and conservation. He believes that Forests and wildlife are one of the most valuable resources on earth that are responsible for providing a conducive environment for human existence. From the forests, it is where we as humans obtain necessities such as wood for building our shelters, cooking, herbs for medicine to treat various diseases, forests are also clean water catchment areas, and they also attract rains and most of all for clean air circulation between plants, animals, and human beings. You can visit medium.com for more info



Due to the crucial roles of the forests and the wilderness in general in the ecosystem, human beings have a position to use these resources sustainably, that is, ensuring that they satisfy the present generation and also cater for the needs of the next generation. This can only be attained through conservation and preservation of these natural resources to prevent their depletion. In that case, such practices such as practicing reforestation, opting for other sources of energy apart from charcoal and wood such as biogas, and coal.


According to Ara Chackerian, forests and the wildlife play an essential role in the contribution of any country’s foreign exchange through tourist since they act as attraction sites for tourists especially from other countries who like to explore and take adventures because of such resources which may not exist in their own countries.


Apart from foreign tourists, forests and wildlife also act as attraction scenes for local tourists too such as the national parks. As a result of this, a country’s GDP In increased to higher levels which in turn leads to economic growth and development of the nation thereby improving the living standards of people living in that country. You can visit their twitter account for more details.



Events such as weddings, meetings, hiking, camping and many more can be done in forests that are well designed to suit those events. This is one of the reasons why Chackerian puts more efforts in creating awareness about proper management and preservation of this valuable resource.


Hussain Sajwani Is A Leader With Vision And Insight

Hussain Sajwani owns a luxury real estate development company in Dubai. The business is called Damac Properties and was created in 2002. Hussain Sajwani began his career as a contracts manager after receiving his economics degree from the University of Washington. In 1992 he founded a catering business of his own. The business grew and now serves various markets in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS 150,000 meals every day. This division serves army camps, educational institutions five star hotels, construction campsites and offshore locations. They additionally provide camp maintenance, human resource supply and management services.


Hussain Sajwani is one of the UAE’s forerunners in property development. He has built numerous hotels for Dubai visitors to do business and trade. He is an expert in property development including marketing, administration, legal, sales and finances. This knowledge has driven the success of his company. Damac Properties develops private, commercial and leisure properties. The company’s expansion includes Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, North Africa and Qatar. Damac Properties had a value of $4.7 billion in 2017. This was the first company listed on the London Stock Exchange from the Middle East. This occured after a global depository receipts program raised $379 million.


Damac Properties has a reputation for exceptional design and quality. This led to the creation of some of the most iconic developments in Saudi Arabia, the United Arabs Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Lebanon. Hussain Sajwani operates throughout the Middle Eastern real estate development market. Their clients are provided with fully serviced apartments and villas, The company has completed in excess of 20,230 homes. Over 44,000 units are still in the planning stages. The property locations are exclusive, desirable and built to the highest possible quality specifications. The company’s most iconic Dubai projects include The Crescent and Lago Vista at IMPZ, Smart Heights and Executive Heights in TECOM, Park Towers in the DIFC and Lake Terrace at Jumeirah Lake Towers.


Hussain Sajwani is one of the leading players within his industry. He has additionally formed partnerships with several renowned lifestyle companies and fashion brands. This has brought exciting and innovative living ideas to the marketplace.