Why Young Women Love Evolution Of Smooth

The Social Media Generation

Evolution of Smooth is one of the first brands to target the Millennial generation specifically. Created in 2007 it has given Millennials a brand to call their own in the lip balm market. The lip balm market isn’t considered an especially good place to try to start business, but EOS saw an opening and decided to take it. Now, the brand is worth hundreds of millions and is one of the most popular brands among young women today.

Celebrities Show Their Love

The key to the success of EOS is the love that celebrities routinely show the brand. You can find plenty of selfies all over the internet displaying the love that so many have for this brand. There simply isn’t anything like it. Additionally, the product is frequently found in the music videos of top musicians such as Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. That kind of exposure is certain to bring crowds of young women towards any brand. EOS was smart enough to take this success and run with it. You can now find EOS lotion and EOS shaving creams available on Walmart and Amazon for purchase today.

Evolution Of Smooth Branches Out

Evolution of Smooth is more than just lip balm today. You can now find EOS lip balm products in a variety of personal care markets. This branching out is giving the brand a chance to reach new audiences and extend the loyalty of their previous audience. When Evolution of Smooth entered the market so many people believed it was too much of a risk to take. They were warned that people were not willing to switch to another brand of lip balm. Now people are wondering how they can emulate the success of Evolution of Smooth and how they can reach these audiences as well. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html