Importance of Mentorship by Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin has managed the selling and buying of the consumer staple stocks for more than 20 years. She is a portfolio manager and the brainchild of the hedge fund famously known as the Tidal Bore Capital. She established this firm in 2016, and it has allowed her to control and manage portfolios focusing on the bottom-up analysis. Before establishing the hedge fund, Sandy Chin served as a senior analyst at the SAC Capital Management in a customer only portfolio management group.


Sandy started managing the hedge fund while still working at Visium Asset Management. Before joining the SAC Capital Management, she worked at the Moore Capital Management firm, the Neuberger Berman as the deputy president and senior analyst. She holds an MBA from New York University School of Business and a BA in political science from Columbia Universities Bernard College. She spent most of her time under the mentorship of the famous Bill Leach and established the Tidal Bore Capital with him. Here are some of the benefits of mentorship according to Sandy Chin.


Mentors Help to Overcome Hardship


Sandy chin said that mentors help to overcome hardship in life. Using Bill as an example, she said that while attending the part-time school program, he helped her to establish coverage in her sector. She also said that her mentor, Bill helped to perform the roles and the dual work she was taking. Bill helped Sandy to prioritize with the different types of companies she would launch and the scheduling for the business school. While still under the mentorship of Bill, Sandy Chin obtained new titles and various promotions while attending the business school.


Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Mentors


According to Sandy Chin, you can learn the following lessons from your mentor.


  • Always develop your annual and quarterly models


  • Always feel free to ask questions at meetings, during investor days and at conferences


  • You should not turn down any meeting no matter how junior or small the company is


  • Practice investing your own cash in stocks so that you can understand and learn or have the feeling of how the stocks can move after the disappointing earnings report or a strong investor day presentation.


For young associates who are starting their career, Sandy Chin said that they should not be afraid to look or ask for more. They should request for higher wages, more opportunities, more promotions and even ask to sit in more meetings and participate in more analyst and management phone calls.

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