Desiree Perez: Creating Successful Celebrities

Desiree Perez is known as one of the top executives of Roc Nation, an entertainment company which was founded by the rapper Jay-Z in 2008. Her responsibility with the company is to oversee all of the contracts and agreements that the company has. She is also responsible for the decision making that Roc Nation is a part of. Desiree Perez has been working with Jay-Z for the last 22 year. She is a significant figure on how the rapper transformed into a business mogul. They have a strong partnership, and every time Jay-Z’s name is called, Desiree Perez’s name automatically comes to mind. Click Here for more.

Desiree Perez contributed a lot to the growth of Roc Nation. She is the reason why Jay-Z managed to get a $150 million deal with Live Nation before. She was also the reason why Jay-Z’s career changed. This contract is set after ten years, and with the contract expiring soon, Desiree Perez decided to meet the executives of the Universal Music Group and check out the deals that they have in store. However, some reports are already stating that Roc Nation wants to renew their contracts with Live Nation. Desiree Perez’s decisions always benefit the company, and if there will be any renewal of contract, she must have based it on something that she is confident about.

A number of celebrities have benefited from the influence of Desiree Perez, and the best example of this is Rihanna. Desiree Perez was responsible for Rihanna’s $25 million collaboration between Samsung and the latter. Without someone like her, today’s A-list would never be filled. Many small time musicians that have gone under Desiree Perez are now instant pop stars. Desiree Perez stated that anyone who is interested in joining the music industry is welcome. Her power and influence in the industry will surely transform an aspiring singer to an international idol. for more.