A look at Jana Messerschmidt’s Career Profile

Jana Messerschmidt is one of the high-achieving investing partners at Lightspeed ventures, and she is an instrumental figure at tasked with overseeing the firm’s operations and programs. Jana is a proactive solution-oriented individual; hence her nickname Jana Lightspeed. Her time at Lightspeed Ventures has seen the firm establish itself as a market leader in the venture capital space.

Lightspeed ventures is an investment and venture capital firm that was established in 2000. The company’s primary objective has been to offer financial services to its clients that mainly consist of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. It is, however, worth noting that Lightspeed Ventures gives priority to startups and enterprises that are in the early stages of investment. Most of the firm’s investments are in the technology market or consumer space.

Jana has held various top positions before becoming a partner at Lightspeed Ventures. Some of Jana’s most recognized works were during her time at Netflix and Twitter. While working at Twitter, Jana held the position of Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. Using this position, Jana was able to build relationships with various companies in both the local and foreign market.

Shortly after exiting Twitter, Jana Messerschmidt landed a job at one of the world’s most famous companies “Netflix” which is an American entertainment company. Jana was the Director of Business Management at Netflix. Her experience and expertise in building long-standing relationships at Twitter played a significant role in her success at Netflix.

Jana’s invaluable interpersonal skills, her knowledge in the business world and her long experience in the business sector contributed to her success in forming numerous partnership deals with upcoming and established firms in the consumer electronics industry and the mobile sector earning her the name Jana Lightspeed. Besides Twitter, Netflix, and Lightspeed Ventures, Jana Messerschmidt is also the face behind the success of firms such as DivX and AT&T.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada impact and influence on business

Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds a senior executive position at L’Oreal Product Division. At the age of 40, he was the manager of DMI making him the youngest to ever be in that position. He has worked 15 years for L’Oreal and Garnier brands making him skillful. He is a creative individual who has the ability to run the firm globally. Popularly he is known in the firm for motivating team growth and enhancing different skills that lead Matrix brand to prosper.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada was born in Venezuela, stayed in the U.S for a decade, and then left for Paris at the age of 16. He has always had an interest in photography from a tender age. During his teenage period, he applied for the AFS-USA, a program that provided different cultural studies. He pursued international business at the University of Paris to gain more knowledge and prosperity. The reason for pursuing this course was because of his regular travel and also his admiration to succeed in business. His occupation at L’Oreal initiated after completing his MBA from ESSEC Business School.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that the beauty of everything can be displayed through photography. He likes to bring his concepts into reality through photographs. A lot of his motivation comes from photos and art fairs. In the business sector, he finds inspiration by communicating with top-notch entrepreneurs that assist him in innovative development. Social media is a marketing tool that interests him, he uses Instagram. The approach he uses to be productive is by balancing the work and life activities. Encouragement is an essential attribute that you need to maintain in overcoming challenges.

L’Oreal has stood by him to ensure he performs his charitable projects in the community. Moreover, he is operating with the International Rescue Committee to enlarge business studies and chance in the beauty sector for refugees worldwide. Dan Bethelmy-Rada outlines that the young generation should have a focused ambition in everything. In order to be successful, he suggests that you should maintain a severe timetable and always expand your boundaries.

Philanthropic Work Of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a skilled market trend expert with an understanding of the trends in the international market and consumer retail. She has an extensive history working in the media industry. These include experiences in creative work with the Creative Arts Agency, Mindshare, Trendera and Stila Cosmetics. Doramus also served as Peter Berg’s personal assistant. After a long struggle with addiction, she recovered and now concentrates on charities.

Victoria Doramus supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation focuses on wiping out stigma around the youths and enlighten them on addiction. In England, more than 230,000 pupils in 250 educational facilities have gotten specialized training offered by the foundation’s qualified volunteers.

Furthermore, she assists and serves the Women’s Prison Association. The association fights for women and represents more than 4,000 women in the city jails and prisons in New York. These are always the poor black women who get arrested for property crimes or drugs. Additionally, the organization promotes other courses of actions rather than imprisonment. It also assists women to evade arrest by creating constructive changes in their lives before it gets too late. Doramus works with this organization to offer support to the ladies, and be their resource as they arrange for their freedom.

Victoria Doramus also works with the Room to Read. Room to Read is an international organization that transforms the lives of kids in low-income countries. Transformation is done through literacy and education on gender equality. The organization began in 2000. It has benefited many communities mostly in Cambodia, Tanzania, Jordan, India and Nepal.

Aside from helping people, Doramus also helps animals. She works with the Best Friends Animal Society a non-profit organization. The organization began in the 1980s when American shelters executed cats and dogs to manage the unwanted pets. The organization tries to terminate the killing of animals in American shelters. It creates programs for the community and collaborates with the residents to stop the executions. Doramus believes that the animals will be saved by collaboration. The organization also provides a new sanctuary for pets that do not get a new home.

4 Economic Predictions by Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar recently went on to Twitter with a variety of economic predictions. Everyone knew it was going to be big when he identified that he saw some financial storms brewing. He sent out 50 tweets, numbering them all.

The Market Will Drop

Shervin Pishevar got everyone’s attention when the first tweet commented about how he thought there may be a 6000 point drop in aggregate over the next several months. He went on to explain that the market gave up all gains for 2018 and they will likely give up the gains from 2017 as well.

Bitcoin Will Lose Value

Shervin Pishevar decided to talk about cryptocurrency. He believes that bitcoin will lose value over the next 12 months and then slowly gain in value. Once it starts to gain, it will become more stable.

Monopolies Will Rule

Another thing that Shervin Pishevar predicted is that monopolies will rule. Much of this has to do with five US monopolies in place: Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. They’re more powerful than Ma Bell and until the US government does something about them, they will start to destroy startups one after another.

We’re Closer to a Global Economy

With cryptocurrency and monopolies building, middlemen will become irrelevant. When that happens, we will be one step closer to a global economy. This could actually make it better for everyone, though it depends on how the companies form. Many US companies, as Shervin Pishevar explains, are too focused on the short-term and their infrastructures are weak.

With these predictions via Twitter, thousands of people are now commenting on what they expect to happen throughout 2018. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar’s predictions have already started to become a reality, particularly within the stock markets.


White Shark Media Reviews

The internet is not a stable business environment, and this is because of the way in which the Internet works changes all the time. There are systemic changes like what happens to the internet after the net neutrality repeal. There are changes that can also come by way of how the search engines change and evolve that vastly affects what people see when they log on to the internet, and they also issue directives that people have to follow if they are to be successful in business online.

However, this is not the way the internet is billed by its controlling entities. It is designed to look as if everything occurs organically. Because of this, people may enter this business with their eyes wide shut as to what is actually required to even attain a base level of sustainable success. Very few businesses or business interests that are successful online occur organically. When a business or product does actually beat the odds and becomes organically successful overnight, this type of rare success is touted like it is the norm, and it is not. In reality, there are so many variables and change within the internet marketplace that it requires professionals to market.

Contrary to popular belief, the internet is a form of media, and like any business looking to utilize the media as a source to reach consumers, the internet requires marketing in order to become successful. People would not dare entrust their business to amateurs when considering using radio or television to market their wares, and they should not do so with the web. For my business marketing and internet needs, I utilize White Shark Media. They cover every angle and have proven results. Their knowledge and certified proficiency in search engine optimization and marketing makes the difference in the competitive online space for me.