Glen Wakeman – Businessperson, Leader, Mentor

Glen Wakeman has been in the world of business for over two decades, which has afforded him the experience and expertise to guide startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC and currently serves as its CEO. He is also the president of Nova Four, a company he founded in 2015. Both firms are geared towards helping young companies get forward. LaunchPad has a tool that entrepreneurs can use to realize their ideas by turning them into actionable plans. Nova Four helps with the funding of startups to allow them to implement their operations without worrying about cash flow.


Wide-Ranging Experience

The time Wakeman has spent in various sectors of business qualifies him to act as a mentor. After getting his Economics and Finance BS from the University of Scranton and a University of Chicago MBA, he went on to join GE Capital where he spent the better part of his career. At GE Capital, Wakeman held various managerial positions from operations to business development to general administrative duties. In his last leadership role at GE Capital, he was the CEO of the company’s Latin America division. Wakeman was responsible for putting together the GE Latin America operation, which spans across 9 countries. He built an enterprise that raked in $2 billion in revenues, had over 1,000 branches, and 17,000 employees. Glen has had to work and live in about 6 nations, which gave him a front row seat to how entrepreneurs in different regions operate.


Leading by Example

Despite his success as a businessperson, Glen Wakeman did not make it to the top without a few setbacks. He cites Snappy Answers as one of his biggest failures and learning moment. Wakeman lacked the funds or a proper marketing strategy to present the venture to consumers, which led to its demise. However, he used that as a chance to understand what had gone wrong and how to fix it. Wakeman advises entrepreneurs to focus more on networking because it is the best way to build contacts, find capital, and new ideas. He attributes the productive businessperson he has grown into today to his curiosity because he is always seeking to comprehend situations in a better way to offer solutions.

Wakeman recommends Sun Tzu’s Art of War for every entrepreneur because the lessons in it apply to almost any business situation.


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