Marketing and advertising is a very challenging field for most of the small business owners. White Shark Media has brought a solution to such business where they offer to cater for the advertising and campaign needs of their customers. Over the years, there has been complaints and compliments regarding how the company conducts its business. Unlike many institutions, White Shark Media has used the reviews received to make a better working platform for their customers and to increase their efficiency.

One of the complaints that the company has received concerns their communication with their clients. For example, many of their clients said that contacting their contact person was a very frustrating process. To cater for this complaint; the company came up with protocols to improve the communication. As a start; upon registration, the clients are given the contact details of their contact person together with that of the supervisor in charge of the person. Through this the customers can communicate with the company in a more effective way through talking to their contact persons directly. The company also started the use of GoToMeeting to communicate and review their monthly progress with their clients. This way the client and the SEM Strategist use the online conference tool to go through the results and the AdWords Account together. The clients have received the said protocols well, saying that they have helped to better the communication process.

Some of the complaints were regarding the working of the advertising company. As a new company, some clients complained about the way their needs were handled. Some even claimed that they could not keep track of the advertisements and the accounts created for them. One of the customers claimed that they were paired up with a person who completely disregarded their preferences and needs. The company handled these complaints by first ensuring that the customers understand every aspect of their new campaigns even before it was set up. They also availed the Senior SEM Consultants to overlook and guide the whole transition process. These consultants are always available for questions and follow ups thereafter.

The company has also responded to some of the complaints by a compete revaluation of their work. One of such complaints is one where the customers claim that the previous campaigns worked better than the new ones. The company responded by changing its strategy to incorporate the aspects of the previous campaign that still work in line with the customer’s need in the new campaign. While most of changes effected through the response to the customers have changed some aspects of the business, White Shark Media has found a way of offering better services to their customers through the reviews they receive from them. For businesses that use digital marketing, there is no better company to work with.

Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trials for Consumers All over the World

Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trials for Consumers All Over the World
In an exciting event in April, Talk Fusion launched its ‘try before you buy’ product. The project has been in the pipeline for a while. After intensive care and consultation, it then became ready for use by the public. Talk Fusion is the global leader in video communication. The products basically enable people to record videos, upload it to a platform and send the video as an email.

The launch is meant to give clients an opportunity to experience the product on their own to establish its usefulness and convenience. The user gets tutorials on many of its features and eventually be comfortable with it before making the option to purchase. This trial period goes on for thirty days. Unlike a full purchase of the Talk Fusion products, to get the trial period experience, a client does no more than provide a name and an email address. After the thirty day period has ended, a user could decide to buy the software if it fits their purpose. At this stage, the client is at liberty to explore more of what talk fusion has to offer. It is an excellent example of getting value for your money.

The rationale behind this is that Talk fusion brings a certain novel complexity to the market. There have been videos and emails before but not a video in an email like this. With Talk Fusion, you have the option of saving your video messages and of using the various templates that Talk Fusion has to offer.

Talk Fusion serves both personal correspondences and video marketing. It is ideal in a business set-up because it combines both visual and audio marketing which carries a wider scope of messages that any of them on their own. It is an exciting product; it is fun, speedy and most importantly convenient.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/

ClassDojo Bridges The Gap Between Parents and Classrooms

As elementary educator Dianne Rhodes prepares for her third year of teaching the third grade, she is excited to put ClassDojo to use once again. ClassDojo, which launched in 2011 in an effort to connect parents and classrooms through the use of technology, has significantly improved he flow of classrooms and overall communication in schools. Parents appreciate the ability to be involved in their child’s school say from afar. For the parents that suffer from the “first day of school jitters“, ClassDojo provides peace of mind by giving parents the ability to see and be a part of what is taking place in their child’s classroom. Parental involvement and communication are both extremely important factors in a child’s education. Because traditional work schedules often conflict with school schedules, it is difficult for parents to be present. ClassDojo serves as a bride to close that gap, and brings parents and classrooms closer together.

In June of 2011, co-founders of ClassDojo Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary decided that education needed a change. After determining that communication was amongst the most important factors, they began formulating a plan to change the way parents and teacher communicate. Two months later the first version of ClassDojo launched. More than 75 teachers downloaded the app and put it to use in their classrooms. Much like social media platforms Instagram and SnapChat, ClassDojo allows teachers to upload and share classroom moments and lessons with parents. It also allows parents the chance to communicate with the teacher about different projects and assignments, and to praise their child for their accomplishments.

Life goes by so fast. When we are in routine, we often tend to forget things outside of the norm.  Our children learn so much throughout the school day, but often times, projects and accomplishments are lost in the shuffle of the evening rush. These discussions are important in order to show our children that we not only support them, but we encourage their efforts in school. The team at Class Dojo hopes that the platform will serve as an advocate for parental involvement during and beyond the school day.

Online Reputation Management: A Brief Guide

Since the beginning of time, it’s been no secret that reputation is extremely important. There are many different ways that you can promote, protect and make your reputation better than ever. Since the web was founded in 1991, it’s become a place where many go online to review and find information about businesses. That means that it’s critical to protect your online reputation – word of mouth is extremely important.
Here are a few ways courtesy of Online Reputation Reviews website on how you can protect your business reputation before you start building your business.

• Begin with a strong background. Make sure no scandals are online; make sure that all your information is polished and clean. Learn how to get negative search results removed. There are ways you can do this through Google.

• Learn how to manage your online reputation before problems start.

• Train the people in your business who are managing your brand to have a solid reputation and uphold the company value.

When Negative Comments Come

Even if your business is stellar and your track record perfect, you may still face negative criticism for business. There are many ways that you can defeat this, but you and your team must stand united on each decision. There are some specific ways you can respond to negative criticism.

First, make sure you respond positively. If someone isn’t true, don’t simply call them out for lying. If you can’t remain calm while doing so, hire someone else to do i tor make one of your understudies do it.

When Positive Comments Come

Always take the time to thank anyone who leaves you feedback as long as it’s authentic. Far too many people leave their Yelp pages unattended and have no idea what anyone is saying on them. Take the time to review and reply. You won’t regret it.

Learn More About Online Reputation Management

Always take the time to learn more about online reputation management.

Learn more on online reputation management here.

Beneful has more than just Dog Food?

If you have heard of Beneful you probably always think about Dog Food. If you have not done any Wikipedia research, you would not know that Beneful has different types of Dog Food. Not only that, but they have more than just Dog Food! They have dry dog food, wet dog food, and they also have dog treats!

They have a bag of dog treats called ‘Mini Dog Dental Treats’ — Dog treats that not only dogs will love but it will help with their teeth! These treats can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Their dog treats are made with real meat, which means your dogs will really like the treats!

They have dog food that is made to help get your dog healthier, dog food for little dogs, or just normal dog food that would be good for anyone. They have dog food for puppies which is called ‘Healthy Puppy’.

Beneful has a nice range of wet dog food if you’re not looking for dry dog food. One selection they have is called ‘Incredibites’. This wet dog food has real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice blended equally together. They have another brand of ‘Incredibites’ that is a different kind. Instead of having real beef, it has real salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice blended together.

No matter what you get from Beneful for your dog, they are guaranteed to love it! You have a big selection to pick from with Beneful. So if you are looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, or different kinds of dog treats you are looking in the right place with Beneful. As every ingredient that they use is guaranteed to be real!

Beneful is active on Social media, visit the beneful.com website, Beneful Twitter, YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood

Talk Fusion Steps Up To The Plate Again With Even Better Tech

Since the launch of Talk Fusion not too long ago, the company has been steamrolling momentum it seems. Their original video emailing system has just gotten better. How, you may ask? They have just added WebRTC functionality to their communications service. The new system allows for (browser-based real-time communication) for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The developers of the new technology have been hard at work perfecting this great offering from the company.

This new step will make for much smoother communication, due to instant recording, faster playback and much improved synchronization. It’s not that it was bad before or anything. It’s just better now. Jeff Younger, one of the developers of Talk Fusion stated “We use these advanced, cutting edge technologies to build rich, high-quality, real-time communications applications for our members.” Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion furthered the statement by saying “Talk Fusion is one of the first companies to really incorporate WebRTC technology into our products.”

The result here is super high definition clarity with real-time functionality. The simple interface is already in use on the specified browsers. All you have to do differently is click the webcam recording option via the dashboard. To top off all of this great news, the company is also offering a risk free 30 day free trial to boot. It’s no skimpy trimmed down trial either.

This is surely not the last innovation that we’ll be hearing of from this fast growing new company. The innovation of video emailing was already fantastic. This new tech is just icing on the cake for their members. For the whole article from PR Newswire, just click the link here.