Rocketship Education Looks to Gain Balanced Evaluation

Charter schools have been both admired and defended by a number of educators and parents over the last several years. These charter schools have been able to provide a quality education to students with disadvantaged backgrounds. One of these charter schools is Rocketship Education. A number of sources in the education sector have provided a lot of insight into the charter school network and how it operates. This insight is new and important because it reveals things that were never previously reported.

While Rocketship Education does not have a large multi story building, it makes up for it in quality of education, a competent faculty and its ability to provide valuable outreach to students who are unable to get an education anywhere else. However, Rocketship Educaiton is not without critics. The school network has been given an unfair and unbalanced assessment by the NPR. According to the NPR, Rocketship Education engages in a number of practices that are counterproductive among educational institutions. The NPR reported that the school has rigid discipline policies, rituals and very long hours for faculty and administrators. However, Rocketship Education has looked to prove this report to be false. Follow this link to see this unbalanced assessment

In an effort to prove that it is a legitimate and reputable educational institution, Rocketship Education has stated that the negative aspects of its school are common at other charter schools as well. Therefore, this charter school is not any different than others of its kind. By being able to prove that it has policies that are similar to other charter schools, Rocketship Education has been able to discredit the negative reports made by the NPR. With the reports being discredited, Rocketship Education has been able to convince members of the community that it is a trustworthy network of schools.

One of the ways in which Rocketship Education has been able to establish itself as a reputable educational institution is by making itself among the most technologically innovative and parent friendly schools in the nation. During the past few years, the charter school network has been able to introduce technology that is comparable to what public and private schools offer to students. As well as being technologically advanced, Rocketship has also gained the respect and praise from parents. Many parents of the charter schools’ students have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of education that the school has provided to their children. These two aspects of the charter school have proven that it is among the top educational institutions in the nation.

Benefits of Using the Rocketship Education System

Rocketship education was founded back in 2007 and has since grown to be one of the leading charter school systems throughout the country. They are based in California and provide a wide range of Charter School options for low-income families throughout the state. This makes it easy for parents to finally get their children a good education without spending a small fortune on private schooling. Charter schools are totally free of any type of tuition, so they make an ideal option for low-income families or families who are on a very tight budget.

One of the best things about utilizing Rocketship education is the fact that it makes it easy for your child to be matched with a high-quality Charter School in the California area. This makes it effortless for your child to get a superior quality education that is unmatched when it comes to going to a local public school. The schools are totally funded by the federal government, so you do not have to worry about ever being billed or sent a statement in order to send your children there to get their schooling done.

Rocketship education has an incredibly large assortment of charter schools available to people who are interested in sending their children for better quality education. If you have never heard of Rocketship education before, make sure to visit their website and learn as much as possible about this amazing program and to see if it can be beneficial to you and your family as well. The moment you make the decision to send your kids to a better quality school to improve their education, you are doing something that is going to improve their entire Futures as well as their future careers. Rocketship education makes it effortless to find a great quality charter school program in the area that is going to fit your needs as a family working together. It is totally free for you to send your children to one of these charter schools, so be sure to look at the wide range of options available to you so that you know you are choosing the right one for your kids that is going to be a perfect match.