The Political Climate As Seen By Professor Sujit Choudhry

Society has grown by leaps and bounds in the last thirty or forty years, but there are obviously still a lot of areas that need improvement. One thing that has become fairly commonly accepted across the globe is that democracy is the superior societal system since it provides an equal voice to every citizen, and constitutional democracies are the primary form of such a government. Professor Sujit Choudhry of Berkeley has studied both general politics and constitutional democracy extensively, and he has an opinion that should raise some eyebrows, especially amongst those who enjoy democracy and the freedoms it brings (

According to a freshly published piece of content from Choudhry, constitutional democracies are in danger of crumbling under a new threat, and that threat is compliance with the democratic system. For instance, in Poland just a few years ago, the legislature was taken over by a party of right-wing nationalists seemingly out of nowhere. In almost no time, the party had started the process of dismantling the existing constitutional infrastructure in favor of one that more closely matched their radical conservative beliefs.

Choudhry shows how a similar situation could easily arise in America. He uses the Russia investigation as an example. There have been rumors for weeks that Trump might fire Robert Mueller, which is a move many have criticized as everything from unconstitutional to treasonous. The interesting thing is that many people are more worried about the public ramifications of such a move and not the legal ones. How could a government headed by a man like Trump stand up to him after he made a point to fire or otherwise remove every single threat to his position?

The point that Choudhry is trying to make is that constitutional democracy must be protected at all costs and at all levels of society. The rule of law exists for a reason, and if the president is allowed to skirt those laws simply because he says he can, then the entire system falls apart as there is no longer any accountability. The presidency would become an autocratic position akin to a dictatorship.

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