For Instant Technology CEO Rona Borre A Chance Meeting Changed The Face Of IT Support

Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Technology, recently shared her personal success story, a saga that would end up changing the way companies look for tech support and the way IT specialists find their next big gig. Borre reveals that it all began with a chance meeting at a bus stop in 1995, a time when Rona was working 2-3 jobs and still struggling to find time for her favorite T.V. shows. As luck would have it, she met up with the head of a small technology consulting firm. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Borre found herself working for the firm.  For an interesting interview with Borre, check this on

In 2001, Rona left her IT job to form Instant Technology, a headhunting firm that specializes in placing IT talent with companies in need of tech support personnel. The firm started out small with Rona making calls from her one-bedroom apartment, but today has more than 150 employees. Now, Instant Technology competes with more traditional placement services, who generally place people in any position within the client companies.

For Rona Borre, Instant Technologies’ unique niche allows her to provide a customized service for clients looking to fill IT specific openings. Keeping specialists on staff helps Borre in maintaining close relationships with her clients, which, she says, is key to keeping those clients happy and satisfied.  More to read here.

In the end, Rona says the best part of running Instant Technologies as an entrepreneurial business is also what makes it a more challenging business. That is that Instant Technologies is a people driven business.  Read more updates, visit her page.

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