Visualizing the Softer Side of Evolution Smooth

Visualize the future. What can be seen? Visualize; enticing, velvety soft, healthy lips. How can that be obtained? Check out Evolution of Smooth’s Visibly Soft Lip Balm. This specialized line is for the everyday women that is looking to visualize and visibly see the softer side of lips. This Spherical lip balm was carefully crafted by EOS to help women with their beauty regime. From research expressed in Fast Company Startup Report dated October 19th, 2016 entitled, “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,” this need for visibly soft lips came to be. Check out more related articles here on

This lip balm will have visible results of softer lips. Why would that be? Visualize what this product contains: Shea butter, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, 99% natural, easy twist top, precision gliding capabilities and glosses on clear. This balm line also is free from petrolatum, paraben, gluten and phthalate. All that information from the benefits of visualizing is exciting. Hop over to this site for more details,

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How Securus Technologies is Keeping Us Safe

While technology companies have become an incredibly prominent sector in pushing America to the forefront of tech, I don’t often think about how important the type of technology is that benefits me every day but that I will never have any interaction with. I recently read an article on PR Newswire about Securus Technologies that showcased comments from users of the successful technology that intrigued me.


Securus Technologies focuses on providing state of the art technology for prisons across the company. Securus is contracted to provide services to over 2,000 Correctional Facilities in the United States and in Canada. Securus is an innovator and the largest provider of parolee tracking and detainee communications and it pioneered a new technology that would seek out and control cell phone communications from contraband cell phones through its “Cell Defender” technology. This technology also ensures that cell phones are completely unable to connect to any wireless networks through its Wireless Containment Solution technology. These technologies made me realize how serious the issues of contraband cell phone use in prisons were and how important having technology in place that could prevent them is.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has several other regional offices throughout the country. The company has over 500 employees and continues to grow as digital threats increase in prison systems.


The PR Newswire article made me realize the tangible affect have this technology was to the prison systems. For example, one comment noted that through Securus’ technology they were able to gather information from phone calls to find a corrupt staff member and arrest them. Another testimonial talked to how call monitoring enabled prison staff to find and break up a ring that was facilitating alcohol use among inmates, the selling of drugs and overall threats and violence. Finally, a testimonial from one correctional facility noted that not only have they seen a huge benefit from the technology but that Securus was continually evolving and revolutionizing their products to meet growing threats in the prison system.


Sujit Choudhry Sees Constitutional Crisis in America

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned expert on comparative constitutional transitions. As the founding director for The Center for Constitutional Transitions, he has helped many organizations and nations rebuild their governing systems. The intent is to build trust, relationships and consensus among diverse cultures and values to prevent impending violence

In the interview with CEOCFO MAGAZINE, Sujit Choudhry advises participants to listen to the local people. They are the ones living with the conditions. They have the most knowledge and experience regarding the issues to be resolved. “Never assume you know the truth.”   For the full interview, hit this.

From his perspective, America is possibly facing the most significant and difficult challenge to a democratic constitution since World War II. Many of America’s myths have been shaken and it is experiencing conflicts commonly seen in emerging democracies under stress all around the globe. Now is the time for America to learn from these countries to prevent further disruption. Mainstream political analysis and legal strategies are critically important at this time.

While background information regarding constitutional transitions is extensive, there are many areas where the information is either outdated or non-existent. When each country has its own stakeholders, issues and backgrounds, it is difficult to achieve constitutional consensus. Research and strategies developed at The Center for Constitutional Transitions strives to bridge these gaps. By bringing experts from different disciplines and collaborating on common projects, experts are learning new ways to communicate in a crisis.   Refer to for more reading.

As an immigrant with law degrees from 3 countries, Sujit Choudhry has extensive personal and professional experience in different political and legal environments.  For blogs and updates, visit this link on This unique background has been formative in building his professional success. Raised in a family which valued higher education, he received degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Toronto.  Check  While that educational foundation provided him with the tools for success, it is his personal experience with public policy that enlightens his perspective.

Sujit Choudhry has learned that the key to successful transitions lies in being able to reinvent the process of reaching your goals. He advises, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  Read more of Sujit’s insight on this article written by him on

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Logan Stout; Prolific Entrepreneur, Athlete And The Genius Behind IDLife

With an inherent ability to seek out and isolate successful opportunities, Logan Stout has been able to stand out as one of the most successful entrepreneurs globally. He is renowned for his prolific milestones and formulation of successful strategies in any setting that have significantly attributed to his success.


Logan Stout featured as a star athlete through his educational years. Having grown up in Richardson Texas, he attended J.J Pearce High. While at the school, Mr. Stout was a member of the Student Athletic Council and the milestones he achieved during his formative years enabled him to earn the title of ‘MVP’ in the baseball seasons.

Mr. Stout received his business degree from Panola and a psychology degree from the prestigious University of Dallas. After his studies, he proceeded to play baseball professionally. He has been cited to have featured in over 17 World Series events in the capacity of a player and a coach as well. Logan Stout also served as a youth minister at Dallas Baptist University during his stint as a coach.

Over the years, Logan Stout has believed in mentorship programs that help to enlighten the young people and assist them to build the necessary skills to permeate various industries. With this passion burning brightly, Mr. Stout incepted the Dallas Patriots which is notably one of the prominent baseball organizations in the world. The primary goal of this organization is to enable everyone to access training easily. The Dallas Patriots offer baseball camps, customized classes, and baseball clinics.

About IDLife

Logan Stout is a quick thinker, and this is one of the qualities that has enabled him to succeed as an entrepreneur. He is one of the biggest advocates for leading a healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally. He reiterates the importance of striving for overall well being citing it as one of the contributors to success. This belief inspired him to establish a range of healthcare products popularly known as IDLife.

IDLife supplies quality supplements shakes, sleep strips and weight management pills. Stepping away from the conventional marketing strategies, ID Life offers free assessments that are structured to give the clients tailor-made solutions. This technique helps to identify the cause and also aid the customer in deciding on what kind of help they need. IDLife has also partnered with various industry giants to even enhance the quality and range of products supplied.

Owing to his immeasurable success, Logan Stout has been featured in various publications and online journals.

For more information about IDLife, just click here.

Keep Your Body Healthy Through Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a privately run preventive health screening company in Austin. It was founded in 1993 and has since been providing community-based precautionary health screening. The screening identifies a number of risks to your health such as carotid artery disease, stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm and many more that display few to no symptoms. With the help of their state of the art medical equipment and vastly experienced technicians, the screening perform is safe, quick, painless and non-invasive. The results so found are shared with your physician treatment can immediately kick off before the health problem becomes worse. One will also be accordingly advised on lifestyle change.

Preventive health screening is carried out in three different ways:

• Limited Electrocardiograph

This method is used to detect a condition called atrial fibrillation characterized by an irregular heartbeat. The condition increases the risk of suffering a stroke. To detect this, an EKC is performed by use of an electrode screening, which requires no prior preparation, is non-invasive and fast

• Ultrasound screening

This type of health care screening, also known as sonography, utilizes high frequency sound waves, which are transmitted to areas of interest in the body, and the resulting echoes are recorded. It is commonly used to see a fetus during pregnancy. At Life Line screening, it is used to produce images for ankle-brachial index screening for peripheral arterial disease, carotid artery disease screening, bone mineral density screening for osteoporosis risk and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening.

• Finger-stick blood screenings

This is used to identify risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. For this, a blood sample is taken by pricking the soft pad of a finger. The life screening  performed by use of high tech equipment, which is lab-accurate, FDA-approved and tried & tested by various hospitals. From this, the results are returned in less than 10 minute. It measures the blood sugar levels to assess the risk of diabetes, the ALT and AST liver enzymes to determine if there is a risk of liver injury, total cholesterol level & triglycerides and as well the levels of C-reactive protein which indicates cardiovascular disease.

A Glance at the Leadership and Entrepreneurial Profile of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II has proven to be one of the world’s most effective CEOs. He managed the Reserve for 17 years. As the President, he helped it grow from a $4 billion firm to more than $130 billion. Before the financial crisis of 2008, the company was the largest privately-owned money market institution globally. Reserve’s money market fund was also the second largest in the world. The annual revenue of the firm exceeded $155 million. In the wake of the market crisis of 2008, Bruce guided the liquidation of some of the company’s affiliates and subsidiaries.

Bruce Bent’s leadership extends beyond the corporate world. He chaired the finance department of the Young Presidents’ Organization, Gotham Manhattan Chapter. The organization is a peer network that brings together over 10,000 young global leaders. He has served on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson as its president. In recognition of his accomplishment, Bruce featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.

In addition to outstanding leadership, Bruce Bent is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. He has created unmatched innovative short-term asset and cash management solutions for retail markets, banks, and broker-dealers. Due to his entrepreneurial expertise, he holds more than 60 privately-held patents. His inventions have catalyzed the growth of FDIC-insured cash management industry to $1 trillion. The Corporate Insider’s Guide to US Patent Practice recommended Bent as an expert in patents. Other publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Time and Financial Times have also quoted him.

Today, Bruce Bent is the President and vice chairman of Double Rock Corporation. The organization is an industry leader in the provision of financial technology services. Bent is responsible for the operations of the company’s subsidiaries and daughter companies; Island Intellectual property LLC, and Control Advantage LLC.

Bruce Bent credits his success as a leader to work with people who are smart at handling real issues. He says the most valuable people are customers because they always know how the operations of the business can be improved. As an entrepreneur, Bent is persistent. He advises entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams and create innovative ways of overcoming obstacles instead of giving up.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Facebook.

Professor Sujit Choudhry the Prominent Constitutional Expert and Advisor

Professor Sujit Choudhry is famed to be the constitutional expert and advisor. Professor Choudhry is the Professor of Law at the University of California where he served as a Dean. Sujit served as Professor of Law at the New York University of Law. He is presently the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions in the School of Law in the University of California, Berkeley. CCT aims at generating and mobilizing knowledge in support of the constitution building by leading and assembling the international networks of experts. Center for Constitutional Transitions has partnered with the global network of multilateral firms, NGOs and think tanks. They have worked hand in hand with over fifty experts from more than twenty-five countries.

Sujit Choudhry founded the organization out of the experience as a constitutional expert and advisor to the trending democracies across nations and the need for amending the existing laws and implementing new constitutions. He believed that the organization would provide adequate information and updated research on constitutions.

Today, Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. He combines a lot of the investigation with in-depth experience in the field as an expert and advisor to the constitution-building processes across nations including Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Nepal, and South Africa. He has given lectures in many countries across the world.  Check this on

From his immigrant background and law degrees from three different countries, Sujit has navigated through various political and legal environments. It has been an excellent experience as every country has its history and culture. His excellent education empowered him most to reach his current success position.

He holds Bachelor’s of Laws from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts in Law from the University of Oxford, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from McGill University and Masters of Laws from Harvard Law School. He possesses skills in research, public policy, democracy promotion, constitutional law, policy analysis and international relations. Check on for additional article.

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Professor Choudhry`s research addresses various issues in comparative constitutional politics and law including constitutional design in ethnically divided societies, minority and majority rights, constitutional courts, democratic rule, bills of rights and proportionality, semi-presidentialism, constitution building, and security oversight. He has been linked to having written Canadian Constitutional Law. He has published more than 90 articles, working papers, books, and reports. Check this recent article written by Sujit on

To read more about Sujit, see

The State Theatre’s Collaboration With Boraie Development

The state theatre has decided that it will be offering six movies to the community for free in the summer. It will be a return of the free summer movies series which will constitute of the Extra Terrestrial on July 19, Frozen on July 12, Babe on August 2, Despicable Me 2 on July 26, Aladdin on August 16, and Monsters University on August 9. The series will be sponsored by Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation, and the showings will be at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

It will be an opportunity for the young people to have some fun and enjoy a good movie in the theatre; furthermore, it will be something which the community will enjoy as a family or any other group which will be around for the summer. Being a remarkable historical venue since 1921, Sam Boraie wants to ascertain that it can remain so and people can still enjoy their movies for free. Furthermore, it will be a place which most people will come together and enjoy the movies.

It is an initiative for both Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation to ascertain that the community can be brought together. More so, it will ascertain that people can have something common to do thus bring able to contribute in the day to day programming. This article which was published through the New Jersey Stage highlights that both these institutions are aimed at ascertaining that they can bring everyone together to have a great time and make some memories.

Furthermore, movie goers are assured to having an unpanelled experience since the State Theatre has a better HD digital cinema projection system. All this is aimed at ascertaining that the community will be able to enjoy their movies on the 46’ Stewart film screen and the digital surround sound.

About Boraie Development

It is an establishment focused on providing its clients with the best services. This is attained by ensuring they can conduct quality property management and build spectacular properties. Apart from this, they ascertain that their clients receive unpanelled services thus always working towards customer satisfaction.

The organization also works with other financial institutions and architects thus being able to meet their deadlines and have state of the art establishments. This success has enabled them to gain more clients and promote their brand name. Nonetheless, they have a strong sales and marketing team to ascertain that they get ahead of their competitors. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Fighting Against the Discrimination of Hispanic Immigrants

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are media executives for the Village Voice and the Phoenix New Times and are also the founders of the Frontera Fund, to fight for Human Rights. The Fortuna Fund was created to support migrant rights in Arizona.

In 2007, they were arrested for writing an article for the Phoenix New times about the Sheriff of Maricopa County and his Selective Enforcement Unit who has styled himself as America’s Toughest Sheriff.

Within 24 hours they were released and all the charges were dropped. This then set up a long court battle that was centered on First Amendment Rights. The legal procedures for obtaining a subpoena were ignored which made the subpoena invalid, and the court made it abundantly clear that they were arrested without probable cause. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Maricopa County was ordered to pay Lacey and Larkin the sum of $3.7 million, which is what they used to set up the Frontera Fund. They intend for the fund to support and benefit the Hispanic community that has been the brunt of civil rights abuse and racial animus.

They quietly distribute Frontera Funds money for the benefit of nonprofit organizations that are advocates for Hispanic causes and civil rights. These are the groups that fight for the human, civil, and migrant rights, civic participation and the freedom of speech throughout the state and including the Mexican border.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, the American Civil Rights movement made strides in changing the social interaction and political spectrum throughout the United States. Advocacy groups had at that time been in place for quite a few years, however until this movement took place, they didn’t have much power on political issues.

A non-profit educational and legal organization, The Center for Constitutional Rights works toward advancing and protecting the rights that are guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution along with Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The revitalization of a more progressive civil rights agenda on a national level is the commitment of the Citizens Commission on Civil Rights.

Perhaps the best known civil rights advocate’s organization is the ACLU who fights for the rights of persons who are being discriminated against. The ACLU was founded in 1920 to try to protect the rights of American by distributing information through the media and by litigation and lobbying for congressional action.

The cases that the ACLU are involved in usually, stem from the First Amendment rights issues. The most emphasis in these cases is where rights violations are at stake.

In 2014, one of the first organizations that the Larkin and Lacy Frontera Fund supported was the Colibri Center for Human Rights.

Other organizations that fight for Human and Civil Rights include the American Civil Rights Coalition, who work with state and federal offices to end racial and gender preferences or classifications.

The American Civil Rights Institute to educate the public about racial and gender preferences, The Center for Constitutional Rights who work to protect and advance the rights that are guaranteed by our United States Constitution and the Declaration of Human Rights.

Speak With a Representative of UKV PLC To Get The Details You Need To Learn About Their Products

     UKV PLC is a great option of a vintner for any wine enthusiast who is looking for a product that they can depend on to provide them with a quality taste and feeling. The taste is derived from the fresh fruits that are picked to be contained as a part of the product’s ingredients, and the feeling that it provides it made possible by the perfect amount of alcohol that’s contained within it. The perfect amount of alcohol that’s contained within it is only made possible by it having undergone a thorough and complete process of a step in the entire manufacturing process called fermentation. It’s important for avid wine enthusiasts to know what fermentation consists of.

Fermenting is a process of wine making that consists of having the sugars of fruits being converted into just the right amounts of alcohol. If you would like to know how the fermentation of the wine products of UKV PLC works, you may feel free to refer your questions/concerns to one of the help desk department’s agents, as they’ll be more than willing to provide you with an adequate amount of details and information pertaining to the very steps their products undergo in the processes of being fermented.

UKV PLC is also a vintner that places plenty of attention in the sanitation aspects of their stages of manufacturing. If you need to know exactly what their sanitation processes consists of, then asking a help desk representative will give you the answers that you may be seeking. Sanitation of manufacturing tanks has a vital role of removing toxins and bacteria from the alcohol, thus, ensuring both the manufacturer themselves and the end-user that there does not need to be any causes for concerns of potential illnesses upon consuming the wine. Visiting the website of UKV PLC is recommended if you’re searching for a wine that you’ll truly enjoy.

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