Todd Levine’s Federal Suit Dismissed

Boss Investments had a filed a federal suit against Margaritaville over a dispute over the Margaritaville franchise in the Bahamas.

The judge had dismissed the suit brought by attorney Todd Levine brought by Boss Investments on a legal technicality.

his dismissal does not mean the legal dispute between Margaritaville and Boss Investments is over. Boss Investments has decided they will file the same suit, but in a different venue. They will continue the legal dispute in Florida courts.

According to attorney Todd Levine, their client, Boss Investments, was at first excited to work with Margaritaville to bring them to the Bahamian islands. Boss Investments and Margaritaville had come to an agreement that Boss Investments would exclusively own the trademarks in the Bahamian islands and help them with the resorts that they built on these islands.

After Margaritaville opened on Paradise Island, Margaritaville decided to partner with another company to create another resort without Boss Investments. This would invalidate their exclusive contract with Boss Investments.

Todd Levine, the attorney, feels that Margaritaville clearly breached its contract with Margaritaville and had to file a new lawsuit in Palm Beach County, a Florida state court, to protect its contractual rights since the federal suit did not really resolve the suit in a way that they wanted it to.

The US federal court did not really rule on whether Boss Investments had a good legal case or not. It just said that that the federal court did not have jurisdiction to be the right place for the case. The Palm County court could have jurisdiction as two of the Margaritaville defendants in the case are based in Palm County.

Todd Levine, an American attorney, knows that the suit in the Palm County case is virtually identical with the federal suit that was recently dismissed. This case thinks Margaritaville’s relationship with China Construction America’s Nassau resort project will invalidate the exclusivity that Boss Investments had with Margaritaville in the Bahamian area

Kamil Idris: The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights and China’s IP Violations

Professor Kamil Idris is an accomplished scholar who has served at the Intellectual Property Organization as a Director and a diplomat in Sudan. As of today, he acts as the president of ICAM (International Court of Arbitration and Mediation). His main specialty is in the area of intellectual property rights, including economic development and IP law.


Recently, had the chance to interview Professor Kamil Idris on a host of issues among them being the transfer of IP property across borders, how to mitigate risks of IP theft, and developing and managing company’s IP across other jurisdictions and many more. On being asked as to what is done to address IP property pitfalls that come with globalization, Professor Kamil Idris argued that there is an urgent need to put increased efforts towards IP training and subsequent development of HR and IP capacity development.


Professor Kamil Idris was further asked on what he thinks can be done to have a uniform enforceable patent across the globe, and he argued that countries need to establish more strict IP policies especially on matters relating to barriers to legitimate trade and abusive practices. Professor Kamil Idris was further probed on his views regarding technology transfer disputes across borders, and according to him, organizations willing to enter into any type of technology transfer agreements need to exercise some caution when selecting their partners, carefully draw terms of agreements and contracts, and build trust by engaging in transparent dealings.

Professor Kamil Idris interview did not stop there. On being questioned regarding which jurisdiction appear to have the most efficient and practical IP system, Idris argued that a simple ranking of countries is not an easy process as such as there are complex developments and realities taking place in a significant number of jurisdictions across the globe. Professor Kamil Idris also argued that on matters relating to patent troll globally, constant changes are being made for purposes of improving its functionality and usefulness.


Kamil Idris on China and Trade

Professor Kamil Idris is of the opinion that a significant number of Chinese manufacturers seem to have a long history of gaining from merchandise copied from Western Countries with many U.S. entrepreneurs being forced out of trade immediately Chinese manufacturers began marketing their products at a lower price. But according to Professor Kamil Idris, China has no intention of being in war trade with the U.S.


Sujit Choudhry’s Views on Modern Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally respected man whom has deep knowledge of the political landscape. His knowledge on constitutional design is truly second to none in the international community. He is most known for his writing on Canadian constitutional law, see also his ( In his upcoming book “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?”, Sujit Choudhry looks at the recent situation in the United States of America. In a recent article on the website Release Fact, Sujit Choudhry talks about the current state of democracy in today’s political world.

Check out this link, (

The basis for Sujit Choudhry’s argument is a tweet made by former attorney general Eric Holder last winter. It mentions how President Trump firing Bob Muller would be the absolute red line he must never cross. This idea is based on two concepts of Democracy that you can check on The first being an invisible “Red line”, a constitutional boundary that must never be crossed. The other is the power of the people, whom will be charge to determine consequences if the red line threshold is crossed. The idea of this constitutional self-enforcement surprises Sujit Choudhry, since the attorney general did not mention any legal action.

The article goes on to describe the idea of democratic backsliding. This is when an elected official begins to bend the system to suit their needs. Unlike in the previous eras with coup d’états and autogolpes, this process is done with entirely legal means. He cites an example with Weimar Germany. A country that was captured from the inside, and then forcefully changed. This threat to democracy is ever present in our rapidly changing everyday world.

There are few men as talented as Sujit Choudhry in the international community. His comments regarding President Trump’s recent actions should be taken to heart ( democracy is only as good as the citizens running it. Negligence can lead a country on the path of democratic backsliding. Sujit is a well-versed individual on the constitutional process, and will continue to be guiding force for countries well into the future.

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

There are doctors and surgeons that are implementing new devices and great inventions all around the world. The medical field has experienced varied new changes. The changes are exciting and inventive. The investment that has surfaced from these innovations is absolutely incredible! The doctors and surgeons have supported advancements in medical inventions and they have given management to the doctors making the new inventions. Once a doctor shares an invention, everybody wins. Patients will feel safe within the hospital, and they will feel secure with their doctors. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the top medical professionals that has created the innovative inventions. He has been a pioneer within the medical field. Dr. Saad Saad has served many countries across the world throughout his time as a doctor. He has been in medicine for a long time, and he has valued children his entire career.


Dr. Saad Saad completed several philanthropic medical missions throughout his career. He has done four tours within the United States, and he has done eight missions to the national capital of Israel and the West Bank of Palestine. Throughout every medical mission, his goal is to heal the poor and sick kids that cannot afford health care. Several of the youngsters grew up in impoverished environments, and if it weren’t for his assistance, they might have died. He has saved numerous lives, and he continues to be an excellent doctor. Dr. Saad Saad developed two nice medical inventions. He created a replacement kind of catheter tubing, and he created a replacement kind of endoscope. These inventions have helped the whole medical business. Investors and fellow doctors were terribly happy concerning the innovations.


Dr. Saad Saad knew he needed to be a doctor while he was still in high school as a young man. He grew up poor in Kuwait. The family tradition was to go into the field of engineering, like his older brothers; however, he selected a distinct route. He selected the road that might lead him to become every child’s hero. He enjoyed operating inside of air conditioned buildings, and he enjoyed saving lives. The foremost valuable lessons that Dr. Saad Saad has learned in his forty years as a doctor are research and analysis. He believes in the strength of analysis to benefit medicine. If we do not have the correct analysis, we are going to never be ready to enhance our understanding of medicine. He’s presently a doctor primarily based in Charleston, SC. Learn more:


Dr. Dov Rand: Waging War on Age and Weight Gain

Dr. Dov Rand is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange, New Jersey. He assists patients with anti-aging and weight loss. He is a very accomplished doctor and specializes in the studies and treatments revolving around hormones. Dr. Dov Rand explains that there are good and bad hormones in the body. The good hormones keep us looking and feeling young. The bad hormones age us and assist our bodies in holding onto excess weight. He then explains that these hormones go out of balance. As we get older the bad ones rise, and the good ones decrease. By reversing that balance, Dr. Dov Rand is helping patients achieve weight loss, and are looking and feeling younger (Alivenewspaper).

He practices in bioidentical hormone replacement, and his studies have shown great results. Dr. Dov Rand uses the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet as a tool to assist his patients into losing the stubborn weight traditional diets won’t get rid of. HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women. When used correctly, it can assist people in losing stubborn weight while they are on a low calorie diet. One of the things this hormone does, is suppress the appetite. What makes Dr. Dov Rand and other specialists at the Healthy Aging Medical Center so successful is that they firmly believe that each individual patient has individual needs. So Dr. Rand and others work to find out exactly what each patient needs, and how to best deliver that to them ( Dr. Dov Rand also uses genetic testing to see if there is a contributing factor to their illness, stubborn weight gain, or other symptoms.

Dr. Dov Rand believes in regenerative medicine, believing we can heal and preserve what we have, using treatments and therapies based on regenerating cells and cellular function. He doesn’t believe taking pills for symptoms is the answer for long and healthy lives. He is currently writing a book, “It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100” and is committed to helping his patients reach their weight goals. He is relentless in finding what each patient needs to achieve true wellness and healing from their age-related illnesses.


American Institute of Architects Role in Healthcare and Technology

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an architectural group that provides education, community development and the creation of an excellent public image. AIA established in 1857, New York and its current headquarters are in Washington DC. The institute has five level of membership; architect members, associate members, international associate members, Emeritus members and allied members. AIA has been through many leaders since its inception, but the current president Robert Ivy has created a more extensive portfolio of the organization through his unique methods.

While the American Institute of architects stresses on building, design, and construction, Robert Ivy, pushes architects to think broader from this horizon. Robert believes that architecture is not a one dimension career and can apply to disaster mitigation and health improvement. By feeding on Robert ivy positive energy diversification in the field, AIA has fledged on building in the public health and disaster relief programs. AIA will offer high education grants on community projects and invest in the creation f mobile phone applications as well as softwares.

Robert ivy while speaking to the SmartPlanet emphasized the importance of design to healthcare. Design goes all the way from the draining of swamps in Washington to the design of central park in New York. The park came up with the aim removing substandard buildings and creating a recreational space which has improved the public health. AIA has also ensured that the new generation of architectures is committed to coming up with plans of buildings that touch on health. Public health in construction should be looked into carefully because it affects the rate of transmission of communicable diseases such as diabetes. The conventional designs ensure buildings have access to sunlight, clean air, and water. A Model can affect a wide range of is therefore essential to build on designs that are sensitive to public health.

With the leadership of Robert ivy AIA looking forward to building mobile apps. The development process has been through Hackathons, competitions whereby the best idea carries the day. The growth of mobile applications will help in the building process as well as supplement the already existing applications.

Robert Ivy graduated with a bachelor’s of arts from the University of South and gained masters in architecture from the University of Tulane. He is an excellent communicator as evidence from his many speeches in international events. Robert has served as a commissioner for the Venice architecture Biennale and had a couple of publications to his name. Before joining AIA, he worked as an executive in the McGraw-Hill constructions. At AIA, he has touched on the effects of architecture on the climate and earned various awards.

Matt Badiali’s Contribution to the Oil Industry

     Matt Badiali is a well-travelled geologist. In his work as a natural resources expert, he has been able to accomplish a lot in research and becoming a renowned writer. Matt boasts of great exposure in mining and energy that has been beneficial to the oil industry. He has travelled to Hong Kong, Turkey, Haiti among others and experienced firsthand the oil drilling process and other activities related to agriculture. His combination of business and science is incredible and has been evident in his work. As a writer, Matt has been lucky to acquire a large audience that includes individuals and companies. He provides tips on developments in the oil industry.

Matt can attribute his success to great experience working in mines and as a consultant for environmental companies. His work has attracted the attention of natural resources analysts, financiers, and other leading geologists. He is dedicated to research and acquiring knowledge that is important in his line. Other than geology, Matt has experience in hydrology and consultancy. He has been pivotal in investment decisions in many companies in the oil industry.

Matt Badiali’s educational background provided important guideline into his career. He graduated with a BS in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. He later undertook a Masters of Geology at Florida Atlantic University. These courses provided him with necessary knowledge that he has enhanced through skills acquired in his career and interactions. He is a hardworking individual whose contribution in the positions he has held is clear.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt worked as an editor of the Strawberry Resource Report. This was an umbrella of the Strawberry Research where he joined in 2005. He wrote on investments in metals, energy, and other natural resources giving advice to the readers. His work involved travelling to gather on the ground information about the topics and conduct research on new developments. He was able to meet prominent people in the industry and increase his readers.

The Banyan Publishers who hired him as a natural resources expert recognized Matt’s great work. He joined a group of experts that would lead the company to its growth. His role would involve recommending investment opportunities in natural resources to the subscribers. He has a wealth of knowledge on the industry hence very competent in the role. As a leading expert in the field, his audience is confident in the advice he gives.

Casio Audi Passion and Skills

Casio Audi is a successful businessman and a musician. The interest of his music dated back when he was working in the financial industry. It also should be appreciated that in his early years he started making a small investment that grew and made him a successful business visionary in his career. In the 1980’s Audi developed his passion for music and joined up with his team that led to his first music production. He continued to practice and develop in the music band. This was at an early time before he later joined the world of business fully.
It is notable that he was always passionate about the band and always undertook his duties seriously towards excelling in the field. He was dedicated to performing excellently in the music. It is no doubt that this great passion and hard work would just be transferred to his profession as a business person. It should be noted that in the band Casio was great in using the music tools. When the Killer Sword was released, that is the time Casio’s competency in the use of drum was known across the globe as the music did transverse widely. One of the great songs that emerged as the most loved by the fans was the Nightmare.
It should be noted that the band members were skilled and also had the passion for what they released to their fans. Casio Audi remains as one of the best drums players of the early times. The band was also greatly gifted as it attracted many fans during their concerts. Casio Audi had pursued a degree in business management, and thus his professional career was in business. It is notable that he also worked in a reputable financial firm that gave him the experience in the world of investments.

Insights into the Entrepreneurial Life of James Dondero

The name James Dondero is quite famous in Dallas Texas. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, LP, which he established in 1993. With over 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets, James Dondero has been able to steer his company into becoming a recognized institution when it comes to establishing collateralized loan obligation market and advancing credit solutions for various investors globally.

Education and Career Background

James Dondero possesses two Bachelor of Science degrees. He also studies finance and accounting at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, which have been the pillars of his successful entrepreneurial life. He had his first financial training programme at JPMorgan Chase & Co, in 1994, after which he got his first job with American Express. At American Express, Mr. Dondero was put in charge of fixed income funds which accrued to over $1 billion.

In 1989, James Dondero became the head of investments at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He took the position when the company was a mere idea, and was able to use his expertise to transform it into a $2 billion business. In 1993, Mr. Dondero decided it was time to start his own investment company, which has since established a vibrant global audience as one of the best credit management firms.

Besides working hard to maintain the reputation of his firm, Mr. Dondero is also a generous man. He is highly involved in charity works in his hometown of Dallas Texas. Recently, he donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo. The proceeds went towards constructing a new habitat for hippos in the zoo, which had been missing for 15 years. In return, the zoo named the new construction “Highland Capital Lodge.”

Besides the zoo, James Dondero has also given proceeds towards other charitable organizations like the Snowball Express, Uplift Education, Education is Freedom, just to mention a few. He also recently partnered with Mary Jalonick to form the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which supports veterans, education, healthcare, as well as some civic societies. His philanthropic proceeds only prove that he is interested in securing a bright future for all Dallas residents.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Shaping the Future of Grupo Televisa

     Over the past decade, the media industry in Mexico has undergone a massive transformation. In the past, most of the media companies present in the country were barred from speaking or showing what they feel. They had to be pro-government, and there was no freedom of speech, at least from the inside. Whether it was television or radio, there was little to hold the viewers to the content. Then, some of the companies revolted against the ban and the government gave more freedom to them to choose their content and to conduct an in-depth investigation on different matters. One of the companies that adopted it quickly was Grupo Televisa. Today, it is one of the top media companies in Mexico along with others like TV Azteca and others. They offer a broad range of programs like news, game shows, reality shows, soap operas and much more that the audience likes to see.

Grupo Televisa is one of the most profitable media companies in Mexico. With a total value of $15.6 million, the company has managed to sail through tough times. The current CFO of the company is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, who is responsible for the transformation that the company has seen since its inception. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has more than 25 years of first-hand experience working in the industry. He understands that for a company to survive in this fast paced industry, they had to bring fresh content to the viewers that they would be willing to see.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has a reputation for being the most deserving candidate for the CFO position and has managed to make the company profitable in a matter of months. All of the decisions that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero makes is made after careful consideration and keeping the risk factor in mind. This has worked immensely great for the company so far.