ClassDojo Works to Help Classrooms

Classdojo is one of the biggest innovations in the classroom in the past decade. The app has helped people get what they need out of the classroom and has brought things into the 21st century by allowing another level of communication between parents, teachers and students. It is an integral app that includes something for everyone and promises that they will be able to use it. The application is now being used in two out of three classrooms and is expected to expand even further as more people find out about the benefits that come from using it.


Parents can often feel like they are not able to have an open level of communication with their child’s teacher. This leads to many issues and can make them feel like they are not a part of the educational process. With Classdojo, parents can regularly see what their child is doing in the classroom and what they have been rewarded for. The app also allows parents to connect with the teacher by having an integral messaging system. It is an app that is designed to include parents in every step of the educational process and make them feel comfortable with it.


When it comes to teachers in the classroom, they are always looking for new ways that they can reward their students. This leads to a better morale in the class and gives them a chance to encourage their students to continue doing well no matter what they are focusing on academically. The app gives teachers the chance to reward the students without other students knowing. While Class dojo is focused mainly on positive reinforcement, teachers can discreetly take away points from students if they are not doing what they are supposed to be. They always have chances to earn those points back, though.


According to, Students get the most benefits from the Classdojo app. This is because they are able to get the rewards that come with the app and they are able to get a great deal of encouragement from the points that they earn on the app. The points are then able to be translated to real-life prizes. Students can get things in the classroom, like no shoes for a day or a free homework pass, just for accumulating points on the Classdojo app. Many students are excited about the prizes and the rewards that they can earn on the Classdojo app.

Town Residential Opens up 10th Outpost Office

The residential brokerage firm Town Residential has recently signed a 15 year deal to get an office in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. With this office location, the brokerage will now have the capacity to cover markets in Hudson Yards and TriBeCa. As one of the fastest growing residential brokerage firms in the area, it has completed its most recent expansion. As a result of this expansion, Town will now have an opportunity to use more office space to more efficiently run its operations.


One of the reasons why Town Residential has leased this space is to help brokers meet and work with clients. It is also one of the more innovative deals because it will enable brokers to conduct business in an outdoor space. With this innovative aspect, Town Residential will allow brokers to create a more personalized environment for their clients. Using this type of space will also make the brokerage more appealing to clients as well as making it stand out as one of the more desirable brokerages to work with and work for.


As well as expanding to new office spaces, Town Residential is also another boutique brokerage, Town & Ingram will be moving into the same area. Since this firm specializes in sales, it will provide Town with a complimentary real estate company to work alongside with.


Moving into the new office space will be very beneficial to Town Residential. Since the meatpacking district is one of the fastest growing residential neighborhoods, it will allow Town Residential to more easily expand its business. With a number of people looking to rent out space as well as purchase property, Town will be sure to have plenty of opportunities to grow its business in the near future.


Not will the move help Town get more clients but also enable it to cover more markets. In order to expand a business, it is important to have the capacity to cover a number of different markets. With this new office location, Town will be in position to cover more markets than they have in the past.


Town Residential has only been in business for three years but it is quickly becoming one of the premier residential real estate brokerages in the area. By expanding to meatpacking district, Town will be in great position to cover more markets and expand its operations more quickly. They will therefore have the ability to get more clients and ensure that their firm grows at a steady rate. Town Residential is a brokerage that will offer both individuals the opportunity to rent or purchase high quality real estate in the area. The brokerage offers the sale of condos as well as renting out retail office space. No matter what the clients needs are, Town Residential will be able to more efficiently meet them through continuous expansion.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Super Doctor and a Super Woman

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a super doctor. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who first honed her skills in New York City as a fellow at Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat. She is now practicing in her hometown of Austin, TX at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. Focused, committed, and career-driven, she also places her highest loyalty to her family.

She humbly admits in an interview with that she merely squeaked into medical school. But her marathonian commitment to her profession has taken her from underdog to top dog. Her talent and commitment to patient safety and care has been recognized by her colleagues and has driven her success. She is one of the few women ever to serve on the Board of Directors for the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery where she currently holds the position of Vice Commissioner of Communications.

Her clients shower her with praise as well. She has been featured in the American Airlines in-flight travel magazine American Way as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. She was also rated one of the best beauty surgeons in America by Harper’s Bazaar. As a woman and a mother, she understands the need to look good in order to feel good. Patients feel that her approach to plastic surgery is less about pleasing others and more about pleasing oneself. Her authentic approach to self-improvement allows her to create more satisfying cosmetic surgery results.

As much as Dr. Jennifer Walden loved living in New York City, she found her belated entrance into motherhood as a real game changer. She recognized that not only did her children need to grow their Texan roots, but she also needed help as a single mom raising twin boys while continuing to devote herself to her medical practice. Her humanness, her ability to ask for help when needed, and her awareness of her strengths and limitations is what makes her a super doctor.


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Marc Sparks Hopes to Continue to Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Business into a Success

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP., Marc Sparks, has decided to change the location of the company’s offices to a setting more beneficial to the expansion of the company. The private equity firm was in the same location for over a decade so the move seemed kind of sudden and unnecessary, but an entrepreneur as successful as Marc Sparks definitely has a reason for the sudden move.

Marc Sparks knows that having a conducive workplace is as essential to a business as any other component in its business model. A positive and contributory work environment encourages proactive thinking, creativity, and a more efficient and effective collaborative work between employees.

Though Sparks has founded and invested in many successful startups, one could say that Timber Creek Capital is his most beloved creation. The company is literally imbued with the numerous years of experience Sparks has accumulated throughout his long running successful career. Through his work at Timber Creek Capital Sparks has been able to mentor and help new businesses build their company into a revenue generating machine.

Sparks knows how difficult it can be to start a business from scratch and all the unpredictable challenges that may arise in the process. He’s been through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur starting out. Because of this, he has developed a true passion for helping young entrepreneurs make their dream a reality.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a very talented individual. He is a well respected entrepreneur and investor, who’s had a hand in many profitable businesses. Furthermore, Marc Sparks is the embodiment of the American dream. It’s hard to believe that a high school graduate, who had average grades at best, would become such a force in the industry with no college degree to hang his hat on.

Sparks wrote a book called “They Can’t Eat You,” that details his rise from the bottom to become the success story he is today. He also shares some of his knowledge he’s accumulated over the years and gives advice to struggling business owners. Sparks hopes that by telling struggling business owners how it wasn’t easy, but he overcame his circumstances that it will inspire individuals that are in the same predicament he was in years ago succeed also.

Try Lime Crime To Transform Your Look For The Fall


Capitalize on the season with rich metallic colors from Lime Crime. They provide a velvetine matte that allows you to become one of the most creative makeup artist in the industry. Thousands of stars trust Lime Crime and you can too. Doe Deere provides a unique line of cosmetics that will allow you to make a statement as a busy professional or a college student on a budget. You can still get award winning makeup tips that will enhance your fall season. Get an autumn look that is trusted by several women around the globe.


Doe Deere said on their Facebook, she knew from an early age that it would be important to creative her own vibrant cosmetic colors. Lime Crime has neutral colors that don’t speak dull to their wearers. They provide a makeup line that is easy to apply and worry free removal, but their line of products is also waterproof. They give you a selection of rich choices that are guaranteed to give you confidence as a busy professional or during an audition under extreme lighting. Doe Deere came up with the idea of rich bold colors through the art of trying on her mother’s clothes and makeup as a child.

Lime Crime is a remarkably great cosmetic line that enhances the way you look and is very easy to purchase. You can order their products securely online and gt their wonderful selection of products shipped to your door for less than their competitors. Their products are packaged in a bright individual label, tube, or container. They have great options for their members that allow free shipping and products that you can use. Discover the benefits of a smooth product line that features all natural velvetine matte. Enjoy your new look with a remarkable makeup line that proves to be the industry standard in cosmetics, read more about the new metallics on PR Newswire.


ClassDojo Bridges The Gap Between Parents and Classrooms

As elementary educator Dianne Rhodes prepares for her third year of teaching the third grade, she is excited to put ClassDojo to use once again. ClassDojo, which launched in 2011 in an effort to connect parents and classrooms through the use of technology, has significantly improved he flow of classrooms and overall communication in schools. Parents appreciate the ability to be involved in their child’s school say from afar. For the parents that suffer from the “first day of school jitters“, ClassDojo provides peace of mind by giving parents the ability to see and be a part of what is taking place in their child’s classroom. Parental involvement and communication are both extremely important factors in a child’s education. Because traditional work schedules often conflict with school schedules, it is difficult for parents to be present. ClassDojo serves as a bride to close that gap, and brings parents and classrooms closer together.

In June of 2011, co-founders of ClassDojo Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary decided that education needed a change. After determining that communication was amongst the most important factors, they began formulating a plan to change the way parents and teacher communicate. Two months later the first version of ClassDojo launched. More than 75 teachers downloaded the app and put it to use in their classrooms. Much like social media platforms Instagram and SnapChat, ClassDojo allows teachers to upload and share classroom moments and lessons with parents. It also allows parents the chance to communicate with the teacher about different projects and assignments, and to praise their child for their accomplishments.

Life goes by so fast. When we are in routine, we often tend to forget things outside of the norm.  Our children learn so much throughout the school day, but often times, projects and accomplishments are lost in the shuffle of the evening rush. These discussions are important in order to show our children that we not only support them, but we encourage their efforts in school. The team at Class Dojo hopes that the platform will serve as an advocate for parental involvement during and beyond the school day.

Keith Mann raises funds to support uncommon schools cause

Keith is a well-known businessman who directs and is also the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is now the managing director of the company which deals with alternative investments as well as hedge funds. There are many equity firms and Dynamic Search Partners staffing needs and executive search services to them. By expanding their operations from staffing investment, the company has expanded and is now offering much more to their customers. Due to this, they have been ranked as the largest investment executive in the whole country.


Keith Mann who is now the Vice President of Dynamic Search Partners began as the manager in the investment division. This is a proof that he is a reliable businessman and due to his dedication in business, he was ranked as the vice president. The company has now announce their partnership with New York Uncommon schools. They were able to visit the senior class of Crown Heights Charter High School for resume drawing. The students received advice, editing and even review of their resumes from the five members of Dynamic Research Partners. This will help the students when applying for college this fall.


The relationship built between the company and the uncommon schools is to help students throughout their education. They were able to create a more meaningful platform for the students when learning practical skills and even tactical to assist them in achieving success not only in colleges but beyond. By contributing to the high school $10,000, they will be able to provide the students with a better platform for studies. Charter High School, which was built in 2009, will have their second class graduating in 2014.




Having this kind of a partnership with the Dynamic Search Partners, the students were filed with joy. In this way, Keith  will be motivated to study hard so they can move on with their studies. The relationships they have with their clients and even students acts as a foundation for their business and it enables them to grow and expand.

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Founder of Forefront Capital Brad Reifler


Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur who is the current founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. This company specializes in helping individuals trade their personal capital with institutional infrastructure. Before he started up Forefront Capital, Brad was the CEO of Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Company. These companies would make trades using global derivatives. By the year 2000, these companies were sold to Refco Incorporated. By the year 1992, Brad Reifler founded a company known as Reifler Capital Management which specialized in advising institutions on how to trade commodity based foreign exchange securities. Reifler would also manage Refco’s Institutional sales desk where he would oversee the companies’ investment activities.

At the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. With this firm, Brad would help clients trade a number of securities such as global derivatives.

In the year 1992, Brad Reifler founded Reifler Capital Management which would help advise companies on how to manage securities such as commodities based on foreign exchange rates. This was yet another way for companies to increase their profits in the financial markets. Brad’s firm would help devise strategies on how to best trade and manage all of the funds earned from selling these commodity based foreign exchange securities.

Along with starting up two firms, Brad Reifler would also run Refco Incorporated. At this firm, he would manage the Institutional Sales Desk. While working at this position, Brad would help go over all of the investments that the company made. He would also make sure that they were profitable and helped lead to the long term financial success of the firm. Reifler would go over things such as foreign exchange currency investments, commodity purchases and also evaluate the returns of each security traded. With this firm along with the other two firms, Brad has established himself as a major player in the finance and investment industry.

How Thor Halvorssen Is Changing The Face Of Human Rights Activism

When people think about human rights activism, they think about people that just talk about issues. They are also people that are ridiculed and not taken very seriously. They also have kind of a negativity about them.

For one thing, they are thought of as people that do not keep themselves shaven. However, there are some people that are fighting real hard to deal with the stereotypes as well as bring forth equal rights to people that are oppressed.

Activists are also looked at as people that don’t really have much experience with human rights violations. As a result, their effectiveness is minimal.

Among the people that are turning out to be the opposite of what human rights activists are believed to be is Thor Halvorssen. He is someone who is very passionate about his work as a human rights activist.

Thor also deals with people in the most respectful manner. For one thing, even when people give him attitude, he continues to work towards bringing forth something positive to the people he deals with. Thor Halvorssen shows that he is a positive and passionate individual.

One of the aspects of his campaign that makes him so effective is hi experience in dealing with oppressive societies. His family has been the victim of the oppression of crooked governments with his father jailed. Thor Halvorssen has also undergone some actually punishment at the hands of crooked governments.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen understands some of the struggles that people go through when they are being oppressed. Another defining aspect of him is that he loves people. Therefore, he makes sure to use that as motivation in his fight for the rights of others.

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Martin Lustgarten the Amazing Investor

With the recovery of the global economy proceeding steadily it is important for everyone in the world to begin thinking about the future. For many retiring seemed like a great impossibility but now that dream of an easy life of living on your savings is becoming a reality again. Those who want to retire need to make wise decisions in the present moment because retirement is the most important thing for you to plan when thinking of your future. You need an investment banker on your side to make those decisions and Martin Lustgarten is one of the best in the world. He helps his clients get to the top and stay there. He knows the ins and outs of the investment world because he has been doing it for decades.

Martin Lustgarten is a dual citizen of both Venezuela and Austria. He has made good use of his citizen rights from both of these nations. he is a strong believer in taking your investments to the international level and he chooses to spread his wealth between many different nations. When he does this he can manage his risk more effectively while optimizing growth opportunities from local investment.

When he sees an oncoming trend Martin will be the first to inform his clients so that they can capitalize upon it with him. This way they get the full benefits of his expertise.

If you are looking for a role model in the world of investment Martin Lustgarten is the one you should turn to. He is a hard working person who is of high intellectual capacity and he sees the lines of the investment matrix like few others in this world. Martin has helped many people to grow their personal fortunes in little time. He can advise you in the best way to diversify your portfolio while continuing to grow so that you can have a nice retirement nest egg within a short time.