Southridge Capital: Success in The Investment Industry

Southridge Capital is a well-known diverse company within the financial market and industry. It is a holding company that has a specialty when it comes to advisory services and direct investment strategies for middle and small corporations. It all began back in 1996 when the finance team invested 1.8 billion globally into growth companies. They have an expertise in customizing financial plans for clients all around the world and making them profitable. The founder and CEO of Southridge is Steven M Hicks who came up with the idea to have his group of companies assistant and manage business development and execution. He has an impressive background with a B.S in Business Administration from a New York school known as King’s College. He also holds an MBA from Fordham University. His experience lies within risk management, financial and investments.


He continues to strategize a direction for clients and meet their expectations. Hicks is surrounded by his team of colleagues who understand how a business plan can be profitable and bring about about expansion for companies. He shares in an interview about Southridge Capital on how he has maintained its success and continues to impress clients. Though he does not have a regular routine on how he goes about each day, he does have a sharp focus when it comes to getting things done. Hicks begins by taking his portfolio and reviewing it along with a list of tasks that must be accomplished within that day. This routine does not only include just himself but also his working staff. He also shares that his team consistently looks for new opportunities when it comes to investing in the future. For more details visit LinkedIn.


When asked where his ideas come from, Hicks firmly states that it’s all in his experiences. His team has gotten to know a good portion of wall street for nearly two decades and therefore many companies seek them out when needing financing. He believes that two trends are becoming exciting to look at and that includes cryptocurrency and pot. One thing he picked up as an entrepreneur is to be more productive and maintain a tight focus on daily portfolio cash proceeds. You can visit for more.




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