Jim Toner Is A Legitimate Real Estate Investment Guru In A World That Is Filled With Frauds

Jim Toner has been in the real estate business for over twenty-five years in a career where he has pretty much seen everything. He got his start in a modest way, beginning from the ground up and using his business IQ to make deals happen even when he had little to no money or credit and has built his brand into the recognizable entity that it is today. Jim has been featured on CNN and is notable for having given away numerous homes to veterans of the United States military. The truth is, however, that in 2010, Jim thought he was going to leave the world of real estate investment altogether. Jim Toner and a sizeable group of his clients were drawn into the web of an unscrupulous individual who certainly looked at face value to be legitimate but actually ended up taking them for the majority of their money. Beyond this bad experience, Jim was tired of the business in a general sense due to non-stop government intervention that stifled entrepreneurial endeavours in the industry. Jim had started to believe that the real estate business was no place for a legitimately honest businessman to ply his craft.

Things began to change when Jim was contacted by a friend and successful marketer who asked him to reconsider his decision to leave the business behind. Essentially, this friend convinced Jim that the industry desperately needed guys like him, real businessmen who were looking to find success through honest business practices and not through pretending to be some sort of guru when in fact they are a scam artist. This friend also convinced Jim that his legitimately inspiring rags to riches story was exactly what people needed to hear and that unlike these fake guru’s out there, Jim was the real deal. Jim decided to re-enter the business on the conditions that he would pick the market he would operate out of and recruit the best possible local investor in the region to run the program he would set up. At the end of the day, Jim Toner’s philosophy is that the true secret to being a real estate investment guru is that you have to actually be there, in the field, helping teach people how to make money in the business. This is in stark contrast to the so-called guru’s who are looking to simply turn a profit at the expense of those they are claiming to help. Read more about Jim Toner’s team here.

Jim Toner said, he has had a long and storied career as a real estate investor and is also well known for his speaking engagements as well as serving as a radio show host. He is known for placing a huge emphasis on simplifying the process of real estate investment in a way that everyday people can understand and then utilize.

Jim Toner is also the successful author of the book The Consumer’s Guide To Investment Real Estate in which he reveals the truths that the so-called real estate guru’s don’t want everyday investors to know about. The book has helped countless people in their pursuit of real estate investment success all the while annoying all of these so called guru’s. Regarding the annoyance of the so-called guru’s, Jim holds that accomplishment with nearly as much pride as he does his accomplishment of helping countless people.

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