Clay Hutson’s Success in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is known for his expertise in the music industry. His business offers a wide array of services to event organizers and musicians. After studying theater design in college, Hutson worked with many companies that dealt with the live music industry. He held various job positions including project management and sound engineering. Eventually, Clayton Hutson had honed the necessary experience, and he felt that he had what it takes to launch and run his own entertainment production company successfully. Clayton Hutson deals with the rock music genre. He has managed live tours for bands such as Guns’n’Roses, Pink, Garbage, and Kid Rock.

Clay Hutson Talks about the Establishment of His Entertainment Production Company

After working for multiple corporations over the years, Clayton Hutson felt that he had garnered the necessary experience to launch and run his own company successfully. By taking the significant risks, Clayton Hutson is now a successful entrepreneur, and he has carved a positive reputation for himself in the music industry. When working with artists such as Kid Rock, Clayton Hutson is majorly tasked with handling the stage management by engaging in activities such as running the floor during the whole event.

Being Productive

Clayton Hutson’s day starts at 6:30 AM. He is always the first person to arrive at the venue. He goes through his working schedule and comes up with a plan on how he will accomplish the day’s activities. Hutson makes sure his day is productive by ensuring that everything is properly-handled before the show begins. He also ensures everyone in his team is conversant with what they are supposed to do after the show is over.


In the music industry, client satisfaction comes first, which is why Clayton Hutson carries out extensive research on technological advancements in the music industry. For instance, moving lights have incurred various improvements. They are also lighter hence they can easily be moved from one place to another. Clayton Hutson is also intrigued by the performance of artists like Lady Gaga and Pink. Although the audience is there for the music, the live performance should also be lively. Lady Gaga ensures that she has incorporated some acrobatics during the performance as a way of entertaining her audience.

Desiree Perez gives her Services to Tidal

Many people who have worked with Desiree Perez know the lady as a strong negotiator. Many have been heard describing her as a strong-willed woman who will always ensure that he can get what he wants in life. Because of her excellent services, many young musicians have seen many developments because she has helped and mentored many artists including Jay-Z. With the helped of Desiree, Jay-Z has worked hard to get to the top of the industry. He is probably the best rapper who has made lucrative amount from the business. Jay-Z has achieved such success because of working with someone who is good at decision making and who knows the way to go when it comes to the signing of deals.  Based on

Now, Desiree is helping Jay-Z to make a transition from the rap world to music streaming world. Music streaming is a business that requires a careful examination and strong leadership. If the firm succeeds, there is a probability of making real money, and Jay-Z is heading in that direction. His company has started to attract fans, and that translates to incomes. Remember that if your enterprise does not succeed in attracting fans, you can be forced to get to your pocket to pay the artists with your money. Tidal is a company that is among the best companies that pay musicians some lucrative amounts. That is why some talented musicians such as Kanye West, T.I and Rihanna can showcase their music with Tidal.

It is true that Desiree Perez is the best in that leadership position. She is a hard working lady who has led many successful deals. She has helped Beyoncé to land a deal and Rihanna too. With the leadership of Desiree, Tidal will recover and even beat other companies that have been in the industry. Many people have already started signing up as trial users, and this is attributed to the leadership of Desiree because she knows how to lure customers.