Dr. Walden Comes Right Back To Her Hometown

Home is home. Home is also many things including family, love and the chance to be part of a community. This is what Dr. Jennifer Walden found out. After leaving Austin to get medical training so she could hone her craft and expand her ability to provide excellent care for her patients, she’s happily come right back home. As she tells readers in an interview for Austin MD Magazine, she wants to be where she knows she can be of service to her many devoted patients. That place is here in Austin where she is part of a large and loving family. She has come back so she start a highly successful medical practice and be there for her twin boys at the same time.

A Firm Medical Grounding

Growing up, she always knew that medicine was just right for her. Medicine was a part of her life from an early age. Her family members have many members of the medical profession, providing her with plenty of role models to emulate and admire. As she started to think about the kind of education that would be right for her, she quickly realized that being a doctor would be her chosen area of expertise. To that end, she graduated with a major in biology and then entered medical school. At medical school she realized that her personal passion was in plastics. This field is one in which doctors can really help their patients.

Right Back Home

While completing her education in the north, she yearned to come home. This is why she has returned. Her roots here and so is her heart. Dr. Walden has chosen to start a medical practice in the Austin area. Many of her patients are delighted to have such a highly skilled medical professional right in their own city. She loves being part of this vibrant city and hopes to continue to serve the needs of patients in the entire Austin region.

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