Why End Citizens United Is Still A Goal Many People Want To Achieve

After the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the case that involved End Citizens United group against F.E.C, many things have taken place in the U.S especially during electioneering period than any other time in the history of the U.S. The case that was before the jury was not an easy one. The jury was supposed to decide whether it is lawful for candidates, special interest groups or political parties to spend an unlimited amount of money during political campaigns.

In other words, those who were for the case argued that nobody should stop anybody from spending. Anybody can spend the way they want in an election. Political groups, as well as their candidates, can spend as much as they want without question. It is on this idea that End Citizens United group was formed on March 1, 2015. When coming up with the group, three years ago, the founders said that they were committed to ending the limitless expenditure. They said that candidates, special interest groups, and political parties must be stopped from spending a lot during elections.

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To achieve their goal, End Citizens United started to lobby their members to contribute. They continue to contribute to date. Speaking during the launch in 2015, Richard Carbo, End Citizens United’s Communications Director said that as long as the members are willing to contribute, they will raise whatever needed amount to put their pro-reform leaders in positions of governance.

True to Richard’s words, by August 2015, five months after forming the group, End Citizens United had collected $2 million. “This money is a donation from well-wishers and is going to support our noble course in a large way. We are seeking to raise this money to hit $25 million or even $30 million. Much is dependent on how our members are willing to donate,” Richard said.

Since its formation three years ago, this organization has continued to show political goodwill to candidates who share their ideas. The group backs pro-reform Democrats, something that does auger well with Republicans who say that End Citizens United is spending lots of money on candidates to entice the electorate.

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End Citizens United Sees Big Things Ahead

End Citizens United has managed to make a name for itself by fighting big money in politics with the hopes that people would finally be able to decide what should happen when their politicians make choices. If the recent special elections have shown us anything, it’s that people are tired of what they’ve seen over the last two years and they want to elect new leadership.

End Citizens United is a PAC designed to help people finally have a voice in how things are going to happen within their particular neck of the woods.

You have to understand the history of Citizens United in order to understand why the work of this PAC is so important. It’s the Supreme Court decision that led to the rise of corporate campaign donations being treated as if they were in fact free speech. This has led to the idea that corporations are in fact people in the sense that they have constitutional rights. There are serious consequences to allowing this to go on. There is a need to make sure we see the rights of the voters and their interest prevail. Fortunately, these midterm elections seem to be showing just that at work.

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We won’t know for sure how things will go until we actually see them happen. The elections are going to be a time of serious hopes for Democrats and those who want to see an end to corporate influence in politics. Hopefully, voters are able to make it to the polls and have their voices heard. Doug Jones and Conor Lamb have already proven what we need to know about how people currently feel. Now, we just need to see it actually come to life in order for us to get a proper assessment.

You can’t help but look at the 2018 elections and see promising opportunities for Democrats. The upcoming elections all share the common thread of Americans wanting to take the country back and realize that they are the ones who have the final say in what goes on in the politics of their country. The recent election of Donald Trump has led many to be disappointed with the way that politics in this country is headed. With the hope of replacing GOP figures with those that can be relied upon their is hope that we can finally have the interests of the people served rather than corporations.

End Citizens United was created to get big money out of politics. They have more than 3 million members all over the country. They endorsed politicians that will support their idea of campaign finance reform.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

End Citizens United Mobilizes Outreach to Shine Light on GOP Tax Bill Scam

There has been a remarkable shift in the way that the United States government goes about performing its duties in light of the 2016 Presidential election. The rise of Donald Trump and the corresponding power grab by the GOP has been catastrophic for America’s middle tax as well as the general standing of the country on a global scale. Recently, the GOP has been dominating the headlines with their concerted push to get the GOP Tax Bill into law, despite the overwhelmingly unpopular state of the thing. The vast majority of American voters uniquely dislike the GOP Tax Bill, and for good reason. By passing the bill millions of children will be thrown off of the CHIP insurance program while millionaires and billionaires are simultaneously granted a windfall of tax reduction benefits. There are many groups raising their voices to point out how flawed this bill is and one of those groups is End Citizens United.

End Citizens United was established years ago in order to fight against the proliferation of dark money and special interests within the United States government. End Citizens United got their name off of the Supreme Court ruling in relation to the right-wing propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court that corporations were people and that their donations should be considered an extension of their personhood. This was a transparent and insulting attempt to give corporations buying power in Washington D.C and it stood in stark contrast to the millions of American voters whose voices will be silenced by these mega-corporations. The GOP Tax Bill is a continuation of the right-wing attack on American voters and for that reason, End Citizens United got involved right away.

Every year End Citizens United will compile a Big Money 20 list that showcases all of the big spenders who are paying to get legislation through the government. On the Big Money 20 list, 17 companies spent more than $11 million in order to help push the GOP Tax Scam through and into law. The reason for their expenditures should be transparent and obvious: they get something back in return. While the majority of Americans will see their taxes raised or their insurance stripped, these mega-donors will be given a gift of millions and millions of dollars.

Tiffany Muller is the president at End Citizens United and she released a statement that absolutely tore apart the recently passed GOP Tax Bill. Muller said in her statement, “Just in time for the holidays, Republicans have delivered a gift-wrapped bill to their mega-donors.” This bill will fundamentally attack every-day American citizens while giving gifts to the top 1% in the country. Muller and End Citizens United are doing their part to raise awareness so that change can be brought to Washington D.C.

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End Citizens United Sets Sights On Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United has been tasked with the unenviable job of trying to take back the United States government from the greedy and prying hands of special interests and corporate donors. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is being led by Tiffany Muller.

Their goal is to raise enough grassroots funding in order to help elect legislators who are willing to stand by campaign finance reform. The mess that the United States is in as a country can be dated back to the decisions made by the conservative group Citizens United, led by James Bopp. Let’s look at how history has been shaped by one party’s commitment to upending the value of American democracy.

James Bopp is a lawyer who has made it his mission in life to attack the very foundations upon which the United States government is built. Bopp leads the conservative group Citizens United and for the past decade he has been in charge of attacking the value of the American vote in as subtle a way as possible. His first assault began in 2010 when Bopp approached the Supreme Court in order to make the insane argument that corporations should be considered people and that corporate donations should be considered an extension of their free speech. Bopp’s argument seized upon decades old legislation in order to pass the sniff test before ultimately being accepted by the Supreme Court.

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We can track the degradation of the United States’ political discourse in a direct line from the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Unfortunately many individuals on the right wing of America’s politics are in favor of having corporations take control of the government. Still, that doesn’t mean that everybody is sitting idly by. That is where End Citizens United comes into play and why Tiffany Muller’s work is so important to the future of America.

End Citizens United seeks to take power out of the hands of the corporate lobbyists who put millions of dollars to work every year swaying politicians. The goal of End Citizens United is to make the government once again work for the American people rather than the American corporation. End Citizens United is doing that by working directly with small time donors and grassroots activists who are willing to put in the work needed to fundraiser and make a change. Over the past three months End Citizens United has raised nearly $4 million in donations from 100,000 donors. The average donation amount is just $12 per person. Of these donors nearly 40% of them are donating for the first time, meaning that they are ready and willing to strike back against the destructive regime that Donald Trump has adopted in the White House.

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