How Glen Wakeman Is Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is an American businessman who has worked around the world over the course of his professional career. He is also an entrepreneur who launched his own company, LaunchPad Holdings. He started this company when he was questioning why so many new businesses fail. His analysis showed that the major reason why was because they didn’t have a solid business plan in place. He decided to solve this problem

LaunchPad Holdings has an online platform for people to create a business plan that will propel their new company to success. Glen Wakeman steps people through every detail of how to put the plan together along with his tips that he has garnered over the past thirty years of his own career. The platform he put together is easy to navigate and makes putting a business plan together an intuitive process (

After graduating from the University of Chicago, Glen Wakeman began his professional career at GE Capital. He spent twenty years with this company in ever higher positions of authority. During this time he worked in 32 different countries. His work involved many different types of activities such as mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, startups, downsizing, and integrations among others.

One of the areas of business that Glen Wakeman is currently most interested about is machine learning. He says that nowadays there is a tremendous amount of information available but making sense of it all can be incredibly difficult. Machine learning, however, can help people by processing all this information and giving people a way of making salient use of the information that matters. This leads, he says, to better decision making, better quality, and overall a much higher amount of efficiency.

Glen Wakeman says that his sense of curiosity is something that has helped him throughout his career. By being curious he can think through problems and come up with innovative solutions for his customers. He says that he often wonders why things are the way there are which leads to insights into how they can be made better.


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