Chicago Citizen Perry Mandera, a man of success, charity, and hospitality.

Perry Mandera has served his community with charity through out his career being the reason Perry was most well know for his charity. Perry donated a great deal to children and military programs. He would continue to be recognized for his continuous generosity towards children and families as he has donated tens of thousands to families in need during the holidays, as well as supporting youth sports teams in Chicago.

It is clear that Perry was not born into vast wealth, as he had signed for the Marine Corps reserve directly out of high school. This may be one of the biggest reasons for Perry’s charity towards his community. Being person whom was not born into wealth, it would be the assumption that money does not have as much meaning as to a person whom grew up with plethora of money. After Perry received honorable discharge from the military, he began to work for a series of trucking companies. He then proceeded to start one of his own.

Perry has spent plenty of funds in Chicago alone. Done though his organization “Custom Cars Charity”. Perry, being a sports fan has couched youth sports teams including baseball, basketball, and football. All in all, Perry has not become disconnected with where he grew up, and the community when he started his business, as many companies become largely disconnected from their community as they reach global heights.

Earlier on in life, after having sold his business he was then elected to a position of a Republican ward committeeman, being the youngest elected in the sector. After having been elected into an office position, Perry then Went on to found Custom Companies (Customcos). This was another distribution company which offered domestic and international air transportation. This accomplishment would allow for him to go on to proceed forward with what it is he is most commended for.