Discover The Benefits Of Superior Banking Practices

There are thousands of customers that have complained about excess fees with their current financial institute. Amazingly, NexBank offers their customers a secure platform to house their money with over $40 billion in assets to back their customers hard earned money. You now have an opportunity to invest in your future and make positive strides towards your retirement with NexBank investment programs. Get peace of mind about your money even when you’re sleep with additional FDIC insurance. They cater to personalized, industrial, investment, and commercial accounts for their customers. Learn more about becoming a NexBank customer today and save more.


President and CEO, John Holt, spoke at a Texas Financial Annual Association Opportunity Conference and says, that he hopes to expand the leadership team and general counsel of his financial institute. You can speak to a friendly and knowledgeable professional around the clock to discuss your account or secure a new account. Take control of your finances with a leading financial institute that puts the needs of their customers first. Choose from several accounts that were created with the interests of their customers in mind. They’re quickly discovering innovative technology features that will make banking with NexBank financial easier.


NexBank Features


– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Checking account w/o fees

– Free online bill pay

– IRA account

– Mortgage accounts

and more…


You can save money on college tuition and other expenses with a NexBank college savings program that includes over 1,800+ opportunities for students and their parents. The goal is to help their customers avoid huge government student loan debt. Low income residents in the Dallas area can also take part in a first-time homeowners program that guarantees that you’ll get lower interests and monthly mortgage payments. Become a part of NexBank today!