Victoria Doramus – Experience and Talent Keeps Her at the Top of Her Game

Victoria Doramus is a marketing specialist who keeps her eyes centered on the trends of the day. She is a professional with a lot of experience in branding, lifestyle content, workplace leadership, building teams, and fashion and design. She stands out from the competition because she does her homework. She is adept at conducting research, identifying trends, and applying creative solutions that deliver expected results. She gets the job done.

Her entire work history is one of creativity and applied marketing applications that have enabled her to cultivate her insights and abilities to solve problems. Currently, she applies her innovative talents to benefit charities to help them make the world a better place. Experience matters. It can be the fuel that drives change in any endeavor.

Victoria Doramus has a long history in the world of communications and creative media. Her creative roles have include industry networking, content and copy creation, spearheading creative campaigns, market analysis, and much more. This type of experience has enabled her to gain the necessary practical skills to become an expert at managing projects and recruiting talent. After graduating from college, Doramus became an assistant media planner at Mindshare. Among her many talents is the ability to handle logistical and financial matters. She started out on the fast track and has never looked back.

As a creative consultant, Victoria Doramus gained experience working for brands like J Crew and Stila Cosmetics. She worked at Stila Cosmetics for several years and developed additional skills as a creative director. Victoria Doramus also contributes her writing skills to the industry at large. She contributed heavily to Trendcentral which offers insights into the latest lifestyle trends. She also offered her writing talents to the Casandra Report. Victoria Doramus is continually in motion. She keeps herself in the know and remains at the top of her game.