Glen Wakeman: Successful CEO of the Tech Industry

A CEO’s Journey

A lot of CEOs have humble beginnings. They started working from the bottom, and they eventually worked their way to the top because of their hard work and dedication. Such one is Glen Wakeman, the CEO o LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Mr. Wakeman had a pretty straightforward beginning. He earned his master degree in Business Administration and Economics. He started his career path by holding a position in GE Capital and became the founder of Nova Four. His expertise showed through these career experiences–he is passionately involved in the company’s business development, higher level management, and administration positions.


A Proven Method for Business Growth

Many companies have sought help from Glen Wakeman for his all-known 5 Step Performance Methodology. This strategy includes maximizing human capital, empowering leaders, calculating intelligent risks and proper execution of business. This proven method has allowed the businesses he manages to rise above their competitors. He has provided administrative advice to several companies such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

At a personal level, Mr. Wakeman also shares his experiences as an investor and a writer through interviews and his personal work. He was able to provide inspiration for many employees and entrepreneurs to succeed in what they do.


Looking Ahead with LaunchPad Holdings

Mr. Wakeman is highly involved in SaaS systems to help other businesses grow. Looking ahead for the future of LaunchPad Holdings, he believes that he can develop more ideas for businesses through machine learning. Artificial intelligence is beginning to dominate more industries, and Mr. Wakeman believes that it is truly an exciting time to learn more about how automated processes can help businesses grow.


Advice to Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman gives solid advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in three words: “Always be curious”. He believes that curiosity is a trait that helps individuals solve problems better, discover new ideas and find ways to improve the status quo. Mr. Wakeman knows that it is his most important trait in his career as he continuously uses his curiosity to look for solutions that will be helpful to his company’s clients.


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