Chris Linkas Helping Young Investors

Chris Linkas has held the position of the European head of credit since November 2012. The corporation offers principal investments to people in the UK. Most of these are young people looking to invest for a better future. Chris Linkas is the head of a 20-people European Credit Group that is set on helping people better their lives through investments in the UK-Euro regions. He specifically deals in commercial real estate, renewables, non-performing loans, shipping, performing asset-supported investments, leases, and corporate loans, among other investment services (

There are many benefits that come with investing at an early age including:


Although money might be tight for most young people, they have something else in abundance- time. An investment requires reinvesting your earnings and dedicating time to the business. For example, if you invested $10,000 at the age of 20, you would expect your money to have grown up to $70,000 by the time you hit 60. This is if you base your interest rate at 5%. Chris Linkas understands that the youth might not have enough money to make a worthy investment, and that is why his firm grants them non-performing and corporate loans. These are meant to help them build their empires with all the time they have on their hands.

Learn by Doing

A young investor is more flexible and has time to learn from failures and successes of an investment. Investing requires extensive learning and thus, ideal for young people who have years of studying and sharpening their skills and strategies. The fact that they have time to recover from failures means they are best suited for making investments early in their lives. One such investment area is in real estate, which Chris Linkas helps by providing people with Credit and Rental Estate Funding and leases.

Take on More Risks

The amount of risk an investor can take depends on their age. This is because a young person who is still learning the ropes is willing to risk more than an older person. The reason is that a young investor has many years ahead to learn and polish their skill whereas an old individual is looking forward to having a nice retirement time.

A Closer Look At What Venture Capitalist Chris Burch Has Done

Christopher Burch, better known as Chris Burch is one of the most prolific venture capital investors today. Burch certainly is no stranger to the ins and outs of finding startups still in their incubation stages and turning them into good profitable companies. But while you may not see as many huge pharmaceutical or oil drilling companies in his portfolio like investors such as Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn, Burch is still making a good name for himself. It’s Burch who’s taken up seeding for talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ ED enterprise for ecommerce in fashion and household items. Not long ago he sat down to talk to Ideamensch about some of his investments.

Chris Burch told the authors of Ideamensch that he had gotten the Idea for Burch Creative Capital from reminiscing on his own time in the fashion retail industry and decided he wanted to give not just fashion gurus the support they needed, but anyone with a small business idea that could be a disruptor. Burch says he loves having a variable schedule for his work which is based in New York, but also has a lot of traveling to his various holdings properties. One of his favorite areas of business is the small house market in real estate, and one of his startup companies Cocoon9 has tapped into that. And the book he recommends to other entrepreneurs in his line of work is Peter Diamandis’s bestseller, “BOLD.”  For the full interview, click

Chris Burch was born to a hard-working middle class family back in 1953 and he became interested in starting his own business even back while he was still in college. It began with him and his brother running a sweater sales company called Eagle’s Eye that made profits on the cheap sweaters they bought. Eagle’s Eye became such a popular brand that Burch even bought a production factory and eventually a logistical network. He sold that company for a profit in 1998 when it was worth about $60 million.  Head over to for added reading.

Years later Burch went into the hotel real estate investing industry first buying the shares of Faena Hotel+Universe in Argentina, and then later turning his attention to the market in Southampton on Long Island. The house he bought there was worth $14 million at the time, but in just 4 months Burch had turned it into a $25 million home that he sold for a profit, check this on   But probably his most notable accomplishment in addition to starting Burch Creative Capital, is investing in the dream resort at Nihiwatu Island.  Related article here.

For an interesting interview with Burch, hit