Jeremy Goldstein Hosts a Wine Dinner as a Way of Issuing His Support to the Fountain House

As a philanthropist, your primary duty is to empower the community. There are various ways in which you may improve the society. For starters, you may partner with a non-profit organization. Since such organizations rely on funds from donors, your monetary donation may come in handy. In this context, Jeremy Goldstein will serve as the primary character.

As a prominent lawyer, he has been using his influence and financial ability to empower various not-for-profit organizations. Since he supports the Fountain House Foundation, he was able to set up a wine dinner that was meant to ensure that the organization receives donations from other philanthropists across the nation. By working with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, he was able to ensure that the wine dinner was a success.

The Fountain House is an organization that is geared towards helping out the mentally disabled men and women in the society. Jeremy Goldstein saw that this is a good cause and that is why he became a part of the organization’s leadership.

The World Health Organization has noted that there has been a rise in the number of mentally ill individuals in the society. Since there is a lot of stigmatization in the society towards mentally ill people, the Fountain House has been striving to make a change within the community and global level.

Individuals who are mentally ill face various issues such as failing to complete their studies as well as the inability to manage their finances or personal relationships. Despite the presence of such issues, the Fountain House has a sole mission to better the lives of these individuals.

Stigmatization has been present since time immemorial. To ensure that mentally disabled individuals had access to the help that they needed, the Fountain House was established in 1944. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | American Conference

The people who formed the non-profit organization were all patients from the Rockland State Hospital. For starters, they named their organization into “We Are Not Alone.” The message depicted from the organization’s name spoke volumes, and it inspired many people.

After acquiring a building in New York, the organization underwent some re-branding, and since then they go by the name Fountain House. Thanks to the Fountain House, mentally ill people have access to opportunities that enable them to learn, live, and work.

The organization’s board of directors consists of Jeremy Goldstein among other like-minded individuals. Over the years, the Fountain house has improved the lives of the people through the development of mental health programs as well as the presence of innovative programs.

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