Fabletics and the Power of the Crowd

Kate Hudson, the star of “Almost Famous,” is the owner of an online athletic wear company called, Fabletics. She started this company with two other fashion gurus-Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. This company was started with the premise that there was a need for an athletic wear niche that appealed to the new generation of tech savvy users. From the beginning, this etail store used different marketing-focusing on the customer experience and using the internet to their advantage.


Online shopping has evolved along with the advancements of the internet. The computer has put shopping at the fingertips of the user, opening up a world of choices. One of the key components of online shopping that has developed is the popularity of shopping “reviews.” Today’s customers research the companies and the positive or negative reviews by other shoppers. This is a critical trend for stores to understand and leverage.


Fabletics has become a $235 million-dollar business and much of this success has been credited to its ability to reach out to customers and encourage research and review. This company promotes reviews and understands the appeal of crowd sourcing. Potential customers find a welcoming website that helps them customize clothes to fit their personal lifestyle.


Research has shown that half the people surveyed say that have researched at least one company in the past month. Data also points to the fact that most of the research done, 60% of those asked, is queries about the product and about the reviews. Only 23% were doing research to compare prices. This important point shows that customers are more interested in the reviews than the price of items.


Hudson stands behind Fabletics and the fresh, new way of buying clothes. She has even used her cell phone to do commercials with a personal feel. One of the unique aspects of Fabletics that has brought positive reviews is the idea that customers are VIP’s who will be given the chance to see fresh, new looks each month. There is also a questionnaire that can be filled out to determine a personal style and fashion direction. This survey helps fashion specialist, at Fabletics, to choose active wear that is suited for the personal needs of its members.


Today’s online shoppers are looking for quality and for personalization. They invest time to see what other people have experienced with the store. Pictures and personal experiences help potential customers to get a real-life insight to the clothes and shoes they want. About 61% of those surveyed said that negative reviews or reputation would keep them from purchasing from that particular store.


As the online world continues to expand and improve constantly, stores like Fabletics, who take the time to plug into the world of reviews and feedback will only continue to grow in popularity. Crowd sources influence the sales and repeat business that keep stores open and viable. These new rules of shopping are evolving and shoppers, both old and young, from all socioeconomic groups will be drawn to stores that “get it.”

Fabletics Ensuring Quality Athleisure Products at Economical Price

People these days are looking for brands in the fashion world that are inexpensive as well as a designer. The brands that can provide the right mix of urban designs, cost-efficiency, and value for money are the ones that have the potential to survive the highly competitive fashion market. One of the new genres in the fashion world today is athleisure, and many brands are emerging to dominate this niche, but one of the companies that started in 2013 and since then have been a premier company in the athleisure domain is Fabletics. The company has managed to up its revenue by over two hundred percent in just a few years and has a million paying subscribers. Fabletics has modeled its business in a very fair and transparent manner so that it continues to stay focused on the customers rather than focusing its energy inwards towards only higher profits.


In the world where people’s shopping decision and experience is decided by how others have shopped earlier and their experiences, it is essential for the companies in just about every domain to stay focused towards providing high-quality products and services. The customers have an open platform in the form of the internet to say just about anything for the particular product or the brand they just bought. It means that if any company doesn’t provide good products and services and end up disappointing their customers, the word would be out sooner than one can imagine. It harms the company’s and brand’s image and also influences the purchasing decisions of other buyers. Eventually, it would negatively strike the sales and the revenue of the enterprise.


Fabletics is a brand that has been working towards providing customers with what they want from the very beginning. The company understands the athleisure market well and knows what the customers are looking for. It also ropes in the best of designers in the industry to ensure that not only the quality but also the designs of the company’s products are top notch. The prices of the Fabletics’ products are well-balanced. All these factors have comprehensively helped the company in receiving rave reviews from its customers from across the globe on the social media platform and other venues online. It is what has helped the company to gain the trust of the customers and continue to grow at an exponential pace. Even the bigger e-commerce portals like Amazon has been facing tough time keeping up with the growing market share of the Fabletics, which currently has the turnover of $235 million annually.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners of Fabletics, has played a pivotal role in ensuring that Fabletics can stay ahead of the game by using the data gathered through different departments of the company analytically to devise business strategies. Fabletics has made its mark in the world of athleisure products and in a way that is sustainable and promising. Customers looking to shop at Fabletics must first take the Lifestyle Quiz at its official website.

Fabletics Amazing New Line And Demi Lovatos Influence

Demi Lovato has been teasing about something big being on the way. This Grammy nominated singer did not let on the news had absolutely nothing to do with singing. This pop sensation has teamed up with Kate Hudson and her amazing sportswear line, Fabletics. Fabletics will be debuting a brand new collection to support Girl up, an initiative of the United Nation.


Demi announced the exciting news on Instagram and is incredibly proud to be a part of Fabletics. She said their activewear makes you feel amazing when you put it on and that Fabletics supports inclusiveness. A large part of Demi’s life involves activity and she has a reputation for spending four hours working out at the gym every day. She wanted to give her support to a line that is fashionable, comfortable and accessible. She feels not only does Fabletics fit this description but they also give inspiration to take care of the body and the mind.


The new collection is limited edition and will launch next week. SchoolCycle will receive a portion of the profits. SchoolCycle works in conjunction with the United Nations Population Fund so girls can be given bicycles, maintenance training and spare parts. This allows them to get to school and home again safety.


Kate Hudson believes Demi is the embodiment of the Fabletics brand. Demi speaks out for feminine empowerment, having a positive body and the younger generation. Kate feels these are some of the same qualities that are so important at Fabletics.


Demi’s thoughts were similar to Kates. She believes this is the perfect way to combine her love for music and fashion with her passionate ideals about female empowerment. The snazzy prints and vibrant colors work well with her song lyrics and will deliver a message of empowerment. She wants her generation to feel unbroken and confident. Demi said the ability to be involved in the creativity of the design will impact the lives of young girls worldwide and she finds this incredibly rewarding.


Kate Hudson is one of the driving forces behind Fabletics. It was her passion for supporting and motivating women to lead active and healthy lives that caused her to become one of the founders of Fabletics. Her favorite outfits are shared every month and they are always Kate approved.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were the other co-founders of Fabletics. They saw a neglected area in the activewear marketplace and decided to take action. There simply weren’t any luxury brands offering high quality and style at a reasonable price. They founded Fabletics in 2013 with the intention of creating a line of clothing that would inspire people to remain active. They wanted to cover everything from an iron man competition, working out in a gym or studio to running after your kids. Fabletics offers high quality and trendy designs at affordable prices.

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