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The process of creating and releasing a product can be long and hard. Not only do companies have to deal with creating the product over years of trial and error and other processes. But the actual getting it out as well. You can’t just release a product always and get success it takes careful planning and promotion. But the promotion has to be done by the right venue or company that understands and is capable of doing what has to be done for each product and company’s individual needs. One company that has been doing this for years is Newswatch Tv.

This television show which has been around since 1990 has created an excellence platform for promotion. Newswatch creates reviews for the companies that they work with for their products. By reviewing these items, they show the mass audience what the product has to offer and they can decide to invest or not. This show wasn’t always what is today, in fact it was a show about financial issues to begin with. The change in direction to reviews for products especially in the technological realm has paid good dividends for the creators of the show and the companies that they work with.

An example of one of these companies is Saygus. This company is devoted to creating cellular devices and especially of the smartphone variety. They recently wanted to promote a new line of phones and they hired Newswatch to review their product for promotion. Newswatch agreed and created reviews that were aired not only on their television show but on the online branch of their program. Newswatch was very dedicated to doing a good job and even traveled to Barcelona to get footage for the review. The results were great as Saygus gained over 1.3 million dollars which exceeded their campaign goal by 300,000. Newswatch once again showed why it is one of the televised leaders of reviews and promotion.


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