Elena Ford Wants to Make Ford More like Apple

Elena Ford is the chief customer experience officer for the Ford Motor Company. The company has faced various challenges in the recent past. This includes a six-year low in its stock price and a rating downgrade by Moody’s to just above junk.

Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customers have been taking to social media to share their horror stories in recent years. When this happens, major companies like Amazon and Apple name the right people to deal with the issue. Ford Motor Company has taken note of this.

This is why Elena Ford was named to her current position. She says that the company will have a laser focus on dealing with issues raised by customers. She acknowledges that all aspects of the customer’s experience, including getting an oil change and the call center are all important.

In future, she says she will ensure the company is caring and thoughtful in how it deals with customer issues. In her role, she says that will always worry about how customers feel when they interact with Ford at all level.

Study Trips

Since her appointment, Elena Ford has spent time visiting Dallas and Beijing. Her goal is to understand customer behavior and various corporate strategies. As a result, she will be able to understand customers needs. She has been looking at how other international companies work to improve the customer experience.

One company that has been quite successful at this is Apple. She also noted that for instance, when Delta Airlines upgrades a customer but they end up in the middle seat, they are not happy.

She notes that tracking rewards and outcomes matters in this era. In this role, Elena Ford shall report to Joe Hinrichs, which is the Ford president for global operations. She has been working at Ford as a VP since 2013.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company launched in a converted factory with $28,000 contributed by 12 investors. During the early days, the company only made a few vehicles from it Mack Avenue factory. By the end of the decade, Ford had managed to refine the assembly line concept and most of the production was done in house. Since then, it has grown to be a major car producer globally and has remained in family control for over 100 years.

The insecurity of Whitney Wolfe and innovation of Bumble app

Whitney Wolfe has been insecure such that she travels accompanied by a security person beside her. The specialized individuals conduct their operation on a full day basis. This matter of insecurity initiated when there was a cybercrime. The neo-Nazi aimed at Bumble’s staff by presenting their pics and telephone numbers online. The law enforcement body in charge of such crimes is working on the subject matter to ensure it does not arise again. Later, she suggested that there were some people who hated the feminist organizations like Bumble and aimed to crush it down. This cybercrime took initiative two weeks earlier at the white- supremacists’ event. This crime has affected severely such that is ailing from anxiety. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Moreover, Whitney Wolfe is worried about her staff members and what could happen if the same issue happened to them which broke personal infringement. Whitney Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer at Bumble. The customers and clients of the app are grateful to the improvements made to nourish it as one can easily find work and new associates. According to the app, it has put women in the foremost position to ensure it favors and gives some additional features to the users to get some benefits. Due to this vital role, she was recognized by the Forbes, who detailed the app in the 30 under 30 lists for 2018 and was previously inserted on the cover image of the firm and the page.

Bumble was able to install and present BFF to the app so that it can see what to plan ahead as it looks for major investments later. This application was able to assist women to locate their friends, not for the special dates. The app has had a duration of four years and it has grown tremendously over the years consisting of 35 million customers. In terms of revenue, the firm was able to provide $ 100 million last year. The reason and objective behind coming up with this idea was that Whitney Wolfe had tried to solve the gender inequality by using several platforms but did not work as the app did.

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Susan McGalla Is Thrilled To Make Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Shop Experience Delightful For Fans

The NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers fan base is one of the most dedicated fan bases that’s been loyal to their team since the NFL came to the steel city in 1933. Going to a game at Heinz Field is a remarkable experience in and of itself, but the excitement can be felt just as much when you visit the pro shop. That’s because Susan McGalla, the Vice President of the Steelers’ business and creative strategy has worked to make it so. McGalla is a marketing expert in her own right and she’s all about combining the retro features of Steeler football with the modern technology-based shopping. The pro shop had its website redone recently to make mobile shopping even more fun, and she’s had more merchandise added to the physical store that many fans have said they had no idea existed. McGalla also has gotten input from both current and former players on in-store displays.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, OH and got her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College. She spent a few years at the Joseph Horne Company as a department store merchandise manager, and then went to American Eagle Outfitters where she spent 16 years really building her career. She was put in charge first of the women’s apparel line, but then was promoted to the corporate Chief Merchandising Officer and later president of the entire company. After leaving American Eagle, she explored other business development opportunities including being on the board of a Pittsburgh real estate firm known as HFF, and also founding P3 Executive Consulting in addition to joining the Steelers’ business strategy division.

Susan McGalla was often talked about in Pittsburgh’s business news corners, and she was often asked if her becoming a big company president meant the next big step for women. She would always tell them no because she felt people needed to be measured by their accomplishments as people, and not through the gender lens. McGalla has used her experience though to encourage young women that they can reach their dreams through hard work just as she did. McGalla is also a mother who has given tips to other women on balancing career with family responsibilities.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://bitsylink.com/2017/06/14/susan-mcgalla-as-a-high-performing-business-woman-in-the-corporate-world/