Jed McCaleb and the Launch of

If you’re not already familiar with Jed McCaleb, he is a programmer, entrepreneur, and the Co-founder of, an online platform connecting payment systems, banks, and people under the auspices of moving money quickly and reliably. Of course, McCaleb’s role with Stellar is not particularly surprising; according to the company’s website,, McCaleb is a tremendous proponent of using technology to improve efficiency, which is precisely what is doing in the financial sector.

To further contextualize Stellar’s business model, it is a payment network created by McCaleb and business partner Joyce Kim, in 2014. The company prides themselves on their ability to streamline the transfer of funds via an open-source protocol, comprising of sophisticated network servers and Internet connectivity.

What makes stellar different than other payment networks? It’s one of the first, if not the only, payment network that facilitates multi-currency transactions, which according to the company’s website, is accomplished by using Lumens (XLM), a crypto-asset. also offers unprecedented tracking capabilities, offering a level of transparency not commonly seen on other payment platforms.

As far as McCaleb’s background is concerned, he began his entrepreneurial career, in 2000 with the launch of MetaMachine, a company predicated on providing business management services. In 2007, McCaleb had his sights set on expanding his entrepreneurial horizon by launching Code Collective, a software development company best known for programming and designing “The Far Wilds,” an innovative turn-based strategy game.

In 2011, Jed McCaleb turned his attention to finance, launching, in 2011, a currency exchange, remittance network, and gross settlement system. In fact, it was most likely Ripple that served as the inspiration for Much like Stellar, Ripple operated as an open-source payment system, connecting payment providers, banks, and facilitating digital asset exchanges. According to, in 2015, McCaleb took on an advisory role with Machine Intelligence Research Institute, based in California. The institute is a nonprofit that seeks to expand on AI technology.

In 2014, McCaleb Co-founded with hopes of improving upon outdated infrastructure commonly found in the financial industry., from its inception, worked to streamline transactions amongst bankers and others involved in the finance industry through the use of technology.

Chris Burch the Fashionable Icon Picks a Remote Exotic Indonesian Island as the Location of a Paradise Resort

Choosing a remote Indonesian island as its location, Chris Burch the fashion icon and mogul has built what seems to many holiday makers, the best resort in the world. He has his vision set on entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry after being the CEO and Co-founder of a series of retail outlets with an international outlook. Apart from investing in many popular retail brands, this flamboyant and charming personality owns well-known businesses like Troy Burch and C. Wonder. In this venture, he has partnered with another famous hotelier called James McBride to renovate and modernize a beach hostel which now ranks with the best holiday destinations in the world.  Related article on

They have renamed the hostel by calling it Nihiwatu after spending over $30 million in giving the place a facelift, as they modestly refer to the ambitious undertaking. With reference to, In the category of the best hotel in the world 2016, Travel + Leisure gave this paradisiacal island resort to honors. It is now a recognized five star home for the wealthy. In 2015 when he was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler, Burch said he purchased it as a special gift for his children because he hoped the pristine island is something he wished to preserve so that he could give it back to the rightful owners – the local community. It is a beautiful place where people can do things they seldom dream of doing because of the tranquility found in the island. Hit on, to read more about the subject.

Some of its remarkable features are the location for a spa under a waterfall, having a personal attendant and butler in the room, and visiting places where very few people have ever been to in the past. The venture has succeeded beyond their expectations. The Wall Street Journal reports that Burch divides his time between the Indonesian Resort, the Hamptons, and Miami. In the resort, there are 27 private villas, and a private home called Raja Mendaka which is Burch’s. The home is in an opulent setting with four villas each with a private pool, and the main house. It is nicknamed the “Edge of Wilderness. The two-story tree houses and other exotic architectural designs make it a heaven on earth. It is a surfer’s paradise, but not more than ten guests are allowed into the water at the same time. Last year, over 1.7 tourists visited the resort.  Try clicking this for an interesting read.

Chris Burch is the founder and President of Burch Creative Capital, a company that has large investment portfolios; it is a testimony of values and visions for new entrepreneurs who target new market opportunities.   He has a passion for bringing positive impact on clients’ lives by instilling creativity, imagination, scaling, incubation and support leading to vertical growth. In a long career spanning 40 years, he has propelled over 50 companies to success. He has an intuitive perception on the behavior of consumers which combined with experience in sourcing talent, and innovation makes him a powerful businessman.  Learn his recent timeline activities and more, head over to this.

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