Michel Terpins Reads

Michel Terpins – Racer, Reader and More

Michel Terpins is not just the exceptional Brazilian rally driver but so much more. He is known for everything he is and does, but is he always recognized for all other aspects of his life or even for what he does in his free time – books? Indeed, Michel Terpins has always been quite the avid reader of fantasy novels. He now lets his children continue the pastime, sharing his thoughts.

The Favorite Books of Michel Terpins for Reading in His Spare Time – Introduced to Him by His Children

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series is beyond the average fantasy novel or fiction genre story as it offers worlds within worlds – a place for any to retreat to when afraid, sad or alone. These books have not only topped the reader’s charts for more than a half decade but have also helped to start a move all of their own: a new way of looking at the unique and fascinating world of vampire fantasy with a blended taste of romance not found anywhere else, and what better time than now as Halloween is already approaching? Indeed, many do not believe in the holiday itself but merely appreciate it for the many good things that happen during this special time of the year and even anticipation for all that is to come in the few days following.

In fact, most of Meyer’s greatest fans are not true believers in the supernatural world of evil and its many creatures, and that is perhaps why they are so attracted in the first place: People love what they don’t understand or see enough in their daily lives, and the Twilight novels have certainly delivered. Though intended for ages 12 and up, these books have been well-appreciated by all ages, genders, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds for their descriptive writing, scene imagery, one-of-a-kind characters and so much more. Not even the Harry Potter books themselves have the in-depth level of romance that these five books carry; it is astounding to witness. Stephenie Meyer does it again!