Philanthropic Work Of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a skilled market trend expert with an understanding of the trends in the international market and consumer retail. She has an extensive history working in the media industry. These include experiences in creative work with the Creative Arts Agency, Mindshare, Trendera and Stila Cosmetics. Doramus also served as Peter Berg’s personal assistant. After a long struggle with addiction, she recovered and now concentrates on charities.

Victoria Doramus supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation focuses on wiping out stigma around the youths and enlighten them on addiction. In England, more than 230,000 pupils in 250 educational facilities have gotten specialized training offered by the foundation’s qualified volunteers.

Furthermore, she assists and serves the Women’s Prison Association. The association fights for women and represents more than 4,000 women in the city jails and prisons in New York. These are always the poor black women who get arrested for property crimes or drugs. Additionally, the organization promotes other courses of actions rather than imprisonment. It also assists women to evade arrest by creating constructive changes in their lives before it gets too late. Doramus works with this organization to offer support to the ladies, and be their resource as they arrange for their freedom.

Victoria Doramus also works with the Room to Read. Room to Read is an international organization that transforms the lives of kids in low-income countries. Transformation is done through literacy and education on gender equality. The organization began in 2000. It has benefited many communities mostly in Cambodia, Tanzania, Jordan, India and Nepal.

Aside from helping people, Doramus also helps animals. She works with the Best Friends Animal Society a non-profit organization. The organization began in the 1980s when American shelters executed cats and dogs to manage the unwanted pets. The organization tries to terminate the killing of animals in American shelters. It creates programs for the community and collaborates with the residents to stop the executions. Doramus believes that the animals will be saved by collaboration. The organization also provides a new sanctuary for pets that do not get a new home.

How Mullen Lowe Got It’s Name

When it comes to successful businesses, it is common for them to go global. After all, they have to gain more income and even offer their benefits and services to a multitude of people throughout the globe. Among the companies that have gone global is Mullen Lowe. However, Mullen Lowe was not always known as it’s current name. There is another name that it went by. It was called Borghi/Lowe. This company was named after Jose Borghi, who is the CEO of the company and is very passionate about advertising. His efforts at advertising have turned out to be such a success that it has grown the company to have a global presence.

The globalization and name change has resulted when the U.S. agency named Mullen has united with the global network known as Lowe. It has also connected with Jose Borghi so that he can expand his business to other countries. Therefore, he has the chance to showcase his skills and creativity to many other companies. The global nature of the company makes it so other companies from all industries and all levels of success are going to be able to benefit from the advertising work that Mullen Lowe puts in. Mullen Lowe Brasil on facebook .

One of the most important aspects of the advertising agency is that the professional marketers look at their ads from the perspective of the customer. They try to think like a customer who sees this ad for the first time. They take the time to imagine the reactions and how it would feel to watch the ad. Afterward, they will be able to determine which part is strong and which part needs improvement. They could also do surveys for people so that they will know what the audience will respond to when it comes to advertising for the company.

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