Drew Madden: Contributing to the Growth of the US Healthcare Sector through IT

The US spends a fortune in the healthcare sector annually compared to other first-world nations, but the impact of this spending is not being felt in the form of superior outcomes. The healthcare sector in the country is also worth a whopping $3 trillion dollars yet the number of entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry as many as one would imagine. Many entrepreneurs avoid getting into the healthcare sector because they simply do not understand it. The industry is, therefore, a neglected and feared investment class since it is very heavily regulated and it is far from a free market. However, things are starting to move in the right direction.

Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Companies such as CVS and Amazon are driving the consumerization of healthcare. There are reports that CVS is looking to buy the health insurance giant, Aetna, while Amazon is making inroads in pharmacy licenses. Reports say that Amazon is looking at venturing into the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. Additionally, the US government has invested in ensuring health data is unlocked from electronic health record companies and availed to innovators to create value. Consequently, healthcare innovation initiatives such as Healthdata.gov, Argonaut Project, Open Data Conference, Startup America, and Open Innovator’s Toolkit have been launched.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden is part of the innovators looking to unlock the potential of the US healthcare industry. He is a healthcare information technology expert, executive, and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is currently working as a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, which is set on providing multiple EHR platforms advisory and implementation services in the healthcare sector. Drew Madden is skilled in Epic systems, HIPAA, EHR, CPOE, electronic medical records (EMR),software documentation and implementation, process improvement, and business development, among others, His role at the company is, therefore, to highlight the importance of people in specialized healthcare technology. He is also responsible for building an attractive and unique corporate culture, team building, and working on trusted client partnerships at the firm.

Education and Work Experience

Drew Madden has a BSE in Industrial Engineering (Medical Systems) from the University of Iowa, He has previously worked in the healthcare IT sector in companies such as Ingenix Consulting, Cerner Corporation, and Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. His roles in these companies included as an integration consultant, senior Epic consultant, regional sales director, vice-president and president.

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