Jason Hope Believes In Scientific Medicine

Jason Hope believes in the Internet of Things and with a passion. He believes that it is the future and that it will make everything much more efficient. The Internet of Things refers to the way that technology is connected and how they are able to sync with one another. This can and does include everything firm street lights to cars and even kitchen appliances.

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things has the power and potential to change the way businesses are run and could very well be the best and biggest investment that the tech industry will see. Many companies have already begun to try to keep up with the technological advancements of devices.

Smart technology is making our lives much more convenient and comfortable but it has so much more potential and Jason Hope believes that it will change our lives on a grander scale in the not-so-distant-future. He believes that it has the potential to monitor transit systems better and will even prevent fatalities since there will be much less room for error.

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Jason Hope is an Internet entrepreneur who has made a significant contribution to the anti-aging cause and especially to the SENS Foundation. His efforts and monetary contributions have greatly pushed forward what is known as rejuvenation biotechnology which is a type of research that focuses primarily on age-related disease.

He became involved with SENS in 2010, and he has donated well over one million of his own funds to support the cause. His contributions have made it possible for the Foundation to build a laboratory in Cambridge as well as to implement brand new research initiatives.

He chose to invest in SENS for a number of reasons. He believes that their work is important and is a foundation that is advancing medicine. He also believes that SENS has the capability to redefine the biotech industries as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. SENS follows the pattern of the future and its involvement in the technological state of mind melded with medicine is right up Jason Hope’s alley and is something he supports.

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