The Fights and Successes of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci was not born into this world with a silver spoon. A big part of what he has today he had to struggle for extra hard before he became the founder of NV. His situation had gotten worse after they lost the head of the family. Everything in their life becomes an extra struggle. At the age of 18, he started his own business in selling of computer accessories. Unfortunately the business did not last long due to the 2000 dot com bubble. Later one he enrolled into a real estate academy thus inspiring him to venture into the real estate sector.

After a period working in the real estate sector, Nick Vertucci decided to open NVREA, a real estate academy named after him. His business started out by buying and selling OD single family rentals. He was buying them, repairing them, redecorating them before selling them. This did not only create a good image for him to the people but also for him to his investors. To make better sales, Nick Vertucci used his radio station, The Real Estate Investing Hour, to advertise.

When asked how he faces things everyday he says he sees it, believes it, and maps it before executing it. His industry has been successful so far due to his determination, passion, positivity, skills, knowledge and hard work. His other secret is creating a good platform for his and his clients to understand each other and to do business comfortably. When he looks back to the time when he lost his tech business he learns that business running is all about experience and patience. Nick Vertucci advises most young entrepreneurs to plan for change because nothing lasts forever and they will experience the ups and downs of business. Financially they should spend less, save less and invest more. He also encourages entrepreneurs to read his book Seven Figure Decisions.

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