IC Systems and their quest for excellence, has effects that ECHO throughout the community.

For three generations, IC Systems has operated with an emphasis on not only honest conduct; they have also been built with the drive to be innovative. The St. Paul based collections company, however, has a more powerful guiding principle that complements the other two. That principle is a belief in contributing to their local and national community.

Examples of their innovative spirit start with being the first collections company to use computers. The goal to be cutting edge remains today through keeping the company complying with the latest regulations, while using the most current collection technology. Because of the desire to remain on the cutting edge in the accounts receivable business, IC Systems boasts the honor of having one of the most secure systems in their industry.

IC Systems has five core values that govern every decision and interaction while doing business with customers, and also in the main office; People, Integrity, Performance, Pride, and Innovation. By themselves, these are just pretty words, but when connected to a culture of taking care of customers, their fellow employees and the community, they are given a deeper meaning. We reward the exemplification of these values in our employees by allowing them to nominate each other for Core Value Awards.

IC Systems also desires to make a large difference in their community, through their in-house charity known as ECHO, or the Employee Charitable Help Organization. Since 1981, ECHO has allowed employees dedicated to helping the community to aid in the allocation and distribution of charitable donations. ECHO plans monthly charity drives, while also paying close attention to any employees who may be facing debilitating personal situations and need assistance (http://reporterexpert.com/ic-system-aids-community/).

IC Systems is licensed and/or bonded in all 50 states and territories with such requirements. This allows IC Systems to collect payments from consumers who may have debt that they accumulated in one area but now live hundreds of miles away. A lot of debt agencies aren’t licensed in every state, so some states are off-limits to them. This is not a problem for IC Systems.


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