Be Proactive in Protecting Your Reputation

When an entrepreneur works hard to build a credible and reputable business, false and misleading information about that business can be damaging to both the business and to the entrepreneur, to say the least. The author of the article that can be found at has faced just that situation, and he wants to share what he has learned with other entrepreneurs and business people who may find themselves in that very situation. The author warns that jealousy and envy are among the emotions that may spur people on to circulate misleading information about someone else’s business. He states that because most business people are honest and hardworking that they often operate under the assumption that everyone else is honest and hardworking, but he warns that is not always the case.  In addition, he acknowledges the precarious situation in which the entrepreneur finds himself or herself because the line between being assertive and protecting one’s reputation and being confrontational and damaging one’s reputation can often be easy to cross.

The five tips that the author provides are “Don’t get into the mud with those attacking you, assure your loyal customers that business will continue as usual, counteract what is being said by offering extra value, reach out for support, and stay focused on your why.” The author elaborates on each tip so that the entrepreneur can implement each one to fit into his or her own situation. To read the article in its entirety, visit