Steve Lesnard talks about brand consultancy and new trends in the sector

Steve Lesnard is one of the most prolific global brand consultants with a wealth of experience in his career. He has been responsible for some of the notable global brand campaigns and the launching of iconic products. In addition to this, Steve has been very instrumental in bringing to life some powerful strategic partnerships cutting across technology sports and lifestyle. His passion for sports also reflects his career as he has helped create some of the world’s largest athletic brands. This global brand consultant was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch where he discussed his profession and the new trends in the sector.

Best practices in brand consultancy

This global brand consultant pointed out that his profession has become in recent years very pivotal to the success of businesses. This has been especially true with the advent of globalization, international shipping, and the internet. Today, a consumer in another continent can fall in love with a brand in another continent and be their loyal customer. More and more businesses are looking to take advantage of this, and therefore there is a vast demand for notable brand consultants. Steve Lesnard advised young professionals in this sector to put their focus on creating efficient and effective teams around them. This teams should be made up of individuals who are committed and dedicated to success. He pointed out that from his experience, the surest way of becoming successful is good teamwork.

Emerging trends to look out for

Just like any other sector, the digital era is bringing about a major revolution in the brand consultancy sector. According to Steve Lesnard, one of the trends that young professionals in the sector should be looking out for is personalization. With digitalization, it has become very easy for brands and consultants to collect consumer data. This is not new, but rather than act on the data as a with a whole market approach, personalization is one up-and-coming trend. With personalization, brands can target each client individually and meet their specific needs. This directly translates to increased sales and brand growth both of which considerably built the portfolio of a young professional in the sector.

JHSF’s José Auriemo Neto Values Investing in Business and Family for a Positive Work-Life Balance

In Brazil, JHSF is recognized as one of the leading real estate companies in the industry. The company has been feted for its innovation and brilliance in real estate development on several occasions. Some of the organizations that have awarded it include the PINI Award for “Planned Daring” and the Best Incorporator of Brazil. The other organizations that have acknowledged JHSF’s work in the industry include Worth Magazine, the Época Negócios 360 yearbook, and the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers, among others.

JHSF stellar reputation in the Brazilian real estate sector has been a work in progress for over 40 years since the company’s establishment in 1972. Since then, the company has developed both commercial and residential real estate establishments. These developments have contributed to the country’s economic growth through business and job creation. They have also contributed immensely to the transformation of the South American nation social scene.

With the establishment of several shopping complexes in Brazilian cities such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo, JHSF has brought citizens together to enjoy amenities such as theaters, eateries, and shopping stores of global repute. In shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim, the presence of brands such as Jimmy Choo and Pucci have people flocking to these establishments to whet their appetites for the global luxury brands products and services. Some of the other shopping malls JHSF has come up with are Metrô Tucuruvi, the Ponta Negra, and the Bela Vista.

JHSF also operates in other areas of the Brazilian real estate market. The company has invested in the development of a hotel chain, a private executive airport, and a parking lot management company. Consequently, it is no surprise that the company has found its way to the global platform with developments in the USA and Uruguay.

José Auriemo Neto is responsible for innovation and global expansion that has been taking place at JHSF over the years. He joined the company as a teenager and now serves as its Chairman. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a reputable real estate company. His business acumen and innovative approaches have played a significant role in this growth.

As of now, JHSF is overseeing several developments in the USA. Being a family man, José Auriemo Neto values family relations. Therefore, he has relocated with his whole family to the USA even as he undertakes his business duties.

What’s Bought, Owned, And Earned Media?

Would you gain fans without digital ad campaign?

Absolutely not. Any type of start-up or a Fortune 500 company must make use of content promotion techniques to live in the business.

Understanding the distinctions in between possessed paid and also gained media is remarkably vital for entrepreneurs. If you are still puzzled as well as locate it challenging to set apart each sort of media, you’re likely mosting likely to have difficulties with your promo project as well as the result.

Allow us have a better look and find out their interpretations, differences and also ways to utilize them to your articles marketing effort.

Had Media

A lot of B2B marketers utilize owned media to promote their venture. Given that they have it, they have extensive control over these electronic marketing networks. It’s a simple and easy method to get in call with your target market and also provide your message.

B2B starts its advertising campaign dealing with this media station. Possessing an engaging content along with an effective marketing strategy are the fundamental parts to have actually an efficiently owned networking terminal.

As an instance, they must build their site and frequently post content which will certainly welcome crowds. It’s a possibility for business owners to identify their fans, interact socially and construct a partnership together.

One of the most substantial advantage of social networking is the truth that it’s a dependable instrument to boost your connection with your existing customers. Furthermore, it elevates your net capability as well as makes your company a lot more noticeable online, which produces leads.

The drawback of social sites is that B2B should certainly make certain they are producing top quality write-ups at all times. Bear in mind that your clients as well as followers can easily see everything you create on website, a report on social networking channels and web sites.

To stop losing followers and also receiving unfavorable comments, ensure you’re producing excellent web content best press release distribution . Make sure you address the needs of your target market instead of just referring to your brand name, product or services.

Some had websites used by entrepreneurs include:

  • Websites
  • Sites
  • Social Networking Stations, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Webinar Presentations
  • Email Advertising And Marketing Campaigns
  • E-Books
  • Retail stores (offline and also online )
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Programs

Paid Media

Some firms brand-new to the business start their advertising and marketing initiative via paid media. The market needs to cover outdoors advertising projects or a third party network to cultivate their audience and also earnings.

Though paid press needs financial participation over the various other type of networking, its effects are instantaneous as well as extra accessible to monitor. Additionally, it can reach a brand-new target market which possessed as well as obtained media can not.

You can select which kind of paid media station that you would love to make use of, based upon your desired audience and also message. It’s controlled type of networking as you’ve obtained the selection to select what product you want your viewers to recognize.

Paid media is helpful for smaller business or start-ups who discover it hard to promote their brand. With a paid press, they can create website traffic, which might also result in social networking in the long-term.

It comprises:

  • Pay-per-click
  • Look Advertisements
  • Sponsorships
  • Top quality material
  • Social Networking marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO Campaigns

Gained Media

One of the 3 types of networking gained media is the most natural sort of networking. It is possible just to get it the immediate, your audience as well as the media discuss you, trust you and also utilize your brand.

Merely talking, it isn’t requested, made or made up for, it’s made. Made media is brought on by leveraging paid and possessed press. For instance, if a completely satisfied customer posted a favorable testimonial in their remain in a BnB hostel concerning the hostel’s Facebook website, it ends to made press.

People that read the favorable comments will slowly trust the hotel as well as might schedule there, afterward they travel. Gathering hope from this sort of networking is what you phone gained considering that they can produce audience as well as revenues from a third party rather than through advertising.

Situations of gained media consist of:

  • Yelp testimonies
  • Social Networking remarks
  • Comments
  • Retweets
  • Facebook delights in
  • Shares
  • Word of mouth
  • Press discusses
  • Press policy
  • On the internet testimonials
  • YouTube comments

Owned, Paid & Earned Into One

It’s not feasible for business owners to live offline and also online without using every one of the three great media. If you would certainly like your company to interfere with the competition and lead the business, you ought to be prepared to combine all the media and also depend on these to leverage your brand as well as increase your target market.

James Dondero – A Figure Of Excellence In The World Of Finance

James Dondero is an investment and financial operator with a tremendous experience and knowledge in the field of finance. He co-owns Highland Capital Management, a multinational investment entity that is based in Dallas, Texas. He is currently holding the position of the president in the firm. Highland Capital Management is a firm that operates by mainly offering credit facilities as well as dealing dealing in the equity markets. He is an individual that has committed most of his energy driven by passion to changing the outlook and progress of Dallas for the better. Visit to know more about him.

James Dondero is an individual who has built his personality that is not short of academic credentials as well as achievements such as having attained two degrees in science as well as having studied finance and accounting at the University Of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce that has propelled him towards the successful undertakings in the finance and investment sector. He has been in the financial scene for over 30 years. James Dondero has gained his experience and expertise having worked with some of the United States of America’s well established and known financial entities such as the American Express, the experience he used to start his own company that has come to have tremendous recognition in the United States of America as well as global recognition.

View: James Dondero apart from pursuing his business goals and making profits ,he has been also giving back to the community mostly through charitable donations. For instance he has partnered with other Dallas philanthropists whereby they have been able to make donations totalling to 14 million dollars that have ensured the revival of the Dallas zoo that shelters hippos. He has been involved in many charitable undertakings that have uplifted the lives of many people. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

OSI Group, the leading food processing company in the globe

OSI Group has over the years been able to grow and expand its operations in Europe. Under the leadership of professionals such as Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to acquire numerous businesses across the world.

OSI Group’s acquisitions

Among the companies, OSI has acquired in its quest to expand include Baho Food, a Dutch company with operations Netherlands and Germany. Baho Foods is a well-established organization that caters to more than 18 nations across Europe. Following the acquisition of the company by OSI, Baho Foods has since increased productivity significantly.

This organization has also acquired Flagship Europe and taken over the company’s supply of condiments, frozen poultry, and pies. Flagship’s Europe merger with OSI Group has opened a broad range of opportunities for the company to grow its operations. This partnership has also made OSI launch centers in Germany and Spain.

The company also acquired Tyson Foods, a Chicago-based plant. OSI purchased it for $7.4 million. OSI Group has for years managed to excel and in the international marketplace. Despite the economic turmoil, the company has managed to strive for decades. With the help of professionals such as David McDonald creating excellent consumer-supplier relationships, the company has developed a global connection with people.

OSI bases its products on distinct tastes as preferred by the customers. The company is also committed to ensuring the safety of the food they manufacture. OSI uses the latest technology including X-ray equipment and metal detectors to ensure that the food is not contaminated with foreign objects during processing.

OSI Group’s achievements

Given that the company is a renowned conglomerate, one may think that it has impersonal connections with the general community. Fortunately, the company has a sustainability program that enables them to interact with the local communities in the areas their branches are.

OSI has also won awards for its environmental sustainability projects making the company secure a place in the international platform. The company also gives to charity. Among the organizations it supports includes the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. OSI offers donations to these organizations occasionally to help the less fortunate.

Kevin Buckman: Contributing to the Success of Market America

Kevin Buckman currently works with Market America as the Vice President of Training and Field Development. Sharing his experiences and skills to the department he was assigned to work on, he successfully trained a lot of individuals who later became a company asset. Market America was founded in 1992, and it focuses on a multi-level marketing scheme. The company sells a lot of products ranging from cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics, jewelry, supplements, and so much more. The company also uses the domain as they are trying to increase their presence in the world of online retail. Market America offers UnFranchise Business to its customers, and it is a plan created for financial success. UnFranchise Business provides a systematic approach in handling business, and those who have gotten their hands on the UnFranchise Business Plan reported that they experienced growth within a short period.

Kevin Buckman has also shared the success of the UnFranchise Business Plan, saying that a lot of people started to develop an interest in the plan offered by Market America. The UnFranchise Business Plan is also reshaping the world of retail, and the company is benefiting from it as they try to expand overseas. The company has been serving millions of customers around the world, and they have more than 500 people working for the company to keep it running smoothly. Last year, Market America was able to generate$3 billion retail sales, and they are also expanding in a global scale as the company started building offices in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Agera Energy Gives Back To Their Community

When Agera Energy started in business, they knew that the only way they could succeed is by focusing on their customers. Without the support of their customers, their business could not flourish and in order to keep their customers happy they needed to supply their energy needs at the lowest cost. They also knew that as a part of their commitment to customers, they needed to give back to the communities that they serve. With this in mind, they created a branch of their company called Agera Cares. This part of their organization is dedicated to supporting charities across the country. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

When Mark Linzenbold was hired as the companies new Chief Financial Officer, he pledged to continue this commitment. He has been working with Agera Energy Cares on several projects that they have in place and has volunteered his time to support them. Mark is planning on expanding this part of the company so that they can do more to support not only their community but the energy industry as well. He is looking at alternative solutions to providing the energy that customers need and want. He has the knowledge and experience to know what is required to bring about change in this energy and is looking forward to implementing them at Agera Energy. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy is currently working on adding to its already large base of wind turbines that supply the energy needs of customers in several states. They are planning on having it nationwide within the next couple of years. Many of the technicians working at the company have been certified to work on these alternative energy solutions and are making great strides in bringing more of them online. They have been working with many companies in order to find other choices for the natural gas that they supply and feel that a break through in this field will be coming soon.

If you want more information on the programs that Agera Energy has available, you can look at their website. On there, you will also find their most recent pricing for the electric and natural gas services that they provide.