Kamil Idris: The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights and China’s IP Violations

Professor Kamil Idris is an accomplished scholar who has served at the Intellectual Property Organization as a Director and a diplomat in Sudan. As of today, he acts as the president of ICAM (International Court of Arbitration and Mediation). His main specialty is in the area of intellectual property rights, including economic development and IP law.


Recently, VentureOutsource.com had the chance to interview Professor Kamil Idris on a host of issues among them being the transfer of IP property across borders, how to mitigate risks of IP theft, and developing and managing company’s IP across other jurisdictions and many more. On being asked as to what is done to address IP property pitfalls that come with globalization, Professor Kamil Idris argued that there is an urgent need to put increased efforts towards IP training and subsequent development of HR and IP capacity development.


Professor Kamil Idris was further asked on what he thinks can be done to have a uniform enforceable patent across the globe, and he argued that countries need to establish more strict IP policies especially on matters relating to barriers to legitimate trade and abusive practices. Professor Kamil Idris was further probed on his views regarding technology transfer disputes across borders, and according to him, organizations willing to enter into any type of technology transfer agreements need to exercise some caution when selecting their partners, carefully draw terms of agreements and contracts, and build trust by engaging in transparent dealings.

Professor Kamil Idris interview did not stop there. On being questioned regarding which jurisdiction appear to have the most efficient and practical IP system, Idris argued that a simple ranking of countries is not an easy process as such as there are complex developments and realities taking place in a significant number of jurisdictions across the globe. Professor Kamil Idris also argued that on matters relating to patent troll globally, constant changes are being made for purposes of improving its functionality and usefulness.


Kamil Idris on China and Trade

Professor Kamil Idris is of the opinion that a significant number of Chinese manufacturers seem to have a long history of gaining from merchandise copied from Western Countries with many U.S. entrepreneurs being forced out of trade immediately Chinese manufacturers began marketing their products at a lower price. But according to Professor Kamil Idris, China has no intention of being in war trade with the U.S.


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