Dr. Holterman’s Impact on the Medical Community

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon as well as a professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine in Peoria. He received his undergrad from Yale University and moved on to attend University of Virginia School of Medicine. His dedication and passion for helping others is what has made him successful in his career. Dr. Holterman is fluent in multiple languages as he travels the globe helping other communities. He has been awarded America’s Top Doctor multiple times as well as several other awards.

In an article written by Positive Facts, Dr. Mark Holterman discusses how he hopes to support global healthcare innovations. He is a pediatrician based out of Chicago. He has developed advanced surgical skills and is known for his kindness. Dr. Holterman is not only dedicated to helping children in his community, but donates time and money to help children all over the world.

Dr. Holterman has been interviewed multiply times, and has expressed his passion for helping children in all of them (https://interview.net/dr-mark-holterman/). Holterman does not shy away from challenges and prides himself in making timely, accurate diagnoses. His goal in life is for healthcare to be readily available for all children, across the globe.

Dr. Holterman co-founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. The organization is non-profit and focuses on the importance of stem cell research. Dr. Holterman that this will help create lines of communication across the world for cellular treatment. He also helped form IPSAC-VN, a team of pediatric specialist working together to advance their skills in order to better treat children. These members often provide medical services for free. Not only do they provide medical services, they help educate future doctors in the countries they visit. In addition to this, they bring new surgeons from Vietnam to the United States to study.

Dr. Holterman spends a large amount of time reading about new technologies and developing new skills so he can continue helping children. Working with Mariam Global Health, Dr. Holterman and a team discuss funding new ideas that could improve how children are being cared for. He has an understanding with the importance of funding and bringing new ideas to life.


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