Ara Chackerian views on forestry value, its management, and preservation.

Chackerian is a specialist in health diagnostics which has enabled him to work in various companies offering health services such as the Research and Development of Health Diagnostics limited company where he worked as the executive vice president in the company.


Ara Chackerian is also a specialist who deals with forestry and wildlife management and conservation. He believes that Forests and wildlife are one of the most valuable resources on earth that are responsible for providing a conducive environment for human existence. From the forests, it is where we as humans obtain necessities such as wood for building our shelters, cooking, herbs for medicine to treat various diseases, forests are also clean water catchment areas, and they also attract rains and most of all for clean air circulation between plants, animals, and human beings. You can visit for more info



Due to the crucial roles of the forests and the wilderness in general in the ecosystem, human beings have a position to use these resources sustainably, that is, ensuring that they satisfy the present generation and also cater for the needs of the next generation. This can only be attained through conservation and preservation of these natural resources to prevent their depletion. In that case, such practices such as practicing reforestation, opting for other sources of energy apart from charcoal and wood such as biogas, and coal.


According to Ara Chackerian, forests and the wildlife play an essential role in the contribution of any country’s foreign exchange through tourist since they act as attraction sites for tourists especially from other countries who like to explore and take adventures because of such resources which may not exist in their own countries.


Apart from foreign tourists, forests and wildlife also act as attraction scenes for local tourists too such as the national parks. As a result of this, a country’s GDP In increased to higher levels which in turn leads to economic growth and development of the nation thereby improving the living standards of people living in that country. You can visit their twitter account for more details.



Events such as weddings, meetings, hiking, camping and many more can be done in forests that are well designed to suit those events. This is one of the reasons why Chackerian puts more efforts in creating awareness about proper management and preservation of this valuable resource.


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