Malcolm CasSelle and The Innovation He Brings to the Success of WAX

There’s about as many new programs, methods, apps and tech in the world of cryptocurrency today that it might be hard to catch up on all of them. However, most of these apps don’t run out too well. They go bankrupt quick and most of these tech companies indulging in cryptocurrency trend could just be doing it for shady reasons. But the cryptocurrency and game skin Wax shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush. They’re trying something new, fresh, more stable and more likely looking out for the better good.

The Ignition from Wax

We can read from the Hi-Tech Chronicle that Wax right now remains to be a company that has offered a lot of wonderful changes in the way cryptocurrency is being run today. We should also state here that the iteration of Wax came from the ideas of the creators of OPSkins, which is right now the global leader in the sales of assets for most of the major virtual games available right now. The CIO of OPSkins is Malcolm Casselle, and right now OPSkins is the number one bitcoin merchant in the entire planet, according to the HiTechChronicle piece.

About Malcolm Casselle

We can say a lot about who Malcolm CasSelle is, but the most prominent info that’s relevant to most these days is the fact that he’s the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), as well as OPSkns’ CIO. With his expertise, he’s able to come out swinging in the competition of best ideas, apps, tech, and innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. As a result, he has created the most popular marketplace where people can buy and sell virtual assets and currencies to use in the games.

Being also the previous President and CTO at tronc had helped him get the training he needed to oversee a company as outstanding and curious as WAX. His belief in tinkering, trial and error and risk-taking is also what’s nurturing the foundation in making him as successful as he can be. There are still so many challenges in the world of business, especially in the tech industry, but with these experiences in Malcolm CasSelle, it’s no longer hard for him to sustain his success.

Previewing Sujit Choudhry’s Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?

In his newest release, Professor Sujit Choudhry issued a discussion of a recent tweet made by Former Attorney General Eric Holder from his upcoming book, Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. Holder’s tweet stated that any possible termination of White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller would cross an an “absolute red line” that Americans must act to deter.

Choudhry highlights that Holder leaves the direction of the issue to be resolved by the reactions of the American people. Holder’s tweet is heavily inspired from the idea of “constitutional self-enforcement.” Constitutions are ultimately governing expectations of the behavior of public authority focusing upon rules set out by the Constitution. Choudhry then describes his belief that Holder’s ‘red lines’ could be considered examples of democratic failures.

Choudhry continues by discussing one of the most significant and growing threats to constitutional democracies, ‘democratic backsliding.’ According to Choudhry, ‘democratic backsliding’ is a circumstance “whereby a democratically elected government or president uses legal means to manipulate rules and institutions to remain in future electoral cycles…” Choudhry raises the example of Poland’s PIS party. In recent years, the PIS has gradually dismantled the democratic nature of the Polish Government by assigning new judges to cases, creating new rules governing the constitution of panels and the creation of an Interim President.

Sujit Choudhry has over two decades of experience as a constitutional advisor. He has advised foreign dignitaries building constitutions in other nations such as Sri Lanka, Yemen, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, and Tunisia (  He is also currently a member of the United Nations Meditation Roster. Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. His publication record comprises of over ninety articles, book chapters, working papers and reports.

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California Berkeley—School of Law. He has also been a member of the faculty at both New York University and the University of Toronto. He wrote numerous books including The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Court Review and most recently, Constitutional Democracies in Crisis.  Refer to for additional reading.

Connect with Choudhry on LinkedIn.

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Jeff Aronin – The Leader and Innovator of Paragon Biosciences

The incredible Jeff Aronin is currently chairman and CEO of the phenomenal and creative healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment firm, “Paragon Biosciences”. Over the years, Aronin has consistently developed his proficiency as a chief executive officer, developing a multitude of skills related to, but not limited to: business development, finance and brand marketing and in addition, an increasing amount of leadership skills. He totally understands the details of managing the day-to-day operations of a global corporation and with his background, Paragon Biosciences can be sure that it is in great hands.


What is Paragon Biosciences

It is a business development firm, of new and small biotechnology companies, which supports healthcare companies throughout its early growth stages and provides proper investments to allow the companies to survive during the difficult struggles faced during the early stages of development. Paragon Biosciences is dedicated firm in providing innovative solutions for helping people to live healthier and longer lives (

Through Paragon Biosciences development stages, the patients’ needs are the motivation. The science of which creates subjected diseases must be taken into complete consideration, studied diligently and the complete essence of such diseases must be revealed. Paragon Biosciences companies are built specifically for developing medicines that can capitalize on the various diseases that currently do not have any treatments discovered. There are currently over 6,000 diseases that aren’t treatable and with the Paragon Biosciences company in place, that number is to eventually decrease to zero.


Companies it which Paragon Biosciences have developed are the following:

* Castle Creek Pharma – which specializes in developing therapeutic solutions for patients with various dermatologist conditions.

* Precision BP – which specializes in developing treatments for various genetic oncology diseases.

* Harmony Biosciences – specializes in developing treatments for patients with sleep and central nervous system disorders.

* Decade Pharmaceuticals – specializes in therapeutic solutions for improving the quality of life of patients.


Jeff Aronin

Prior to becoming chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. In 2000, Aronin the was founder, president, and CEO of the biopharmaceutical company, “Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc.”. He would achieve miraculous experiences with the company and gain a greater level of proficiency within the biosciences world. But later, in 2009, Lundbeck, Inc. would acquire Paragon Biosciences, as Aronin had other plans. In 2010, Jeff Aronin starts his journey with Paragon Biosciences.


For more information on Jeffery Aronin or Paragon Biosciences, please visit for further details.

Dr. Dov Rand: Waging War on Age and Weight Gain

Dr. Dov Rand is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange, New Jersey. He assists patients with anti-aging and weight loss. He is a very accomplished doctor and specializes in the studies and treatments revolving around hormones. Dr. Dov Rand explains that there are good and bad hormones in the body. The good hormones keep us looking and feeling young. The bad hormones age us and assist our bodies in holding onto excess weight. He then explains that these hormones go out of balance. As we get older the bad ones rise, and the good ones decrease. By reversing that balance, Dr. Dov Rand is helping patients achieve weight loss, and are looking and feeling younger (Alivenewspaper).

He practices in bioidentical hormone replacement, and his studies have shown great results. Dr. Dov Rand uses the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet as a tool to assist his patients into losing the stubborn weight traditional diets won’t get rid of. HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women. When used correctly, it can assist people in losing stubborn weight while they are on a low calorie diet. One of the things this hormone does, is suppress the appetite. What makes Dr. Dov Rand and other specialists at the Healthy Aging Medical Center so successful is that they firmly believe that each individual patient has individual needs. So Dr. Rand and others work to find out exactly what each patient needs, and how to best deliver that to them ( Dr. Dov Rand also uses genetic testing to see if there is a contributing factor to their illness, stubborn weight gain, or other symptoms.

Dr. Dov Rand believes in regenerative medicine, believing we can heal and preserve what we have, using treatments and therapies based on regenerating cells and cellular function. He doesn’t believe taking pills for symptoms is the answer for long and healthy lives. He is currently writing a book, “It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100” and is committed to helping his patients reach their weight goals. He is relentless in finding what each patient needs to achieve true wellness and healing from their age-related illnesses.


Lacey And Larkin Fronterra Fund Fight For Justice Against Arpaio

Just when people in America think they can finally put their trust in the government and the legal system, something comes along to change their mind. Joe Arpaio was one topic of controversy that largely led to people losing faith in the workings of the government and the system that we live in.

A large amount of this mistrust was owing to the fact that someone like Arpaio was allowed to carry on as the Sheriff of Maricopa County for almost twenty-five years. Moreover, people kept getting agitated over the deeds that he was committing and the messages that he was sending.

Through his actions, he was telling people all over America that the judicial system was not on their side, and if they were members of the Latin American community, no one would be out to protect them. People all over America feared for their lives and wondered if they were ever going to live in harmony in the country that they call home.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was one organization that was majorly responsible for the arrest of Arpaio that finally took place in October 2017. It was a moment that showed the effort of countless people and time put into one sole case.

The organization was founded with the intention of being able to take down Arpaio after its founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin got to experience what it was like being one of Arpaio’s prisoners. Upon forming the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, they actively tried to present information and evidence attesting to the crimes that Arpaio had been committing through the course of his career. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It was because of the efforts of this organization that more and more people all over the country began to realize just how disrupted the system was and how important it was to see a government that worked for the benefit of its people, and not just people in positions of power.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund after receiving a compensation amount for the false arrest that Arpaio had conducted on them a few years earlier.

They had written an article about him in the newspaper that they ran, which outraged Arpaio, causing him to arrest the two falsely. After keeping them behind bars, he decided to free them, not realizing that this was the impetus that they needed to launch a full-fledged war against him.

Even though Arpaio has been given a sentence for the crimes that he committed, the one thing standing in the way of him paying for what he did is the President of the country.

Donald Trump and Arpaio have been longtime supporters of each other and share the same views about immigrants and people belonging to the Latin American community. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It is evident why this pardon happened in the first place, which is something that had led to even more outrage than there was before when Arpaio had not yet been given a sentence for his heinous crimes.

After More Than A Century In Business OSI Food Solutions Is Still Expanding and Improving To Better Meet Customer Needs:

OSI Food Solutions started out as a small, family-run meat processing business called Otto & Sons over a century ago. Today OSI is not only one of America’s top 100 food business, but a worldwide leader in supplying unique food solutions to retailers and the food service business. The company that started out as a local Chicago, Illinois area outfit and is still based in Aurora, Illinois is now operating in 17 countries worldwide. Large expansion started in the 1970s and continues today. The company recently made several major upgrades and acquisitions.

Expanded Production Due To Big Facility Upgrades:

OSI Food Solutions have recently made several facilities upgrades that have boosted the company’s production in key areas. A €17 million upgrade to the facility in Toledo, Spain has the location processing over 45,000 tons of meat per year and a doubling of chicken production from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000 tons per year. Another big upgrade in processing capability was recently made near the home of OSI Food Solutions with the purchase of the former Tyson food plant. This purchase will allow OSI to double food production in the region as this is now the company’s second Chicago area location.

Two Big Acquisitions In Europe Greatly Enlarge OSI’s Footprint In Market:
European food companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe are now part of the OSI Food Solutions family. These companies add new lines of product to the OSI portfolio. Company executives expect that the addition of Baho and Flagship should be a huge plus in the campaign to gain new customers and they are sure that current customers will be delighted with the new offerings as well.

The Executives Behind These Big Moves:

The OSI Food Solutions executives who are behind these big recent moves are Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin and President and COO David McDonald. Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Food Solutions since 1970 and has been the driving force behind OSI’s growth from regional food processing company to globally recognized powerhouse. Prior to joining OSI, Sheldon was a financial advisor. Since he joined the OSI family in 1987, David McDonald has been a major contributor to the growth of the company. Speaking on the Baho Food acquisition, he stated, “The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

About OSI Food Solutions:

Enjoy Nevo, The Best New Energy Drink Out There

You would be amazed by how much having the right nutritional products in your life can make a difference. One of the things you will surely want to try is something called Nevo. This is the latest energy drink from Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse Global makes sure that all the products it puts out are tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality for their customers. They always want to make sure that what you get from them is something that you remember as being of a higher quality than what you get from other types of companies. That is definitely the case when you consume Nevo.

This is not the first energy drink on the market obviously, but it is a lot better than many of the other energy drinks on the market. It has a unique blend of natural ingredients that give you the kind of flavor and taste that you want while at the same time not being as bad for you nutritionally as many of the other energy drinks are. For example, you do not have to deal with the preservatives and artificial flavors that are found in other energy drinks.

Nevo is designed for the person who has a strict diet as well. Jeunesse Global has made sure to only have fifty calories per can of their beverage. That means even someone who wants to stay on a diet can still make they do not drift too far from their diet.

A lot of people may not have yet heard of Jeunesse Global. It is a company that works through its suppliers who are all around the global. They have been growing very rapidly, but they have stayed true to their core mission of helping people live longer and happier and healthier lives.

Jeunesse Global is around for you when you need them. If you would like to enjoy the energy boost that Nevo provides, then go ahead and order some cans of it from the website of the company today. You will be able to obtain the beverage you want in a very quick fashion.

Stansberry Research: Investment Through Research

With Walmart under the scrutiny that it has been under since online retail has become a dominant industry, we are now facing specific bearish ideas within Walmart investors because of marketplaces such as Amazon. Stansberry Research has provided an article that gives information on this topic of Walmart and how its struggle with competitors has been an underlying cause of bad press in the media. Stansberry Research further goes along to provide information that Walmart will not Suffer as a company because of the foundation that it has built upon and all how many years the company has invested.

With Stansberry Research being one of America’s top publishing companies for business articles and related matters within investment ideas provides valuable information to people within an economic market so that they can make the proper moves as individuals and as companies when articles like this are released. Stansberry also provides newsletters to subscribers all around the world so that they can stay up-to-date on any financial or economic occurrences that take place in today’s world.

In the article that Stansberry Research has provided about the Walmart’s fall in the past few years includes information why shareholders should not be concerned about this. Walmart has taken the new positions to allow their company to proceed and grow through the use of e-commerce. With Amazon providing new and improved ways of delivering items to a customer’s front doorstep Walmart has also been working to improve and better their company so that they can offer store products to customers as they proceeded to buy them in-store or online (

Stansberry Research will provide articles like this which offers everyday materials through a newsletter. Stansbury stays on top of the trends happening every single day. They are happy to find the detailed information that you will not receive from any other website so that you can make the right investment choices in the future.


How Waiakea Water Stands Out Among The Competition

Bottled water is a hot commodity right now, spend a few minutes in any grocery store and you’ll find that there are many brands and variations. Each one looks pretty much the same at the end of the day, but inside there is generally something special which the manufacturer includes in order to set them apart from the competition. Some include vitamins or some use a special filtration process, but what is it that sets Waiakea Water apart from the competition?

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched in 2012 when the company’s founder, Ryan Emmons, discovered that the Hawaiian water he enjoyed during summer visits with his family really was something special. Emmons described the water as healthy, pure and sustainable, and one of the only sources like it in the world was found in Hawaii.

Waiakea Water comes from one source that is clean and pristine located on the Big Island of Hawaii just outside of Hilo. It is naturally filtered through the Maua Loa volcano where it runs for thousands of feet making it naturally clean and pure. It also gives it quite a unique mineral composition, it is very rich in electrolytes including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium and it also has a nearly perfect amount of silica.

Waiakea Water not only comes from a natural and unique source, but also comes in special, sustainable packaging. The water is bottled at a plant that uses roughly 33 percent renewable energy, not only that, but the source itself is renewable boasting an impressive aquifer that has a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate.

Waiakea water coming from the tropical destination of Hawaii might be enough to temp some consumers, sending their minds to the beautiful vacation destination. Not only that, but consumers tend to link the thought of Hawaii to a more natural and good product, it is a vibe that the thought of Hawaii gives off. The water also uses traditional Hawaiian language for their name, Waiakea comes from two words Wai akea, which translates to broad waters.

It is the filtering process of the water that really makes the company stand out from their competitors. This is not just regular natural water, it is volcanic water. Prior to bottling, the water flows through about 14,000 feet of volcanic rock inside the Mauna Loa volcano. This natural filtration process not only sounds unique and interesting, but many consumers find it just plain cool.

Finally, Waiakea sets themselves apart with their love of the environment. Not only is the water naturally filtered and the processing plant uses renewable energy to run itself, the company is moving one step further and working towards introducing a fully degradable plastic bottle for their water. Not only will these bottles biodegrade, most plastic bottles take over 1,000 years to degrade while Waiakea’s new bottles will only take about 15 years, they are also created using 100 percent recycle materials. They don’t stop there though, Waiakea Water has been certified Carbon Neutral due to their use of low emission vehicles to deliver water and they also choose to donate about 3 percent of their income to local community programs and organizations. The company has one more ace up their sleeve if you aren’t convinced yet. For every liter of their water that is purchased, Waiakea donates a week’s supply of clean water to the people who are in need of it in Malawi.

Gaining a competitive advantage at The Nick Vertucci, real estate academy

The Nick Vertucci cut a niche in the real estate sector by establishing himself as an agent who was able to weather all the storms that hit especially during the times of the mortgage crisis that saw the economy of the united states sink to lows only experienced during the last recession. He has made a lot of money in the industry and is considered a role model of how to grow yourself in a sector that can prove a tough nut to crack.

His success is the reason that The Nick Vertucci, real estate academy is considered one of the prime real estate institutions in the country that can teach on a case based experience that made Nick Vertucci who he is today. He is constantly encouraging his students to learn all they can before venturing into the sector. It is imperative not to go into any industry blindly especially real estate as it involves substantial capital investments that are life savings for some people.

He has developed the strategy that he teaches by going through the industry ups and downs this make his curriculum more of a life experience break down to fit what the industry requires.

Nick Vertucci’s students can get one on one time with him where he shares real-life scenarios and giving his students different case studies that help assess the students understanding of the various steps within the strategy. This is what makes the academy extra unique as a case study experience gives a fresh perspective on things that have been successfully handled before.

The school caters for all in the sector they could be just beginning in the market all they could already be in the industry but are willing to learn and be in a position to replicate his success and in the process acquire financial stability.

Nick Vertucci is also very generous with his wealth of knowledge as at times he is able to evaluate his students and point them in the right direction depending on the strength that he has observed on each student. This is one of those things that make this institution more than just a place to learn but one that points one to success.