The Story Of The CEO Of The OSI Group

Maybe you’ve never heard of the OSI Group, but you’ve certainly tasted it. The OSI Group is a large corporation that focuses in delivering top quality processed food to restaurants, food companies and brands all over the world. They are certainly one of the biggest providers of beef, pork, eggs, and many other products. Learn More.

They have the urge to always innovate in their culinary, it’s part of their philosophy. The Group is under the leadership of the CEO Sheldon Lavin, also the Chairman of the board of members of the company.

Much like the owner and founder of the company, David McDonald, Sheldon Lavin entered the business with very little culinary capacity, but both entrepreneurs share a common skill: A keen eye to make great decisions, and an exceptional leadership. However, Lavin does have a backstory with the food industry, having served in a position as the financial manager of Otto & Sons, a company provider of meat.

OSI Group is commonly known as the meat supplier for many fast food companies around the world, especially China, like Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

They have received awards for management of health and safety risks as well as environmental management, and Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is constantly pulling the company upwards and innovating new ideas for the company to provide exactly what the customers seem to want from the market. Sheldon Lavin Receives 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP.

Bacon, beef, pizza, pork, poultry, vegetables, eggs, there are many items in the menu of what restaurants can order directly from the group. It’s simple, practice, everything comes from the same team and its security guaranteed and quality certified.

Sheldon Lavin has over 43 years of expertise and experience as an investor in businesses and especially in the banking industry. The man saw the potential in Daniel’s company and decided to join the team as CEO and Chairman. Contact with Sheldon .

The group is larger than you might think, with more than 20,000 professionals working in OSI Group offices all around the world. The brand quickly spread its routs in different countries in distinct continents under the fast decision making of David. Countries that OSI has spread to and is making a big impact are China, Philippines, Japan, India, Brazil, among others. for more .