Sujit Choudhry a 47-year-old was born in Delhi, India and raised in Toronto (Canada). He graduated from Harvard Law School with a degree in Law. Nanda, his late Biological father, was a lecturer of Economics at Toronto University and Ushi his mother taught nursing. In the year 2011, Sujit was named as the practitioner of the year by (SABAT) South Asian Bar Association of Toronto (

Prf. Sujit Choudhry is a universally renowned professor with research on wide range of subjects involving politics and law for more than 20 years. Sujit Choudhry is also a professional public dialogue facilitator and the founding partners of Constitutional center. Sujit is a board member of (UNMR) United Nation Mediation Roster and an advisor of the United Nation Organization program.

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According to Sujit’s dismemberment of Holder’s recent tweet, the Attorney General’s suggestion to take action depends on two ideas. One is the representative of the “red line or an uncontroversial established limit in American majority rules system. The other idea being that Holder surrenders it over to the American individuals to decide if authorities have mishandled their power and transgressed. Furthermore, Choudhry underlines that Holder hints the response of the American individuals will determine how the issue is settled.

As per Professor Sujit Choudhry, another case of a point of convergence is a presidential term in the USA that limits a person to a sum of two terms as president. He goes ahead to compose that a despot would need to break that point of convergence or established control by endeavoring to remain in office for longer “proclaiming a highly sensitive situation, dissolving the lawmaking body, as well as suspending decisions. It is clear when this is going on, and as a rule, endeavors to do will lead political rivals to assemble against such attempts, and carry subjects into the lanes.

He depicts how new principles are overseeing the constitution of boards, voting, the task of judges to cases, and production of an Interim President. All these methods by which a gathering through seemingly specialized methodology in nature, as opposed to the subsequent thought processes that genuinely speak to them.  Additional article on

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