Fabletics and the Power of the Crowd

Kate Hudson, the star of “Almost Famous,” is the owner of an online athletic wear company called, Fabletics. She started this company with two other fashion gurus-Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. This company was started with the premise that there was a need for an athletic wear niche that appealed to the new generation of tech savvy users. From the beginning, this etail store used different marketing-focusing on the customer experience and using the internet to their advantage.


Online shopping has evolved along with the advancements of the internet. The computer has put shopping at the fingertips of the user, opening up a world of choices. One of the key components of online shopping that has developed is the popularity of shopping “reviews.” Today’s customers research the companies and the positive or negative reviews by other shoppers. This is a critical trend for stores to understand and leverage.


Fabletics has become a $235 million-dollar business and much of this success has been credited to its ability to reach out to customers and encourage research and review. This company promotes reviews and understands the appeal of crowd sourcing. Potential customers find a welcoming website that helps them customize clothes to fit their personal lifestyle.


Research has shown that half the people surveyed say that have researched at least one company in the past month. Data also points to the fact that most of the research done, 60% of those asked, is queries about the product and about the reviews. Only 23% were doing research to compare prices. This important point shows that customers are more interested in the reviews than the price of items.


Hudson stands behind Fabletics and the fresh, new way of buying clothes. She has even used her cell phone to do commercials with a personal feel. One of the unique aspects of Fabletics that has brought positive reviews is the idea that customers are VIP’s who will be given the chance to see fresh, new looks each month. There is also a questionnaire that can be filled out to determine a personal style and fashion direction. This survey helps fashion specialist, at Fabletics, to choose active wear that is suited for the personal needs of its members.


Today’s online shoppers are looking for quality and for personalization. They invest time to see what other people have experienced with the store. Pictures and personal experiences help potential customers to get a real-life insight to the clothes and shoes they want. About 61% of those surveyed said that negative reviews or reputation would keep them from purchasing from that particular store.


As the online world continues to expand and improve constantly, stores like Fabletics, who take the time to plug into the world of reviews and feedback will only continue to grow in popularity. Crowd sources influence the sales and repeat business that keep stores open and viable. These new rules of shopping are evolving and shoppers, both old and young, from all socioeconomic groups will be drawn to stores that “get it.”

Women First-Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is mostly referred to as women dating app. It is a unique dating app in such a way that women have a chance to make the first move and determine who to date at the end of the day. This did not come easy either and the founder of the online dating organization had to go through harsh and hard moments to decide that the only thing he can do is to establish something which will put women in the forefront. Whitney wolf was the co-founder of Tinder another famous dating app in the United States. However, she had to quit due to sexual harassment. According to the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble dating app, the best business comes when one wants to solve something which his personally painful.

Bumble dating app was born out of pain and insults which Ms. Whitney went through. Bumble Dating app has its Headquarters located in Austin, Texas, and through the years the app has been developing and expanding. Although Bumble was founded basically as a dating app, it also has a responsibility of connecting best friends as well as business partners which is their latest app. Bumble BFF, gives individuals a chance to meet good friends who one can hook with for the purpose of friendship and not date. On the other hand, Bumble bizz connects business people who are like-minded and would love to share their experience and skills with their colleagues.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Lake City, Utah and after her High School graduation; she attended Southern Methodist University where she learned International Studies. Ever since she was young, she was business minded and she began business while still in college, she was selling bamboo tote bags to areas that were affected by BP oil spill. At only 22 Whitney joined Hatch Lab and later she co-founded Tinder another dating app. After Whitney quitted Tinder she co-founded Bumble with Andree Andreev. Recently the Chief Executive Officer of the feminine dating app; Bumble did a colorful wedding. Whitney Wolfe proved to the world and every woman in the world that love is real and one can get a true lover. The wedding took place in Italy. Ms. Wolfe married her love, Michael Herd. The wedding was attended by many of their friends, family, and workmates including; Amber Venz Box, and Sophia Amoruso.

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