Seattle Genetics Boss, Mr. Clay Siegall, Posts Enlightening Articles on His Blog


Clay Siegall occasionally posts articles on his blog, discussing different topics. We will sample two of the most recent articles.

Causes of Melting of Arctic Ice

In one of the articles, he was discussing the melting of the Arctic ice. For a long time, climate scientists have been in support of the theory that the largest contributor to the melting of Arctic ice is human warming. They have been acknowledging that there could be some natural contributors, although they were unsure of the extent to which they contribute to the melting. Scientists from the University of California, in collaboration with their fellows from other universities, have challenged that theory based on their recent research. According to them, ice melting follows a certain natural cycle year after year. They argued that the natural cycle accounts for about half of the melting while human warming accounts for the other half. The four-decade research was conducted around the Arctic Ocean and Greenland and was able to monitor the changes in the intensity of the solar radiations reaching the earth’s surface.

Kate, The Astronaut

The other article was about Kate Rubin, a NASA astronaut who had jetted back from space, explaining her experience in the space and the disorientation that she went through trying to readjust back to the earth’s gravity. Before embarking on her journey to space, Kate was a biomedical researcher at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. She had spent time in Central Africa studying diseases like Ebola monkeypox and smallpox. By the time Kate completed her African assignment, she had been hardened in a way she has never thought before. Africa prepared her for an even bigger challenge. Few months into her return to the U.S., Kate successfully applied to become a NASA astronaut.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is an alumnus of the University Of Maryland and George Washington University, where he did a B.S in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics respectively. Clay was among the co-founders of a premier biotech firm called Seattle Genetics in 1998 where he currently serves as CEO.

Clay’s dad died of cancer. As a way of honoring his father, he has involved himself in research aimed at eradicating cancer. Clay has partnered with prominence research institutions like the National Research Cancer and National Institute of Health