ClassDojo and the Future of the Edtech Business

ClassDojo is changing the way teacher, and students communicate one classroom at a time. It was created by an education tech team looking to make a difference, and they have been succeeding.

Even though the business of education technology is firmly on the rise, few app and tech companies manage to achieve a successful first step in creating ed tech, and that is to listen to what teachers and students have to say about what they need. The collaborative founder of ClassDojo Sam Chaudhary started up the project by talking to students, teachers, and parents and continued the communication while the app was in development.

The ClassDojo is currently used in 90 percent of the K-8 districts in the United States of America. It allows for teachers and parents to communicate at all times and relate the progress of the students or collaborate on projects.

There are a few things that make education tech products successful. The first thing is to satisfy a need which exactly what the ClassDojo did. Another factor for the success of allowing the products to be tested so they can prove themselves to the audience. While in the past it was enough to just make it available, now such products are abundant, and users are overwhelmed. Finding the right audience though accelerators are one of the ways to overcome that hurdle.

In addition to all that, companies need to have a plan for the way the product would be implemented and understand how a teacher or a student would use their creation. That has a lot to do with communicating with the target audience beforehand. It is no longer enough to create a messaging app, for example, and brand it as a piece of education tech as the market is more prominent and it is growing consistently.

Once the application is launched, companies working in education technology need to continue to show their support for their target audience instead of move on to the next project. Communication and getting feedback is important and can often determine the future of the next project. The education tech business is growing, and companies have to evolve with it.

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