Chris Linkas Helping Young Investors

Chris Linkas has held the position of the European head of credit since November 2012. The corporation offers principal investments to people in the UK. Most of these are young people looking to invest for a better future. Chris Linkas is the head of a 20-people European Credit Group that is set on helping people better their lives through investments in the UK-Euro regions. He specifically deals in commercial real estate, renewables, non-performing loans, shipping, performing asset-supported investments, leases, and corporate loans, among other investment services (

There are many benefits that come with investing at an early age including:


Although money might be tight for most young people, they have something else in abundance- time. An investment requires reinvesting your earnings and dedicating time to the business. For example, if you invested $10,000 at the age of 20, you would expect your money to have grown up to $70,000 by the time you hit 60. This is if you base your interest rate at 5%. Chris Linkas understands that the youth might not have enough money to make a worthy investment, and that is why his firm grants them non-performing and corporate loans. These are meant to help them build their empires with all the time they have on their hands.

Learn by Doing

A young investor is more flexible and has time to learn from failures and successes of an investment. Investing requires extensive learning and thus, ideal for young people who have years of studying and sharpening their skills and strategies. The fact that they have time to recover from failures means they are best suited for making investments early in their lives. One such investment area is in real estate, which Chris Linkas helps by providing people with Credit and Rental Estate Funding and leases.

Take on More Risks

The amount of risk an investor can take depends on their age. This is because a young person who is still learning the ropes is willing to risk more than an older person. The reason is that a young investor has many years ahead to learn and polish their skill whereas an old individual is looking forward to having a nice retirement time.

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