The Success Story of Christopher Burch

Chris Burch is an esteemed businessman who deals in fashion, real estate, technology, and has opened some industries that are doing well and with excellent results. He started off his businesses while in Itchita College where he and his brother had a company, Eagles Eye that was doing well until the time that he decided to sell it at 165 million dollars!

Chris Burch is now the manager and principal of Burch Creative Capital that has firms like ED by Ellen De Generes, Cocoon9, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. His innovative skills have enabled his empire to grow on a massive scale and get him lots of money. He is excellent in implementation and understands what consumers need. He uses technology to maximize the profits in his businesses.

He is now focused on the hospitality sector of business. Burch has partnered with James McBride an hotelier to invest on a beach hostel in Indonesia, an Island called Sumba in the year 2012. They pumped 30 million dollars into the hotel and renovated it, opened it in 2015 as a five-star resort, Nihiwatu. The resort was praised and got the best hotel award in the world in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.  Check this on

To him, he bought it basically for his children and hoped that it would help the community in Indonesia and provide a livelihood directly and indirectly so that people could benefit. He had a significant and positive vision of how the hotel could transform the community and make clients like it because of its services. Burch’s expectation has been surpassed.

Burch has to divide time between Hamptons and the Resort that has 27 private villas that have private plunge pools, related article on  So far it is the largest employer in the Sumba island, and the large part of the profits go to charity. The Sumba Foundation is funded by this resort so that the people in there are given an advantage of projects that will help the local community. The beach there has been considered a breathtaking place for surfers.

Other attractions are nearby. A neighboring Bay, Coconut Grove gives guests a silent, serene place where one can learn surfing before advancing to the waves. Children can ride on stables in the resort with the help of guides who will help in horseback rides.

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Having seen the advantages that the investment come along with, the two, Christopher Burch and McBride has vowed to extend their business to Costa Rica and Nicaragua so that millennial travelers can get a variety of destinations, More of this on   The communities there will be helped in one way or another, and that is their pride.

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