Investment tips by finance guru Igor Cornelsen

While most people tend to shy away from damaged stocks, investment expert, Igor Cornelsen advises them to do the opposite. Having been in the finance realm all his life, Igor Cornelsen boasts firsthand experience with such stocks, and as such he has proof that they can be profitable. According to Igor, while such shares might seem unprofitable, they often solidify and become profitable in the long run. It is therefore wise to consider purchasing them as they are often sold at cheap rates hence one has nothing to lose, yet they can bring massive returns in the future. He, however, urges investors to keep in mind that there is a difference between damaged stocks and damaged companies. While the stocks tend to solidify and generate profits in the long run, damaged companies are often beyond saving and investing in them does not offer any financial gains.

Igor Cornelsen also reminds investors that the business environment in Brazil is incredibly different from that of other countries and as such it is vital for them first to learn how it works before they can learn the ropes of the external business environment. Additionally, to maximize profits, they should seek favorable Forex rates as these often result in the highest success.

Why should investors listen to Igor Cornelsen?

As noted earlier, Igor Cornelsen has been in the corporate world his entire life. He ventured into this arena during the early ’90s and as such has seen the market at its best and its worst. He is familiar with the trends that lead to a financial recession and those that lead to a successful one and as such his investment advice always works. This is proved by the fact that he has in the past made many predictions which turned out to be true. For instance, when the Brazilian government was making amends on its economic atmosphere, every investment guru believed that this would stabilize the market conditions, but Igor had a different opinion. Despite the criticism he received for saying the new regulations wouldn’t hold water, Igor’s prediction of a market crash came to pass in 2016. Fortunately, he was on the safe side as he had already sold his assets.

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