Southridge Capital – CEO Stephen Hicks Runs a Tight Ship

Stephen Hicks is the CEO of Southridge Capital. His company’s services include advisory and structured finance options for public companies. His company offers a full spectrum of financial solutions and works with a diverse group of clients. A main element of success is the company’s core business team. Southridge Capital has exceptional knowledge and insights about the marketplace. The company is also expert at creating and executing company financial plans that deliver on expectation.


So far, Southridge Capital has invested close to $1.8 billion into companies that show solid signs of growth. The company has financed other companies since 1996, and have assisted over 250 public companies during their tenure. The company’s professional team has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to consult and advise on any business issues that pertain to public companies.


In an interview with IdeaMensch, the CEO of Southridge Capital shares how the ideas of Southridge Capital orginated. Since his firm’s principal planned to return to Australia, Hicks decided to branch out on his own since it would take a year for the company to wind down. His success speaks for itself. For more details check out ideamensch.



A typical day for the CEO of Southridge starts by reviewing his portfolio and making a list of things that he and his staff could accomplish for the day. He divides his time between looking for new opportunities and making sure his current investments are on track for performance. You can visit their website



Now, many of his ideas and deals come to life through people that bring those deals directly to his company. His company is also expert at finding those companies that can use his products and services. Cryptocurrency and pot are two trends that his firm is watching closely at the moment. When companies like Southridge Capital look closely at market trends, it means there is a lot of market potential. Both Stephen Hicks and his company are on the move.



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